More Flares

The sun is flaring faster than I can keep up! The expected strong one today happened around 45 min after my last post coming in at a M9 ranking which is the next one down from an X flare. It was followed by another M class a few hours later. 

This week it has energetically felt like the Earth is a swaying ship riding some pretty mighty waves (so far 1 X class, 8 M class and some pretty high C class since Sunday). Everyone is holding onto the railings with that feeling of: "Woah, woah, here comes another one, woah another one up ahead, hold on everyone!" 

We've had physical symptoms like headaches, restlessness, adrenalin, heart palpitations, some people can't sleep, some are sleeping more than usual. We've had emotional releases: old anger, grief, sadness, and deep gratitude. We've had spiritual and mental shifts: huge insights around old patterns and feeling yourself letting go of them finally, increased awareness around whatever you most need to be aware of, vivid dreams and ancient memories are all coming up. 

Whatever you are going through, be gentle with yourself. There is no right way to be feeling. Your body and soul are receiving and experiencing these energies in the best way for you. Trust. You might need to let go of some plans whether little ones in your diary for today, or bigger ones as your soul re-directs you and re-balances you. You might do these things later or not at all. We have to let go of our ego-mind now, of our need to control and to know everything. It is time to trust our soul, our heart and our feelings. 

While the ego-mind or some other inner hard task-master rattles off your to do list, it's time to say, "actually you know what, I feel like not doing that today, I feel like doing this instead". We are also being called to let go of controlling other people. Often when we do that it is a way of saying: "if you do this, it will make me feel better." You are responsible for you feeling better. 

Step away from your computer and devices if you are on them all day. Breathe. Go for a walk. Get out in nature. Eat good food and drink plenty of water. Dark chocolate works for me, as did lemon in my water today.  Do what makes you feel good. 

Jax, (our nearly 3 year old) helped me make mocha/vanilla shortbread twists today for our friend Sam's wake tomorrow. Sam loved loved coffee, and so in went the coffee and I had to have a cup continually next to me while we made them. So there I am sipping my lemon water, alternating with sips of coffee! He was a man full of life, and I can't remember a time with him when he wasn't laughing and talking to anyone who would listen. He would be the first to say: if you feel like a coffee, have a coffee!!! 

What a week, and it's only Wednesday!! How are you feeling?

Later Update:

It was so good to have a great night's sleep finally last night, but Mr Sun didn't rest! Another X1 Flare followed by another M flare. 

For those asking, the flares are graded from least powerful A through to B, C, M or most powerful X class. Each class is ten times more powerful than the previous class, and has 9 grades of power, except X class which goes on without limit. 

Our bodies and energy experience these flares as blasts of high frequency light soaring through our system. On one hand this can be challenging as all kinds of old residue is triggered, coming up and out for release or transformation which we can feel both physically and emotionally. On the other hand, it is invigorating! More than ever this year, when the sun is flaring I feel alive and full of energy, while when it's quiet I feel quite subdued. 

Get ready for another day of this everyone!


Jarusel 23rd October 2014 7:56 am

God bless you, Sam and all his friends and family. Wishing you all, warmth, comfort and love through this time.

keryndawer 23rd October 2014 3:39 pm

You are right Dana, the "to do" list has been going out the window for many, many days now. I have no choice but to listen to my body and do only what it says I can each day. It is mostly telling me to REST :)

Blessings to You and All xoxo

Heartfelt courage 24th October 2014 4:49 am

My third eye and as a nurse I was even thinking maybe I have a brain tumor. But as it happens taking my grandson to Reiche for his back for the first time it really slammed me! Okay Ellen get OUT of the physical and healer heal thyself was the message it slammed into me while in a reading that was sorely needed! But I'm a lot nervous about this Reiche my grown grandson told me all I really want to do is talk to PAPPY! He didn't come through but I know he is still with me. Emilys energy was stronger than mine Tom told us! Well he came through for me Big Time I thought to myself.
Thank you for adding more clarity to last Saturday and much love.

Dls 25th October 2014 8:02 am

Dana, thank you, as always, for your post. I am amazed daily at the connections we all share...when you began talking about Sam, I got teary-eyed. Very strange, but in the big scheme, if we are all connected, not strange at all. Many prayers to you, your family, and Sam's loved ones. From the way I responded, I can tell he was a beautiful energy. God Bless.

Brenda Aranda 26th October 2014 7:27 am

My life has changed a lot over the past several years, ultimately, for the better. These changes have given me more freedom and flexibility with my time and it has taken quite a while for me to get used to living without too much time watching. I have gotten to the point where I joking tell people I no longer have a plan. HaHa! But seriously, for the most part, everyday is a new adventure. I may have some general ideas about what it is I want to do, or need to do, but if something changes, or I simply do not feel like doing what I thought I wanted to do the day before, I simply switch gears. People who know me, have accepted the changes I have made in my way of living. People who do not know me try to guilt me or ridicule me into complying with the social norms and expectations again. This has been a real challenge for me in a world where everyone is seeking approval from everyone else. I just keep trying to focus on what I need to do to take care of myself through all of the transformations taking place, with as much laughter as possible, even at myself.

Don11 28th October 2014 6:29 am

Thank you John,

Love Dana

Don11 28th October 2014 6:30 am

Love to you Keryn

Dana x

Don11 28th October 2014 6:31 am

Sounds like you are on a great track Brenda! Thank you for sharing here,

Love Dana x

Don11 28th October 2014 6:32 am

Thank you Dls, he certainly was/is :) xx

Love Dana xxx

Don11 28th October 2014 6:32 am

Much love to you Heartfelt Courage,

Love Dana x


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