Keeping Up With The Humans

If there was a Galactic reality show airing in the Cosmos called Keeping up with the Humans, it would be a ratings winner right now. Something shifted on the weekend. I'm not sure what exactly in it's entirety, and I'm looking forward to writing the July Monthly Visions for more info, but the feeling is after 6 months of being dunked under the water over and over and over and over again (ever since THAT date), we finally got a small break. 

More than that, the energy of victory was in the air - as if we'd been doing round after round in the boxing ring, finally the bell went off, and exhausted but joyous we held up our arm to signal we'd won - that battle anyway. 

Yes, 'win/lose', 'light/dark' type thinking is old reality I know, but nevertheless something massive shifted, it felt good, and it felt very clear that humanity had turned a corner. Maybe we got past a point that those watching the reality show weren't quite sure we'd get past, but they were hoping and praying we would because they are cheering and high 5-ing all over the place. 

We're in a new week and it's back to the business of evolving at warp speed, but did anyone else notice this shift or have related dreams?


Peter fox 5th July 2013 5:20 am

Yes Dana, I have been noticing enormous shifts In the "expansion in
awareness" of who we are- whatever that means! It is becoming clear to
me that the "normal" perception of being a human doesn't even begin to
express our potential and ,paradoxically, the higher we climb we realise that there is endless climbing to enjoy! I think I much better understand
Einstein's theory of relativity now. In comparison to who we can grow into
we are relatively much,much tinier than an ant and this is a wondrous
opportunity for growth in the substance of all,which is love!

Naybird 5th July 2013 7:36 am

Hi Dana,

I sense this as well. I feel lighter and free of something. It feels like there is no going back (maybe no need to push). If the Earth is giving birth, perhaps the head has made its way out and now just allowing, relaxing and breathing is all that is necessary.

BluePlanetMan 5th July 2013 11:06 am

I felt it from the U.S. - I've been tuned into this for years, and this *felt* like the first time we have woken up to the idea that if anyone is going to make anything happen, it's us and not our international governments. This would be a good thing, as our survival and Gaia's health depends upon our awareness and connection to Earth.

I was surprised and still feel disbelief about it but I'm willing to accept a misapprehension. Part of my lesson this time around is to accept my own more than considerable perceptions - when I'm paying attention they're always accurate and that used to unnerve me. Now the accuracy of my perceptions just make me a little uncomfortable that I see what's happening and that people come to me for them.

I own and edit a facebook page about nonlocal consciousness and here's the link. I also own Blue Planet Almanac.

Silkworm 5th July 2013 11:07 am

Perhaps new insights and a shift in merging of the new energies with collective and mundane life, combined with a sense of immediacy for transcendant work to done. Integration.

Esbee 5th July 2013 11:34 am

Hi Dana,
There definitely was a deep shift. I feel so much for others and everything around me. Looking for love all my life from someone,something,only to find these feelings welling up inside me. The more i share it the more it comes, thank you, thank you, for this.

Conni99 5th July 2013 12:22 pm

I did feel something last week, and it felt different. GOOD different, like something lifted. It's hard to explain. I felt younger, like a child, like there was something wonderful to look forward to.

zorro 5th July 2013 4:49 pm

Yes, the stage has been set and the anticipation is mounting. We will really start to acknowledge what has happened and what is in progress in a concrete way after Saturn goes direct again in motion beginning after July 7th in early Scorpio.. And especially, those with planets in the early degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius shout, "Hooray...triple whammy is over"! We can all breathe again. By comparison, Mercury retrogrades are a breeze!

bluefeatheryone 5th July 2013 5:10 pm

Ty, Dana, for this message & opening the discussion! I too feel a wonderful, magical, positive shift has taken place. I have zero physical reasons to feel this way, LOL; but, I'm saying "thank you, thank you, thank you" & I'm gonna keep on walkin'... LOL. Much love to you! :smitten:

Baloneypants 6th July 2013 12:19 am

Yep. All the painful downloads seem to be taking a break, hopefully forever. Replaced with some beautiful cleaner and gentler ones, which feels more like integration than pain clearing. Miracles in the coming weeks I feel. But I am wrong, often. :)

Morgan Lee 7th July 2013 7:06 am

On Thursday night, I unexpectedly did something, still not sure what it was. It was like I was split into three me's. I watched three parts. One part of me energetically looked dead. I was told that this was the ego part and that I was going through a process of transforming the energy of the ego which had been blocking the merging of the other two parts. which were, my physical and mental self and my soul self. That once the three hours was over, the energy of the ego would have left my being and then to remaining two parts would be free to merge as one. This would end the eternal conflict which had prevented myself from becomming one with myself and further out, prevented oneness in my life. The following day, my eyesight, hearing,tasting and smelling were all over the place. I was told that by tomorrow, the shift would have settled and that my brain would be able to start catching up with my new way of being. I was also told that my communication would be different that that I would communicate more with picture and sending clumps of energy. Energy pictures retain

Morgan Lee 7th July 2013 7:08 am

Energy pictures retaining groups of understandings rather than slow, separate long worded sentences. I kept being shown the trinity symbol but have not been able to quite work that out as yet, although did see my human self, my soul self and then source energy. All of my chakras were transforming at the same time. I was told that by the end of July, I would have a deeper understanding of the transformation that had taken place. I have had a deeper understanding at a level never experienced before of the absolute knowing that every single thing outside of myself is a manifestation of my energy and have slipped into automatic 100% responsibility. I was told that this is an arranged activation for the ones who are ready and have chosen to do this shift, the ones conscious enough to know and choose. I have not spoken of this to anyone as I did not know what to think about it and wanted to see if anyone commented on the energy over the last few days. There is a lot more information that came. but I would be sitting here typing all night. The first thing that came, though was,

Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of Endless Possibilities 7th July 2013 3:49 pm

"The Pleiadians came in DreamSpace with a Comic Wink..."

Don11 15th July 2013 6:26 am

Awesome comments everyone!! Thanks for sharing:)

Dana xo


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