New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

The Wednesday Wisdom Seeds are taking a break this week as we talk about today's New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces!

Solar Eclipses come along to trigger and accelerate "destined" events. Okay, yes, we create our own reality through our daily choices, actions, thoughts and vibe, but our Soul came into this life with an overall plan, with specific and general goals to experience, achieve and accomplish.

We have a good amount of free reign regarding how we go about doing what we set out to do, but from time to time astrological alignments pop up to give us a little boost in the right direction. Life events are unexpectedly accelerated or broken apart, life paths are altered or adjusted.

It's like your Soul in partnership with the Universe says okay, your drive to Wyoming has been really lovely but you really want to be in New York right now so let's get you there via the quickest route.

The quickest route can be mind-blowingly amazing, and it can be devastating and heart-breaking. It will always be a significant life turning point, with a sense of "destiny" about it.

That is, whatever happens around an Eclipse is by divine design.

This knowing can help us pass more easefully through the more difficult eclipses, and give us the courage and confidence we need to keep up with any exciting and happy life changes.

The degree to which you experience the effects of today's Eclipse depends on where 18 degrees Pisces is in your natal chart and whether there is an important point or planet there being highlighted.

Solar Eclipses have a timeline of 3, 6 and 9 months so if you have something significant occur this week, you may like to circle the 9th of June, Sep and Dec as weeks when important related happenings might occur.

How has this Eclipse been for you so far?



Mermaid Deb 9th March 2016 12:06 pm

My familiar, dog Carmen, crossed over last week pulling me apart in many directions. She has been with me in spirit and in body all my life. This is a major shift for me. Today I feel closer to her than I have in a week. I also have another dog, Millie, getting ready to cross over. Many changes and many new things are coming? Not the changes that I wanted yet I have a feeling that this is needed for my path to shift. This has been a 3 month journey for them as they both have/had cancer. Spirit bless them.
Golden Love and Light, MermaidDeb

antoinette atanasoff 10th March 2016 4:51 pm

During solar eclipses I am usually, so uplifted. This eclipse of the sun and moon even more so.I am feeling quite elated inwardly - my heart is happy, I have more energy, stamina, joyeux de virve. Feel positive about life, not concerned about past or future just the "moment", "now". I feel in harmony, centered, a peaceful happiness.....I am in my sunset years, chronologically but inwardly youthful. So I share all the good with the world and Universe.


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