October 2011 Monthly Visions: Stop Waiting and Start Leading

There is a constant heightened state of alert being felt these days, as if something big is just about to happen. Forums are buzzing with various angles on what this something will be. Imagining your best impression of the guy from Who wants to be a Millionaire?, the million dollar question is will this something be: a) A massive earthquake that sends the whole world into literal wobble b) Offical disclosure from governments, confirming that they’ve been in contact with other-planetary beings for a long time c) The culmination of the Mayan Calendar on October 28 triggering everything from Zero Point, a Pole Shift and three days of darkness or d) A blast of light that sends everyone into an instant awakened enlightened state.

It feels like so much energy is going into wondering what is going to happen, that we seem to be missing the fact that ‘something’ is happening right now! So many of us are waiting for ‘the big event’, placing our lives on hold until we get the official program as to what’s happening next, meanwhile show after show is playing at the Earth Theatre giving us previews and new movies galore that we can choose right now.

Have you been feeling this heightened state? Do you feel a sense of anticipation bigger than anything you’ve felt over the past 5/10/20 years of your awakening? Are you feeling adrenalin or even what you might describe as electricity running through your body? Do you feel a tad nervous or excited or a bit of both, as if you’re about to step into something completely new and unknown? Our heightened state is the direct result of the now daily influx of high frequency light showering all over Earth that is lifting our personal and collective vibrations to a new level. This light is simultaneously stripping away our old veils and illusions, and opening our eyes and hearts to reality as it really is. Our hearts are beating faster not because there is something ‘coming’. Our hearts are beating faster because that ‘something’ is here right now and on our deepest and highest levels of being we all know this.

The time we are living in right now is our time. As more light showers over the planet, and as she shifts into a higher vibrational frequency, we are finally starting to feel like a big, heavy cloak has been lifted off us. We are stepping into our individual and collective power after a lifetime (in fact, lifetimes) of feeling like the odd ones out. You may be feeling quite strange because you are feeling free and happy most of the time, while all around you those who’ve spent a lifetime attached to the illusion are deeply engaged in their personal and social collapse processes.

Many of us have started to feel called to new work, or working in a new way, because we are finishing our old contracts now. It’s more than likely that you are finding it hard to put your finger on what specifically your new work is, and that’s because our roles and lives will be more fluid now. In the old reality we made sense of who we were by what we did. In the new reality our sense of meaning will come from knowing who we are, and this knowing will lead us to our daily doings. What we do will shift and change depending on what we feel most called to do. This doesn’t mean that we’ll be walking around aimlessly. Quite the contrary, living consciously means living purposefully and fully. Our society’s old ways of sticking to set routines and jobs as if on auto-pilot, with most people having no conscious awareness of their participation in what really was quite the prison society, now that was walking around aimlessly! So don’t stress too much about trying to figure out what your new work will be. Focus on knowing who you are, and being who you are, and that will lead you to the best work/life for you. Clues will come in the form of lightbulb moments, flashes of insights, unexpected doorways opening or allowing yourself to follow your feeling to go somewhere or do something. Action will be less about logical thinking, and more about being intuitively guided and divinely inspired.

For some work won’t be ‘work’, it will simply be creating a self-sustainable, happy, harmonious home or community and making our own unique contributions day by day. For others, where the primary focus of our work was helping people awaken, our new work will revolve around supporting the newly awakened, helping them find their way in a new world where it’s a whole new ballgame. For many newly awakened it will be like coming out of coma, like seeing the sun properly for the first time in years. Just like prisoners need time to adjust to freedom and life outside, so too people will need time to adjust to a reality where freedom and personal power are their new governing bodies.

On a mind level we’ve expected something big to officially herald the end of the end, and the beginning of the beginning. A huge mothership on the White House Lawn perhaps. The arrival of Planet X/Nibiru/Comet Elenin. A massive worldwide tsunami to really get people’s attention. Yet the reality is, the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning is being marked not by one or two world-stopping events. We are not going to have the world-wide devastation and destruction people fear (and that some people are secretly hoping for if only to prove to sceptics that ‘something’ is indeed happening!). Rather, we are witnessing and living through a multitude of events right now, all of which are either giving us the opportunity to wake up, or are a beautiful, direct result of us having finally woken up.

