November 2010 Monthly Visions: We’re not in Kansas anymore

As we barrel forward toward the supremely awesome energies of 11/11 you are likely to be experiencing all of your emotions on high beam. Whether you are feeling super sublime, super powered, super calm or super enraged, it’s all a positive sign that you are well on your way with your personal birth process. You are transitioning into a totally different Vibrational Reality and every cell in your body is responding. Whether you are being shaken, stirred, squeezed or smoothly taken through the tunnel, one thing is certain: we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!

If you are feeling numb, some part of you has likely pressed ‘pause’ on the process, frozen in fear to move forward yet we can no longer go back. If this is the case, may I suggest you spend time with your Sacred Breath simply breathing in and out consciously. Know you will be okay. Know that the same energy that’s calling you through the tunnel is the same energy that has all you need to make sure you are looked after through the process and out the other side.

What does this all actually mean? What tunnel? Where are we going? Imagine that the core material of which everything is made is a certain substance, and for simplicity sake let’s call this substance ‘Energy’. Energy can take any shape and form, it all depends on what we want to make with it. Our ability to work with this energy is influenced by the level of reality we are living in and the level of our own personal consciousness. The consciousness of the majority of people on our planet has until fairly recently been ‘encased’ in a 3D vibrational reality energy matrix, where the energy is extremely dense. You can liken it to chipping away slowly at a huge piece of marble anytime you want to make anything be it a statue, table, money or home. Now imagine that in a higher vibrational reality, let’s say 4D, the energy becomes easier to work with. Imagine it becomes like clay. Things can be created faster, but it still takes a little time.

Things start getting really interesting when we jump up into 5D reality – energy becomes like ‘playdoh in the air’ and we can literally shape and shift things to be made manifest with very little gap time between the thought of a thing and the creation of a thing. As you can imagine, this is a pretty powerful reality to live in. You wouldn’t want to live in this reality until you have developed your consciousness to a point where you have learned to be quite the master of your thoughts, and are committed to using your consciousness in a good way. You also would want to know that everyone else in that reality is using their thoughts in a good way! Manifesting instantaneously is great when your thoughts and consciousness are tuned in to a positive direction, but not so fun if you’re holding negative thoughts. Thus, entry into 5D and higher vibrational realities come with their own safety-guard – your own consciousness has to shift up to match that vibration in order to live there.

So, here we are on a planet that is in the process of moving through a place in space that is associated with higher vibrational energies – alignment with the Galactic Centre and conjunction with the Galactic Equator. Era-2012 is a period of time where Earth moves through a particular spot that she only touches every 26, 000 years. The ancients knew that this spot was associated with either great potential for awakening or catastrophe because they knew how energy and vibrational realities work. They knew that every time Earth moves through this spot, she is immersed in the higher frequency higher vibrational energies emanating out of the Galactic Centre. As a result, all on her have the potential to receive these energies too! The ancients perceived this spot as a crossroads for humanity. We go with the flow and open ourselves to receive = great awakening. We resist the process = great catastrophe.

We are the leading reality show being watched on every screen around the Universe right now. Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen! Are we going to shift our consciousness to match the new vibrational reality? Or are we going to be voted off the planet?

Every single person on this planet right now has the opportunity to shift up. The super charged feelings you are experiencing now is a result of your body receiving the increasing influx of higher vibrational energy. This energy is activating your personal keycodes, telling you exactly what you need to do, IF you need to do anything at all. Your keycodes won’t be vague and you don’t need to ‘tune in’ to find out what you need to do. They will be loud and clear. They likely won’t sound like a script from a sci-fi movie, they will make total sense to your heart. They will be inner nudges and guidances that you know deep down are totally true for you, for example: Eat healthier, Stop judging and criticising yourself and others, Focus on the good and the positive in your life, Turn off the negative media, Resolve your relationship issues or move on, Step into your power, Let go of fear and worry. Ignoring your keycodes will become more and more unbearable, which makes it real hard to keep ignoring them! So any intense or painful condition you may be experiencing right now is some inner keycode saying to you “Wake Up, there is something to Shift here!”

Again, you won’t have to wrack your brain to work out what it is. It will be obvious – the hard part isn’t hearing our inner guidance, it is having the courage to actually follow it. Actually no, we need to re-word that. Your inner guidance will already be pushing you halfway out the door if there’s actually something you need to shift. So really you don’t need courage so much as you need to stop resisting, stop holding on to any addiction you have to drama, to poor health, to negativity, to worry, to suffering. Have you ever noticed that when everything is going well in your life you find something to worry about? That’s an addiction to worry! Stop holding onto the door frame of the old, and the sheer momentum of the new will propel you forward faster and more easefully than you can imagine!

