Mars + Saturn Conjunct

Mars and Saturn are together in the skies today. Mars is action-oriented while Saturn loves order and stability. Today you might be feeling a rush of energy to do things you have put off for a while, cleaning, clearing, organising, completing forms, making appointments.

Saturn is also about taking responsibility and facing reality while Mars can trigger anger. So last night/today/tonight can bring on an emotional climactic 'rubber hitting the road' moment if you have been feeling restricted by 'reality' in some area. If you're feeling some aggro, have a good scream into a towel to let it out without yelling at innocent bystanders, take a deep breath in and exhale. If 'reality' has poked you, then find the courage (Mars will help with that) to face it and ask: what is the positive message/action/change of perspective I am being asked to make here?

How are you all feeling?


Anni 24th August 2016 11:06 am

Most definitely poked Dana!


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