Lunar Eclipse Aquarius: Expect The Unexpected

Tomorrow night we have a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on 25deg Aquarius, the first of three eclipses over the next month.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, planet of the unexpected, and to add to the electricity this eclipse is in sextile with Uranus. That sounds a bit naughty doesn't it! ;) Well Aquarians usually are. They like to do things their way, definitely don't like following rules, and are here to be groundbreakers, innovators and rebel-rousers.

Lunar eclipses can bring closures and endings. They can trigger emotional releases, insights and new awareness of something you didn't see or realise before. They can call for a letting go, but always to let in something new and better, or to facilitate a needed healing or shift of some kind. With Uranus in the mix, whatever happens will likely come from left field, totally unexpected and out of the blue.

Eclipses can be gentle or devastating, depending on where they land in your chart. Unexpected break ups or marriage proposals can happen for example if this Uranus-influenced lunar eclipse is affecting your Venus. Please know that no matter what happens, anything that happens during an eclipse time is a destined event. It is happening to accelerate you on your path.

Let us know how this eclipse is affecting you x




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