Living From Our Hearts and The Fine Print We Forgot About!

We've all looked forward to moving into a more heart-centred reality for a long time but clearly we didn't read the fine print: 

May include emotional depths previously unexperienced that are overwhelming to feel; crying for no apparent reason and for good reasons; feeling compassion for and a sense of unity with those near and far, known and unknown to you; feeling desire for peace, truth and fairness so strongly that you swing between love, despair, hope and anger like a confused pendulum. 

Yep these are the times that we have been waiting for, and here they are in all their heart-wrenching, heart-opening, heart-breaking, heart-expanding rawness. 

The awakening process that many of us have experienced on an individual level is now happening to millions more people. As that happens, the ripples start affecting the collective. So for example, we still see this desire for war from leaders who are invested in it for one reason or another, but we are no longer experiencing as much of the blind mass acceptance and approval of war from the mainstream as we once did. Instead we are seeing more questioning, more protesting and more compassion for all those concerned in a war, regardless of so called 'sides'. 

At the same time, because everything is increasing in intensity, so too is the emotion around 'sides' as people cling to old beliefs and old ways of doing things. Remember, every time we are called to a higher way of being, the old always comes up in resistance - always. You've experienced this personally, now it is happening to more people, along with global systems and structures. And this is difficult, to be with the intense tug-o-war that is occurring now about so many issues, creating so many 'sides' in every area of life. It is hard emotionally and it is hard physically on the body. 

So tonight as you go to sleep, or even right now, especially for those who have found the past days and weeks particularly challenging, take some time to just breathe peace and love, in and out of your heart. Step out of the sides for a moment. Feel yourself in the centre of something..of you, of Source, of whatever feels good. It sounds very fluffy to do this, but it will help you feel better, and by the magic that is energy, it will help others. It will help you let go of all that has accumulated within you by day, make you feel less hopeless and more in the zone where your energy can truly make a difference in whatever ways you feel called to do that each day.

How are you all feeling?



Emma852013 3rd August 2014 10:46 am

Thank you Dana!

It is so true that people are protesting, caring more and it is causing an emotional soup (for the good of course) yet Ive been feeling so drained lately by the intensity of emotions around me and unsurprisingly have been feeling disconnected from myself. time to do more grounding and going within for sure! :)

Thank you for your message your love and all that you do.

With Love

Tommy F 4th August 2014 12:00 pm

Hi Dana,

Thank you so much for this post, it is exactly what I needed to hear. After a suicide attempt last year I have fought my way back from the depths and have been doing really well. I came off my antidepressants properly a few weeks ago and it has been a bit turbulent to say the least. This weekend just passed I was feeling quite fragile and little things have been triggering feelings of being totally overwhelmed. Also my "fuse" has been non-existent at times, I've been getting angry at everything. Today I knew my frequency was pretty low but it just kept slipping and slipping. None of the tools I normally use made any difference. All I was trying to do was feel what I was doing and be present but I could hardly do that. I really thought I was loosing it and that I was going to flip out. It was pretty scary. I have two lists on my phone, one is for anything I come across in my life that I am thankful for and the other is for any little sign of progress that I have made on my journey. Reading these can usually give me a bit of a boost but not today! Feel better now, thank you.


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