May 2011 Monthly Visions: Moving from False Authority to Authentic Autonomy

I’ll be honest. I had a hard time getting in the space to write these Monthly Visions this month. Yep I forgot April’s Monthly Visions advice to connect to my inner zero point and I was hovering out of my Vortex for about a week there. How many times have I written ‘don’t let external events determine your inner reality’? Yet something well and truly took the wind out of my sail on May Day: The official announcement that Osama had been killed, and the ensuing celebrations by flag-waving patriots that they had finally smoked the evil one out of his cave and dumped him in the ocean where he belonged. The SuperMan good guys scored a goal for Team “Truth, Justice and the American Way” and the world could sleep a little more sound that night. Hmmm...

Leaving the topic of ‘Is he or isn’t he dead?/Has he actually been dead for years?’ debate aside, did anyone hear any mainstream news media commented on the astounding amount of data indicating that perhaps Osama and Al-Qaeda weren’t behind 9/11, but that there may have been other forces with other agendas at work there? Did anyone hear any mainstream news media mentioning how many innocent civilians, international journalists and troops have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since the US and coalition’s ‘War on Terror’ – it’s estimated the figure is 303 times the amount of people killed on 9/11!!! We are talking almost a million people!! (You can find some interesting figures backed up by official sources here:

As masses of the population united in a collective Shadow dance of ‘the bad guy is dead’, our personal tendencies to project onto the Other all that we disown and fear within was on high beam display. In reality nothing, whether on the personal or global level, is so black and white. There is no ‘us and them’. Rarely is the ‘good guys and bad guys’ story as clear cut as the movies would have us believe. Yet May Day showed that we still love a good movie as long as we all live happily ever after, with no real conscious thought or action or questioning on our part. The real causes of our terror may still be lurking in the shadows, but pointing out someone else who we believe is ‘really bad’ makes us feel relieved, as if that somehow absolves us of any such badness. In actual fact, all we are doing is abdicating our responsibility (three words that have come up many times this week) to find the real causes of our problems so that we can powerfully find real solutions for our dreams and desires. Why do we do this? As scared as we are of living with fears and restrictions, are we even more scared to actually live with authentic freedom? And in a nutshell, this is really what sent me off balance this past week, pondering how many people on this planet are still unconsciously choosing the illusion of freedom at the cost of quite the opposite for not only themselves but millions of others?

Yet how can one choose an alternative door of reality or reality perception if you really don’t see it or believe in it, or think your door is perfectly fine? And who are we to judge anyway? Doesn’t every spiritual master say that all doors and choices are fine, that everyone has their own path to their own destination? Yet one thing just keeps bothering me. While I respect everyone’s decision to choose the door of choice for them, it angers and saddens me no end that not everyone can see ALL the doors!! None of us can. How is that a fair choice? How is that freedom? It isn’t and that is why we have all been looking forward to this Shift for so long. This is known as the time of revelations – when all that is hidden is revealed with our graduation gift being a rise in vibration and consciousness for the whole planet and everything on it, opening us to more doors of reality and perception and choice. Bring it on, I say!! I want to see all the doors available to us, I want everyone to see all the doors available to them! Then choose away to your heart’s content!

Yes I know the whole theme of this huge cycle we’ve been karmically travelling has been about experiencing certain doors and intentionally being blind to others...blah blah....but we’re coming to the end of that cycle now, right? So, I’m thinking it’s high time some more doors starting getting blasted open for more people. Yes I know it’s happening, I’d just like to see it happening a lot faster with more gusto. Sure everything in its right time – but surely that includes our own inner alarm clocks that are ringing loudly, arousing us from our spiritual slumbers and awakening us into a new phase of conscious action. Our awakening has a greater purpose beyond the personal. Our awakening has a planetary, collective purpose, and it is time for more of us to step into that greater purpose.

It is true that all we each have to do is be our best possible true self, and we will be fulfilling our role in our giant jigsaw. Change starts within, and you can’t change anyone except yourself. Yet it is time for us all to expand what we believe we are capable of doing as individual beings. It is time for us all to expand our concept of just how influential and inspirational our individual actions and thoughts can be. While we are not responsible for shifting others, that can only happen from within, we are all responsible in our own way to shift this awakening up a notch, if we feel called to do so. By that I mean, if you work for a magazine for example and you keep getting a nudge to run a certain story but are sure the editor will say no, don’t just give up before even trying. Pitch the story, and even if you don’t get that story published, maybe you’ll get something close. Point being, we all need to stop automatically deferring to external authority, and start following our inner autonomy.