This isn’t cause for a huge anti-climax moment of disappointment. You mean this is all there is? This is the change we were waiting for? No, this is not all there is and we have a lot of major changes still ahead for us. Yet to wait for something ‘big’ to happen, while so many big things are actually happening every day, is a potential waste of a once in a lifetime opportunity to consciously participate in the creation of a new reality in its blueprint stages. The protestors at Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago and Occupy LA are not waiting. The citizens of Egypt are not waiting. People already involved in self-sustainable housing and organic farming are not waiting. All of these members of humanity have one thing in common. They are reclaiming their power. They are asserting their rights to a life where they get to have financial freedom, work they enjoy, a safe home and peace. While some people are waiting for ‘the big one’ to hit, or are heading for the hills before the ocean rolls in on them, families in Pakistan, Japan and New Zealand who lost their homes due to actual floods and earthquakes (as opposed to feared & yet to happen/may never happen floods and earthquakes) are not waiting. They are rolling up their sleeves and getting on with the business of starting anew.

These times are about stepping into our own power and authority, and releasing our need for validation from external sources. These times are about releasing the grasp external ‘authorities’ have had when it comes to officially determining what is real, what is allowed, what is possible, and what isn’t. Why is everyone hanging out for 'official disclosure' from the very people who epitomise the disempowering old reality? Wasn't one of your greatest transformations when you let go of needing your father/mother to finally accept you, and YOU accepted YOU? Isn't that when life changed? Our star family are not waiting for official disclosure before they can show themselves more clearly, they are waiting for us to be more empowered, and as long as we're waiting for external validation we are not.

These times are about releasing our fears, including the fear we’ve held that the so called ‘powers that be’ will ‘win’ and we won’t make this collective shift into our new reality after all. This fear comes from a lack of understanding around what our light actually is, the power it contains, and the unstoppable process occurring now as more of our light and power is revealed and made available to us. Whenever people ‘have power’ over us, it is less about the amount of power they hold, and more about our disconnection to our power be it as individuals or as a united social community. Gandhi once said “They didn’t take India from us. We gave it to them.” As long as we have a fear that something can be taken from us that is rightfully ours, be it a job, a country or a new reality, we are being held hostage by that fear and are blocking our own path toward easefully receiving and creating that which is rightfully ours.

As long as we cling on to a set expectation around the Shift, not fully believing in it unless something ‘big’ happens, we may find ourselves in a ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ reality – surrounded by signs of awakening power, truth and freedom, yet waiting for some external event or authority to say something or do something to make it official. This begs the question, does this come from old patterns best left in the old reality where things had to get really bad before they could get better? Does it come from old addictions to drama? Does it come from a need to have the whole world ‘get it’ before we allow ourselves to own it and live it? Do we have to wait for all humanity to make the shift before we allow ourselves to actively choose it? It’s like the switch from analogue to digital television - did you wait for all your neighbours to get their digital television before you allowed yourself to switch yours on? Did you wait for everyone to get their digital television before you could allow yourself to believe, yes the switch truly is happening? If some neighbours lagged behind, still attached to their old analogue set, did you sit there head in your hands crying “We’ll never make it. Too many people haven’t switched over yet. The analogue frequency is going to win after all.” No you didn’t, because you knew it was a done deal. Digital was coming, and so off you went to upgrade your system. Yes some people went kicking and screaming, begrudging the extra expense, but look at them now, absolutely loving the extra channels and clearer vision.

These people are at the opposite end of the spectrum to those waiting for something big to happen. They don’t want anything to happen. They were okay with reality as it was, thank you very much. They see the collapse of the economy, the job losses and earth changes as a sign that the end is nigh and the world has gone to c*#p. They pray that everything calms down soon, and we can get on with business as usual. Well that just isn’t going to happen, because business as usual was based on an unethical and untruthful foundation designed to serve the few at the expense of the many. Most mainstream people don’t know that yet, although they are awakening to this fact rapidly, and that is the only reason they are still holding on to the old. Why escape a prison when you don’t even know you’re in one?

Something we are going to start seeing more of is the revelation of a lot of the deception that has been kept hidden under political and corporate carpets. As more of humanity find out just how much they have been lied to we will see more riots and protests. We will see people in absolute shock upon discovering that their own governments have had access to free energy for decades, and that universal laws like the Law of Attraction so ridiculed or ignored by mainstream media are common knowledge among the elite. Our job right now is not to wait for official disclosure or official revelations or official anything.

