July 2011 Monthly Visions: You are your New (True) Self – Act Accordingly!

Welcome to the Solar Eclipse in Cancer today, the third of a super powerful, mega-shifting eclipse series! Right about now you are likely feeling very clear around where you are still under-estimating, under-valuing and under-caring for yourself. If you aren’t sure that you’re very clear at all, take a look around at the kinds of things that have been going on in your life these past few weeks, including this week. The energies are being quite ruthless in getting the message across.

If you are trying to hold onto old ‘not good enough’, ‘I can’t do it on my own’, ‘I’m not worthy’ patterns, if you are doing the ‘poor me’, if you are putting the needs of others ahead of your own authentic soul needs, then your own fabulous soul is not hesitating to give you a little (or big) slap! This can come as a physical body manifestation - a pain in the neck, burning your fingers or other body part accidentally or tripping over something – or a plan backfires or some situation has quite the unpleasant outcome. It is the universe lovingly yet very clearly shouting to you, hellooooo, remove yourself from this situation, or remove those old issues from your new (true) self, they are not serving you any more at all. Your soul is not taking a back seat anymore, and any attempt on your part to squish yourself back into the back seat, or into someone else’s driver’s seat for that matter, is not going to have a happy outcome!

Why the ruthlessness? Well it is sometimes not comfortable to be true to our authentic self because it comes with ‘what will people think?’, ‘am I going to upset someone?’, ‘what if I fail?’ and numerous other doubt-ridden and guilt-ridden beliefs. So, there comes a time when our soul has to make it more uncomfortable to stay in our false self, than it is for us to be true to our authentic self. It’s a bit of tough love, all for a good cause. Sometimes it takes that ouchy moment to realise that we’ve been ignoring our authentic needs, or even to simply realise what those needs are! With this eclipse in Cancer it’s all about acknowledging your needs and acknowledging your value. Just like we sometimes need a wake up call to realise our needs, we very often need one to realise our value!! Do you realise how far you’ve come? Do you realise what you have to offer? Do you realise that you are not who you were 5 or 10 or 20 years ago or even 1 year ago? Do you realise that you are MORE than you realise?

Certain situations you may have tolerated for years, are suddenly no longer tolerable for one minute more. Old patterns stemming from childhood wounds that you perhaps have taken 30 years to overcome may have flared up again this week, if only for a few minutes or hours or days, to double check: are you over this? Have you resolved this? Of course you have! We just wanted to make sure you knew! Congratulations! Now what are you doing with your new (true) self?

Aahh, this is the question of the day. What are you doing with your new (true) self? Really what we’re asking here is, do you realise yet 100% that you ARE your new (true) self and are you acting accordingly?

When we have spent years with a certain self-perception, interestingly enough we often continue to live life with the cloak of that self-perception over us influencing us, even long after we have technically dealt with the cloak! This is why sometimes our external reality doesn’t yet match who we feel ourselves to be, and we can’t work out why because we know we’ve done all the work! We may have dealt with our self-value issues for years, and figure we are surely over it by now! Meanwhile we are still living with situations, or attracting scenarios, that don’t exactly match our ‘healthy self-value’ idea of ourselves. It isn’t that you haven’t dealt with the issues properly, it may just be that you simply forgot to ‘act accordingly’! Your energy has shifted, but your physical self is still hanging out on the old movie set! In that case, it is not about having another healing session or doing more inner work, it is more about literally, physically moving and taking action. This might mean literally moving house, leaving a partner or job, saying no next time your same ole same ole pattern shows up in a person or invitation, taking the next step with your business that you have been too scared to take, booking that trip.

This Solar Eclipse in Cancer is highlighting our boundaries, or lack of. If a pattern shows up in your face again it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘Oh no I must not have dealt with that properly yet!’ A pattern always shows up one last time, in a big way, for you to confront it once and for all, and say ‘NO!”. No to being used, no to being steamrolled over, no to accepting less than you are worth, no to forgetting who you really are and YES to your Self!! The word No can often be the most powerful final full stop to a lifetime pattern that has well and truly served it’s purpose. In saying No to what is no longer true for you, you say Yes to your authentic self and path, and that opens up doors you have long been dreaming of.

You can have a million healings, but at the end of the day for what purpose? Yes we all want to achieve higher states of self-awareness and inner peace, but again, for what purpose? If it was just about enlightenment for enlightenment’s sake, we could have stayed in some higher realm vibration and been nothing but light! We are here on Earth to take an amazing evolutionary step, to step into our authentic selves consciously, and then consciously create our reality here in the physical. Self-awareness is all well and good (and necessary) but at a certain point we have to ask ourselves are we putting all this self-awareness into practice? Are we embodying it in our daily lives? Are we using it to create a greater, more expansive reality for ourselves and contributing to the greater reality of humanity?

Take a look around your life. How do you feel about all the aspects of your life? Health? Relationships? Work? Finances? Family? Friends? Home? Does your experience of these aspects match who you truly feel yourself to be? This doesn’t mean you need a million dollars sitting in the bank. We can have a poverty mentality with millions, or a wealth mentality with one dollar. We can be living in a 10 bedroom mansion and feel miserable. We can live in a small log cabin feeling happy as Larry. This question isn’t asking have you created a super fabulous life that would look great on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, it is asking have you created a super fabulous life that feels great to you?