On the upside regardless of which side of the conspiracy theory fence you are sitting on, one thing is being made very clear: the majority of people do want freedom and peace and I believe that that collective desire will get us there. Some of us might get there in a harmonious way, others a more challenging way, but surely being united in a common desire counts for something when it comes to co-creating a different kind of future?

There is a story of a positive little boy who upon entering a room filled with manure smiled widely saying “With all this s*@$ there must be a pony here somewhere!” So too, with all this heavy Shadow stuff intensifying on not just the global level but in many of our personal lives, there must be a massive amount of incoming truth and light creating that Shadow!

The best way to hand over all power, control and responsibility for our lives is to believe in lies. The problem is, what happens if we have believed a lie for so long we just assume it’s the truth? How do you stop believing a lie if you don’t even know it is one? How do you even decipher between what is truth and what is not? Asking someone to ‘tell you the truth’ isn’t necessarily going to work, because they might be totally convinced that what they are saying is true even if it is not. This becomes dangerous when they are in a position of authority, whether it’s your parent, teacher, doctor, priest, political or spiritual ‘leader’ or nightly news broadcaster. We rationalise ‘well this person I see as my authority, or the authority on the matter, said it, so it must be true.’ Unless we were lucky enough to be raised in a conscious environment, we never really learned to think with our hearts, to feel with our souls, to sense with our energy. Quite the opposite, we were taught to completely ignore those things and to ‘do as you’re told, stop questioning everything, you’ll get into trouble with that kind of attitude’. If we did learn to do these things, we would soon start seeing the difference between truths and lies as clearly as if a neon light was flashing above someone’s head.

With ‘the Apocalypse’ now coming toward us like a speeding train (this is a good time to remind everyone that Apocalypse means ‘lifting of the veil’, ‘revelation’, ‘that which has been hidden to be revealed’) we are currently experiencing a personal and collective lifting up of the carpets. While the upside of this time of revelations is that much truth is being and is yet to be revealed, the other side of the process is that all the lies that have been swept under the carpet are coming up like a choking dust storm. New lies that don’t want the old lies to be revealed are emerging out of nowhere. Old lies that you thought had died long ago are suddenly in your face again.

Deeply imbedded family beliefs that your cells may have carried without your conscious awareness are likely confronting you in one way or other. It may be blatantly and directly or subtly via the blocks you keep coming up against that are intensifying now. We are becoming aware of where we are still holding on to our parent’s or grandparent’s beliefs/lies like ‘you’ll never afford that’, ‘you can’t make a living doing that’, ‘get back to reality’, ‘who do you think you are’ and so on.

The good news is, for those who are starting to think with their hearts, feel with their souls and sense with their energy, anything that is not true is clear as a bell. Everyone has their own body signs of when they hear something that is true, or not true. Some of us experience truth as tingles in our body, our heart beating excitedly, an inner knowing of ‘yes’ this is true, or a general inexplicable feeling that is as strong as knowing the difference between a train track clicking into place or not. Some experience lies as having no energy, like the voice saying it is hollow or disconnected from something, like a knot in the stomach or a general sick or cold feeling. Everyone is different, but where we are all the same is this: your body knows the difference between something that is true for you, and something that is not. It is really, really, time to start listening to your body!

In these times of ‘revelations’, we can expect both major truths and major lies or distortions of truth, to confront us. It’s time to take responsibility for how we choose to respond to what it is we hear and see. We need to think twice (the second time with our heart if not the first) before we believe what we are told just because it comes from someone ‘in authority’. A word of warning: if you choose to see and perhaps even share what you feel is truth, you might be dismissed as crazy, a conspiracy theorist or a leftie hippie, all meant to infer that you just have no common sense, are unpatriotic and just don’t understand how the world works. The irony is, you may be standing there with a truckload of intelligent, factual evidence supporting your case, but such is the stronghold of ‘authority’ that people will ignore a truth unless it is made ‘official’ by someone in ‘authority’.

It is time to let go of our addiction to false authority, and turn inward to our authentic autonomy. If we believe that the big bad boogeyman outside us can threaten our lives, we also must believe that there is someone outside us who has the power to better our lives. We are the ones who have the power to change our lives. We are the ones who will determine how our world looks in 2013 and beyond. As the Hopi say, We are the ones we have been waiting for.