Events will happen as they need to happen, but to wait for them before we start fully allowing ourselves to immerse in the new reality is like inhaling deeply and not letting ourselves exhale. Our energy becomes stagnant, we start to feel disillusioned and disempowered, thereby buying into our own fears that nothing is shifting. There is nothing to fear. Earth knows what she is doing. All the little highly evolved souls coming in now are not coming in only for all humanity to be wiped off the face of the Earth or to continue supporting an old reality. They are here to show us a whole new way of living and being. Our job too is to show others a whole new way of living and being, leading the way into a new, consciously created reality, leading by example. Lead by living it. Lead by being it. Now.


Tlightworker 5th October 2011 11:15 am

Hello Dana,

Thank you so much for this post. I have been researching various spiritual/factual/trustworthy sites and have learned such a lot, leaving me feeling quite lighthearted, ( even though I am not 'debt free'). More and more people are learning aren't they! Anyway thank you again, I feel more enlightened! is that possible? (:
Much love and many blessings to you Dana. xx

Simeon 5th October 2011 1:27 pm

Thank you Dana. A truly excellent posting and description of where some of us are at or are headed. The 'Light' in your words has touched me and it is so comforting to see that which I know is truth posted here.
I'm feeling such an ease and awakening in these beautiful times.
Am wishing you every happiness my starry sister ;D

Minnow Harris 5th October 2011 1:43 pm

Amazing article!! - I HAD to share this on my facebook business page Dana. You had me laughing out aloud about the analogue TV's. Your message hit the nail on the head as I try to forge ahead in a new business without any true direction, other than Divine Guidance (Yikes!). But now, after your article, I feel a groundedness to just hang in there until the direction presents itself...(BTW, any timeline on when we might all 'find' that new direction? ;) I'm just getting a little tired...all this treading water and all! hehehe. I've got December coming to mind..... :)

With love, laughter and light to you, Minnow

Melanie 5th October 2011 6:57 pm

This is an incredible post - thank you Dana. I love what you share and resonate with it. Thank you! love Melanie x

Don11 5th October 2011 10:31 pm

Thanks all for your comments:) Minnow, our individual directions will, exactly as you say, present themselves. There's no one timeline for all, rather directions will open up as needed like billions of spiderwebs all 'coming on line' as needed. If you have December coming to mind for you then it's likely that's a significant turning point for you. Sometimes things happen when we're ready, other times our audience/students/customers/the world need to be ready before we can fully flow forward in the way we are envisioning. I'd suggest you flow forward as much as possible, while at the same time having a relaxed attitude about any aspect of the business that feels like it isn't quite ready to birth just yet. When we have such a strong sense of our vision, it can be really frustrating to not have every aspect working on all cylinders asap, but - and I know this sounds like such a cliche - there truly is gold in every part of every process.

Dana xo

Don11 5th October 2011 10:42 pm

p.s It can be helpful to ask daily 'what can I do today to flow forward?' The answer might seem to be unrelated to your business (or other concern for everyone else reading) eg do some gardening, but it's the very thing you need to shift energy or gain clarity or recharge your batteries.

Rather than look at things from a perspective of treading water or waiting for something to birth, we can honour the process. For example, I'm looking forward to our baby's birth next month, yet I'm also really loving being pregnant and appreciating the need for this gestation period knowing it has a really important purpose. Just love NOW is a big theme for everyone now. It doesn't mean not having goals or taking action, it just means truly living and appreciating each moment for what it is.

Dana xo

zorro 6th October 2011 5:01 am


I think you have tapped into the crux of our current state.

The feeling of "something big is just about to happen" is real beacause the dial has been turned up to a new frequency, and form follows vibration (in the beginning is the word, the sound, the frequency) and there is a re-patterning happening in human physical form, relationships, the physical earth and other planets, and all things physical (and especially, though not limited to, humanly created forms) under this influence. We need to stay fluid and flowing, allowing re-patterning to have its way.

There can be a feeling we need to sand-bag right now, but you cannot hold back the river. Let the changes come and be a delighted observer while allowing the fun that comes from being fully fun-ctional.

Deeni 6th October 2011 9:09 am

Dana, Thank You sooooo much!

I inhaled every word. In some cases, more than once. I let it infiltrate every fibre of my being, and then I breathed it out for everyone in our Universe.

I so appreciate your message, and your assistance in clarification.

God bless you Dana, much Love and Light to you and yours!
Nadine : ))


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