Over these past few weeks you have hopefully emerged with a much greater realisation around where you have still been holding on to old ancestral and cellular stories about yourself, that are just not true for you! You may have resolved your abundance issues that came from your Depression-era grandparents, yet are still scraping together your pennies when bills come in, because part of your energy is still acting as if you have that cloak on! If this is the case, one or more areas of your life will be showing you this very clearly. Look at that area, close your eyes and imagine how you would ideally like it to look. Next, ask to be shown: what do I need to do right now to let that in/create that? Part of the answer may be inner-related, which is fine. Yet if so, ask again: what is the action step I am avoiding? Why am I avoiding it? When you get your answer, confront it. Is it really true for you? If your answer is lack or fear or doubt related, it certainly is not true on your most authentic level. Know that. Is it part of an old cloak/belief? What if you acted like it just wasn’t true? What would you do? What freedom would that give you?

For those who are on my Facebook page, you would have read the following Lunar Eclipse message there, but it is worth repeating here: “What illusion has been holding you back from Freedom? A belief you are not worthy, not powerful or not abundant? Today let go of the "not" that has become the "knot" blocking the flow of who you really are. Today it's less about acting as if you are already worthy, powerful and abundant, and more about letting go of acting as if you are not!”

That Lunar Eclipse was so powerful because it was in alignment with the Galactic Centre, and it is our Earth’s and Sun’s alignment with the Galactic Centre that is triggering our major evolutionary Shift. So, the message of it is relevant not only for that day, but generally relevant for this entire time period as we move into the next 18 months or so. The current Eclipse series highlighted this message from several different angles, supporting us in a heightened and accelerated way to finally, really truly get this.

This is greater than a once in a lifetime opportunity – it is a once in 26,000 year opportunity to use the Galactic Centre energies as a force propelling us to become self-aware, conscious creators on the magnificent physical plane of Planet Earth. Turn your light on to full, because having it on dim is so old reality:)


laughlight 2nd July 2011 7:46 pm

exhausted...but your message resonates so
perfectly, it brings me UP!
This time I'm totally

Prosper503935 2nd July 2011 10:12 pm

The Eclipse was in the Constellation of Gemini. Ummmm, I'm not sure if your tuned up on your facts, but you can look at any planetarium and see that it took place in the constellation of Gemini.

dineega 3rd July 2011 1:05 am

Thank you ! I have been trying to sort out a group bullying situation at work within the protocols and expectations of a 'boss' it has had me in chains for two years watching people suffering and being powerless to change it... suddenly on Friday, I decided that I was going to break all the rules, state what was happening clearly to the whole group, and leave it in the lap of the gods... I was feeling like I had done wrong until I read your post. The situation was one that I left behind in my personal life quite a few years ago but has been rearing its ugly head in a big way for the past 3 weeks... A parallel process... I finally said 'no more'!
Now I am just waiting to see what happens

Don11 3rd July 2011 8:29 pm

Hi Prosper,

The July 1 Solar Eclipse was most definitely in Cancer 9 degrees 12 minutes - it was the June 1 Solar Eclipse that was in Gemini 11 degrees 2 minutes . The Lunar Eclipse was in Sagittarius 24 degrees 23 minutes. I am 'tuned up' on my facts, thank you:)


Dana xo

Prosper503935 4th July 2011 2:35 am

That's very strange, I checked myself last night the position of the constellations in accordance to the suns position; the planetarium is correct. The sun will move out of Gemini around July 20th which means that the sun is still in the constellation of Gemini.

Don11 4th July 2011 7:21 am

Hi Prosper, sounds like you are working with Vedic Astrology which, being based on a fixed zodiac, is currently almost a full sign 'behind' Western/Tropical astrology which is based on a moving zodiac. Both systems are accurate, it is just that they come from a different perspective. Hopefully that clears things up!

Prosper503935 4th July 2011 1:57 pm

No, I am working with actual fact. The eclipse actually took place in the constellation of Gemini. Sorry guys, I just had to put the truth out there for you guys.

zorro 5th July 2011 4:03 pm

If you follow Ptolemy, father of western astrology, and the tropical zodiac based on the vernal equinox, the eclipse was in Cancer.

If you follow Vedic astrology, or Hindu astrology, it is the sidereal zodiac, and based on fixed stars tied to actual constellations, and the eclipse was in Gemini.

For those interested on the history and merits of both a discussion can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidereal_and_tropical_astrology

"Some sidereal astrologers denounce tropical astrologers for failing to relate to the "actual heavens," seeing in this a fundamental degeneration of the subject"

"Tropical astrology is based on the idea that astrology is based on the configuration of the solar system relative to the Sun, not to the remote fixed stars. For tropical astrologers therefore it is irrelevant that the solsticial points (tropics) have drifted from one constellation to another over the millennia, due to the precession of the equinoxes."


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