KT 13th May 2011 2:56 am

These are the most profound comments I have heard since the announcement of Osama Bin Laden's assassination. When an organisation starts a strategy you have to look and see who benefits from this, and in the case of the apparent "War on Terror" the American and British arms dealers/manufacturers were the beneficiaries and that after the invasion and destruction of Iraq the rebuilding contracts all went to American companies,plus there is still the question of the missing $6Billion in cash that went "missing" upon the Americans invading Iraq.
Since the "war on terror" we as a nation have gradually lost and are still at risk of losing under this umbrella threat of an alledged "assassin " on humanity,most of our civil liberties and human rights camouflaged as protection against terror.
it is time for all humanity to wake up, the last 10 years has seen us give our power away with the most devastating consequences, we really have less democratic power than the brave warriors/ citizens in Egypt/Tunisia/Jordan/Yeman and many people still believe that "they" (authority) know better.

mari282 13th May 2011 7:11 am

How very true. Your reply said everything I wanted to say. When the announcement of Bin Ladens "death" came out, all I could wonder is "what are they going to do to us now?" I don't trust our govt. at all, and the American people bought it hook, line, and sinker.

mari282 13th May 2011 7:13 am

Dana, thank you so much for your clarity and wisdom.

SpiritHeart 13th May 2011 7:27 am

Dear Dana,

Thank you for sharing your truthful wisdom with us. You write beauty from your heart and it conveys a very important message. We must learn to listen, speak, hear, intuit, feel and dance from our heart. Authorities can be helpful in directing us (Depending on the type of authority and their intentions) but your message is absolutely impertinent. Decision need our heart to filter and be the basis for our choices. Listen to the soul and heart for there lies the vibrations of the universe.

Thank you loving heart.

With love

simon 13th May 2011 8:34 am

"Unthinking respect for Authority is the Greatest Enemy of Truth"....Albert Einstein

Deeni 13th May 2011 8:56 am

Bang on, Dana!

We are the ones we are waiting for. And I am confident that we will all get there.

The hard part is, those of us that have awakened have to somehow enlighten those that have yet to awaken, however, we must do this through their own free will. Challenging.

It is not up to us to step in and literally fix people's lives, it is up to us through thought, intent, and love to ensure these changes come.

And I am also confident that there are much more of us doing that now. People in very public places are assuming their power.

In Canada here, we have recently had a new News station crop up. They are doing their level best to get the Truth out there, you know, the facts. To make people think for themselves, rather than believe the fodder that has been dished out by all mainstream media. That gives me great hope.

I too have been concerned about the 'sheep' out there, it is frustrating to see so many being led around by the nose.

All is as it should be, change is coming. Hang in there!

Love & Light to you Dana, Deeni

KevinGrey 13th May 2011 10:24 am

Yet one thing just keeps bothering me. While I respect everyone’s decision to choose the door of choice for them, it angers and saddens me no end that not everyone can see ALL the doors!! None of us can. How is that a fair choice? How is that freedom? It isn’t and that is why we have all been looking forward to this Shift for so long. This is known as the time of revelations – when all that is hidden is revealed with our graduation gift being a rise in vibration and consciousness for the whole planet and everything on it, opening us to more doors of reality and perception and choice. Bring it on, I say!! I want to see all the doors available to us, I want everyone to see all the doors available to them! Then choose away to your heart’s content!

On the one hand, you speak of self-responsibility, (or what I would reference as ‘creative authority’) over “authority figures”, however, you then go on to speak about The Shift and others choices and what you want for them.

If I recognize the inner integrity of everyone; if I recognize them as conscious creators in their own

KevinGrey 13th May 2011 10:25 am

there a need to do this?

Is there a need to hand my creative authority even over to a “Shift” of some kind, suggestive that my choice to see all choices, is somehow held hostage by this?

The doors to other realities and choice are already open to us. The Shift, has happened, the moment we claim it has and embrace it and stop “waiting” for it and stop putting it’s happening on the actions or views of others and “waiting’ for them.

Several years ago now, I was taking over an interactive business from a friend of mine, when very compassionately and very honestly, he sought to inform me of a couple of customers of his that were his “poison pill” as he stated it. While other customers contributed to the events we held and did much to volunteer time and energy to making the business work, according to him, this couple seemed to work only to the detriment of everything. They bad talked the management. They “brought everyone else down” and never seemed to have a beneficial word or action to offer.

I took the business over and sure enough, it started to play out just as he had said it

KevinGrey 13th May 2011 10:25 am

would. They were the worst customers ever. Until one day, my wife and I were talking about this situation when it suddenly hit me, I was creating this. I was doing so under the simple “authority” that my friend “knew this couple and what they were like, better than I did”.

Now, had you asked me prior to this event if I saw my friend as an “authority”, my answer would have been an emphatic: “No. Of course not. He’s just a friend.” Yet, I had made him an authority figure in relation to this couple, because ‘he has known them longer’ and subsequently, handed my creative authority away.