A major message right now is to step into total love and acceptance – for ourselves and others. Let go of judgement, criticism, frustrations and irritations. Just let go of focusing on those things that aren’t how you want them to be. Look instead to what is good in your life, and as you do so the energy of good accumulates and spreads and that which isn’t good for you will naturally shift or leave your life. That which is good will expand inviting more and more good.

The higher energies are awakening us to remember who we really are – and that involves letting go of all that we’re not, and all that we think we’re not. Opportunities helping you to step into your power will be at your doorstep one after the other these days until you have done it. There is nothing ‘love and light’ about handing over our power, and right now we are being called to reclaim it. Sometimes we don’t even realise the extent to which we have given it away until someone comes along and totally crosses our boundaries, and this is happening right now left, right and centre. A parent telling you what to do with your life (regardless of your age), employers expecting you to work twice as hard for half your worth, governments expecting the people to follow their every word without question.

We are in a major phase of 'Enough Already’ (a short blog I wrote a couple weeks ago about Venus Retrograde’s message to us). These boundary-pusher situations are coming up so that we realise just how much we have stepped outside of our own centres, our own inner authority, our own inner power. They are coming up so that we can say “No! I am not going to be treated like that anymore! Enough is enough!’ As you say No to something you instantly say Yes to its opposite! Next thing you know the tornado of change has picked you up and just like Dorothy you find yourself on the yellow brick road. Don’t be scared to say no, to let go, to walk away. Don’t be scared to say yes, to let in, to move forward. This thing called “Energy” is guiding and supporting you every step of the way.


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zorro 8th November 2010 5:31 am

So well said.

lilpepper 8th November 2010 6:17 am

Thank you for the message. I had to laugh and read your message when I read the title. Seemed it was for me. Six months ago....I moved from Kansas. :2funny

neva 8th November 2010 8:01 am

Dana: I've been fluxing in and out of that "super enraged" space or "super agitated" might be more like it. Thanks for a wonderful confirmation.

I was astonished to see almost an exact list of the same messages I've been getting, and responding to, within the past week. Did you read my mind or did I read yours, ha? Oh, well, there's only one of us really here anyway.

This bears repeating, your list (and mine) of instructions for easing the transition for ourselves:

Eat healthier, Stop judging and criticising yourself and others, Focus on the good and the positive in your life, Turn off the negative media, Resolve your relationship issues or move on, Step into your power, Let go of fear and worry. Ignoring your keycodes will become more and more unbearable, which makes it real hard to keep ignoring them! So any intense or painful condition you may be experiencing right now is some inner keycode saying to you “Wake Up, there is something to Shift here!”

Amen and Aho! Great message Dana. Thanks again. Neva

journey333 8th November 2010 10:19 am

Ditto what Neva said: Your list is EXACTLY the one that I have been shifting through this past few weeks. I thought the same thing, that you had read my mind! LOL!

You articulated everything in this message so well!

Thank you.

Peaceful Path 8th November 2010 10:55 am

Dana, I got so much from this post. :smitten:
What I especially loved is that it brought into very clear focus how I have shifted.
I have a new vibration activated deeply inside myself that is fine with stepping forward - claiming my worth!
Reading this really helped me get in touch with this brave new world!
I love it.
Thank you big time!

Don11 8th November 2010 5:26 pm

That's so you're literally not in Kansas anymore!

Dana :)

Don11 8th November 2010 5:28 pm

Thanks Neva! I LOVE when we all get the same messages - what a confirmation that we are all receiving higher guidance from the same ONE place and source. We are all of ONE and we are ONE.

Lots of love,

Dana xo

kay 8th November 2010 8:34 pm

We're getting the same message all right. Thanks all, Dana and the rest of you. It's sweet and debilitating and overwhelming and sweetly painful and strangely intoxicating and just so okay to be where we are.

Don11 8th November 2010 10:13 pm

Kay you said it, it's all those things and then some! Hold on to your hats, what a ride this is! :)

lovelylinda 9th November 2010 2:26 pm

Dear Dana,
Loved your post! so speaks to where I am. Nice to get the confirmation. Just finished your book, you gave it to Joe Plum and he gave it to me. He is my beloved, we shared some beautiful time but he is now in retreat mode. ah well, we are all doing the best that we can in each moment.
there is only love.
Remembering your husband's beautiful singing at the 4 corners!
Love to you both,

Don11 9th November 2010 6:57 pm

Thank you Linda, so lovely to hear from you! Christian and I have Joe in our prayers, and send you both lots of love:) xox

lovelylinda 10th November 2010 4:33 pm

thank you! He had asked me for prayers so I am grateful to you both. thank you for the work that you are doing!
so grateful to be in this time on this planet!
blessings and love,


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