Mercury Direct: A Second Beginning To The New Year

How crazy has this Mercury Retrograde been?!

Delayed flights, cancelled flights, lost keys, key mix-ups, computer crashes at the shop/bank/motor registry, computers acting erratic, delayed payments, schedules or other important things having to be delayed, miscommunications and plans going awry. This and more is just the stuff that has been experienced by us, friends, family or people I've talked to, and I know you all have plenty of your own stories to share!

Mercury is slowing down now, preparing to go direct on 25 Jan. It'll take a few days to start chugging along again, picking up steam over the next few weeks until he clears the shadow period on Feb 16. Anything that's been delayed will more easily resume, and the haze can start to lift from whatever has felt unclear.

So February is kind of like a second beginning to the New Year- which it always feels like anyway here in Australia with kids going back to school, the summer holidays coming to an end and regular routines starting back. For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, you too will feel this second beginning thanks to the Mercury effect!


ShelleyT 31st January 2016 7:57 pm

Oh how True........


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