Well, 20 minutes after this realization and expression of this to my wife, the husband called. “Out of the blue”. He said that he and his wife had been talking…the previous evening…and they had decided that they wanted to contribute more to the business. They invited my wife and I over for dinner the next night. Well, the following night, I cannot convey the change that had come over these people. They fawned over us. It was almost embarrassing. They fed us our favorite foods and donated 500.00 worth

KevinGrey 13th May 2011 10:25 am

materiel to the business, then set up an event to have other customers attend to bolster our efforts. From that point on, they became the best and most supportive customers we had.

The “doors to alternate realities” are everywhere around us, waiting for us to release our resistance to them and to reclaim our creative authority in every moment.

If you would see these doors, then see your choice in every moment. The choice to wait for others, or for some “nebulous” happening such as the Shift, is as much yours as any other choice. Everything…is choice.

Realize that the choosing of requirements, ‘Other people must change”, “The shift must happen first,” is simply the choice to hold at bay, what is as close as your next breath and as far away as you choose it to be.

Who cares what others choose to do, if indeed all paths are equal and everyone is on that path to their desired version of self? What are YOU choosing? This is always what is of the utmost import. And when you find that you step into creative authority fully, then you will find that your reality is populated with all of

KevinGrey 13th May 2011 10:26 am

the others who do the same thing and that you were not waiting on them, but rather, they were waiting on you. You, were waiting on you.

And it was your choice to do so, all along.


k 13th May 2011 11:33 am

I was reading a book the other day and the author said "no ones opinion matters unless it agrees with mine". We all see things differently, no one is right and no one is wrong, we just are feeling different parts of the elephant blindfolded. I think, I hope, that all veils will be rendered and even the people who do not discern truth from the lies of manipulation will see the Light.

Ron Laswell 13th May 2011 12:28 pm

As I read this, I'm thinking to myself, "yeah, I've been aware of this situation for most of my life!" In fact, I know I've either said or written about the same issues at some point during the past 40+ years. But, one thing you said, Dana, really put this all in greater clarity for me. You sugggested that the Shadows are being exposed because AT THIS TIME the Light is greatly increasing. Absolutely! And even tho I've known this for so long, I'm now in a place where people that I know are becoming fearful, depressed, and they don't see how we will overcome the pervasive negativity. After all these years, the Love in my Heart says it is all an illusion. The other day I was talking to a friend feeling overwhelmed by the political situation here in the USA. After a long talk with much laughter, she responded, "I wish I could be as optimistic as you are." The only thing holding her back was herself. Instead of viewing others as "having the power," we each need to see our own AUTHOR-ity. Think with your heart!

Naybird 14th May 2011 7:55 pm

Hi Dana,

Don't buy into being upset about this or anything that takes place. As hard and cruel as that may is so freeing to shift from wanting to change the world to accepting the world and creating from a place of peace and love. All of this is an illusion. Whether we think we are on the right side or the wrong side, it doesn't matter. If we loose our inner peace, we loose either way.

Love and Light

Cesar Daniel Brauer 16th May 2011 12:14 am

What an affirming 'pleasure' to read a post like this. All that was said is shared.
I can't say that I have been fooled by the recent lies after 9.11 for that event, and immediately after it, became an eye, 2 eyes, 3rd eye ... 'opener', for my difficult and painful wake up. The amazing has been that, simultaneously to this new view and understanding of the tragic game being played globally, a 'vortex' (would love to avoid words that already feel like clichets but ...) was created within me and much of my inner establishment started to change = expand including even the unforethought. Now I feel reality being separated in 2 indeed, polarizing progressively ... and the distances between the me who used to be and the me now increasing ... with life long references going away, and with them most, not just some, of my unquestioned beliefs, ways of thinking and dearest relations.
I thank very much for thinkers and 'expressers' of logical clarity such as this author, illuminated people who have been heralding my personal transformation. Angels (not) in disguises (any more). Real angels!

Don11 16th May 2011 4:31 am

Hi everyone, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feedback on this post. I really kept trying to avoid 'going there' with the introductory paragraph topic but everytime I did try to avoid it the Monthly Visions just wouldn't flow. Only when I freely wrote how I was genuinely feeling did it all come out easefully. I know there is a much bigger picture and higher perspective, but for those of us who have spent most of our life coming from that 'wider reality' space, it is actually very refreshing to actually feel and express our human feelings. Sometimes it feels good to actually say for a second, grrrr, I've had enough of this!! I have no desire to be one of those teachers who act (and perhaps are, good for them) as if they are blissfully at peace with all things all the time. I feel peaceful about the fact that I can express my frustration, and move on feeling so much better and clearer for it. All feelings take us to a new level when allowed, and yes haha I do get the irony of writing that:)

Much love,

Dana xo

Simeon 16th May 2011 4:33 pm

I have just read your postings and wanted to say thank you for sharing these, I found them very inspiring and affirming. Exactly the reminder I needed at this time.
Bless you and thank you.


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