Nov 19, 2012 Pleiadian Alignment

Originally posted on Facebook 19 November.

Today has been a very heavy, difficult day for a lot of people. When one thinks of a Pleiadian Alignment, which we are in today, one might think of joy and expansion as the Pleiadian star system is of a beautiful high vibration yet clearly this isn't always the case. This Alignment happens twice a year when our sun is moving through, or is directly opposite to, the same astrological degrees that are the home of the Pleiades. Today's is the Opposition Alignment. How has this manifested?

Well, we are receiving a massive heart clearing and it is bringing up a lot of grief - grief over the past, over old friendships and relationships no longer in your life, over unfulfilled dreams and potentials, over aspects of your current life that have you wondering 'why is this in my life still?' or 'why isn't this in my life yet?' While this grief can feel overwhelming and deeply sad, it is a positive thing in that it is bringing up emotions that either need to be let go of, or addressed to help you move forward. Too often we busy ourselves with the day to day, burying feelings that are trying to get our attention. These feelings may be hard to feel in the moment but once actually felt can activate you to make long over-due decisions and changes.

Many of you may be confused about the grief you are feeling today thinking 'Why do I feel like this?' Grief is not logical, it is of the heart so even if you know that a long lost friendship, relationship, geographical home or other situation is no longer a match for your life, the heart may still need to release emotions associated to a certain time, place or person. While we are mourning what no longer is, and grieving over who we no longer are (even if you wouldn't want to go back there, it still feels like a mourning to release the final parts of old aspects) it is a good day to remind ourselves of who we have become and appreciate all that we have.

Today's alignment is also happening in the middle of two eclipses, and less than 6 weeks out from the end of a 26, 000 year cycle so you can multiply by a thousand how it feels compared to alignments of previous years. There's also a major series of sunspots gathered that will surely unleash a major solar flare any day now. So we're also feeling the building pressure of that. As always, we will emerge from today's alignment feeling clearer and lighter. Know you are not alone and that millions of others are going through this with you. How has your day been? How are you feeling?


Lou84 20th November 2012 3:47 pm

Thank you for this message Dana. I feel quite connected to the pleiades and anchor/ground there now. I am feeling quite tense today and finding it hard to relax. The new found chakra at base of skull, sometimes called the Well of dreams, is aching me today also.

Much love, peace, healing and light to you

Lou x :smitten:

grammanet 20th November 2012 4:50 pm


Many Blessings, Sanetha

octavia30 20th November 2012 10:41 pm

WOW, I have been going thru this exactly! I actually got a lump in my throat and teared up in the grocery store yesterday. It just hit me! I had a dream last night that made me feel better today. Interesting times. Just trying to go with the flow...

Piroska 21st November 2012 3:58 am too...exactly.....

Rhiannon 21st November 2012 8:07 am

Amazing information and spot on...thanks! :smitten:

Sandra Smyre 21st November 2012 3:43 pm

Loved this Dana. I've had a cough for two months and it seems to ebb and flow with the changes. The last few days have been rough, but remembering "don't give up five minutes before the miracle". Am waiting for the sigh of relief. In LoveLight, Sandra :angel:

Don11 21st November 2012 6:35 pm

Sandra you are hopefully feeling that relief now or any hour now. The sun finally released several M class solar flares after days of pressure building, resulting in a huge release of energy and pressure within us. If people have been feeling a heaviness, especially around the chest area, you will be feeling that lifting off you now.

Dana :)


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