It can be so suffocating when you feel yourself fenced in by emotions, perspectives, thoughts and beliefs that feel like they are squeezing the lifeforce out of you. Anxiety feels like that. Depression feels like that. Energetic sensitivity to difficult weeks feels like that.

I felt that suffocation early last week, and early this week again, yet even while it was happening it was almost like being outside of myself looking in.

Being aware of your old beliefs, doing decades of inner work, even being in a position where you teach others, doesn't mean you are immune from your own crap. It still comes up. The main difference is, when it does come up you are fully aware that you have pressed play on an old movie that you are certain went to the scrap heap a while ago. Only here's another reel of it! Surprise! 

Sometimes the wave is mild, other times (as many experienced this past week), it is a high-pressure system that comes out of nowhere. And we are often so hard on ourselves the more 'aware' we are because we think 'why am I back to feeling like this right now?"

The good thing is, with this 'awareness' comes a backpack of support tools to help you through it, be it breathing through it or journalling or whatever you know works for you.

Even though you have some self-awareness, certain emotional waves can still feel overwhelming because, whether for minutes, hours or days, it can feel like there is no escape. It is like being trapped inside a room being jostled by a bunch of old belief rowdy school bullies! What we need in that moment is a perspective-shift. It is helpful to pick up the phone, or pick up your journal, and express how you feel in a safe space. Often, it is the simple act of verbalising the whirlpool of emotions inside you, that calms the raging river and helps you see what is coming up in a new way.

Closing your eyes and just breathing deeply in and out is another great perspective-shifter that you can do anywhere. And knowing that other people are feeling the same helps too, which is why I so appreciate everyone sharing here, as you all so wonderfully support everyone else who reads through the comments. So if you have been feeling a bit side-swiped by the energies of the mo', please know you are not alone. And if you are feeling like you are riding the crest like a pro-surfer, please share what it is that helps you experience your "perspective-shifts" when a shift is required.

Thanks for sharing! x


stepaniehlmt 28th October 2015 11:57 am

I have absolutely been experiencing the feeling of "going backwards" felt like everything was trapped inside and screaming for attention, I felt as if I couldnt trust myself and this incredible process. It felt like I had landed back in total turmoil. Then, it was miraculous all of the angels that got placed in my path as a way to get all of that "crap" outside of me. Once I verbalized what I was feeling and experienced total acceptance and no judgement, I was able to understand the areas that I needed to love myself more and no longer felt as charged about what someone else was "doing" to me. I was able to become an observer again and was able to do some self care that evened out all of those rough edges. Everything that I was owning and identifying with as my "problems" became something I was able to look at from the outside as a blessing and I could finally choose to accept that as my truth or release it. Thank you for this timely validation, it brings so much comfort!

Deeni 28th October 2015 12:54 pm

Thank You, Dana.

It is always wonderful to hear from you.

With clenched teeth in one moment, to a Heart so full of Love it feels as though it will burst the next moment, I have been doing my very best to go with the flow. I recently have had a slew of imagery come up out of nowhere, bizarre, albeit somewhat familiar. At some point, I arrive at a place of Peace, All Knowing, and then phhhhht, it is all I can do to remember the word 'LOVE'.

When I let go of it All, and Trust that Spirit really does have my back, and that the only thing that is up to me to do, is Love My Self, and then it all just slides into place. A solid, hearty laugh every so often really helps too. Find the FUNNY, it really is there!

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

GAF 28th October 2015 1:24 pm

The "answer" to emotions? Emote them! FEEL them. Express them.

One of the most debilitating "programs" running in many people is the "don't feel / emote" program.

s6global 28th October 2015 2:29 pm

Have you been in my living room??? I have been so here!
Yesterday I was blind sided (walked straight into) a tsunami of information that initiated a deep purging of feelings of abandonment, deceit, and shame.... and not loved at all! Compounding this, I have been absolutely drained by pouring all of my energy into caring for a very beloved and extremely ill dog. Simultaneously watching my melt down. It was a doozy! Even feeling as though I am 'flunking' this enlightening process. But I can't be flunking when I am recognizing and allowing it to move me.
This morning, it has been surprisingly helpful to allow myself to step out of my usual go-to tools. I crave practicing with my yoga kula. Yet allowing myself not to cram that into my morning has enabled me to breath in a different way. I am tending to household tasks that I had been feeling I didn't have the time or energy for.
My mantra this week has been "I am strong; I am grace." Writng this response has been incredibly uplifting. I've even been forced to rewrite it do to technical difficulties!
With deep gratitude and love,

su_y 28th October 2015 2:55 pm

thanks for this Dana! i will post my comments in more than one post due to the character limitation…

so for me, i was beyond suffocating this morning when i woke up. and backsliding is an understatement. i felt like i was in a graveyard ditch with the dirt being shoveled over me with my eyes wide open. by the way, this follows a 3 day state (Fri-Sun) that felt - as i described to a friend - as if God was inside of me. the ultimate state of grace. a feeling that is impossible to put into words, but had my face in an involuntary grin all weekend and me wanting to sit in that feeling fooorrrever. cut to Monday thru today where i have been going through never before felt lows…i seriously think i hit my lowest point today. – is this “the wave” to which we are all speaking of?! good grief!

so today, all i could do was go out for a walk in the city street and get some fresh air…in the rain, mind you. i had already set my mind to call my sister and vent about one my clients. and so I did. i just went with what i was feeling and i let the anger and annoyed feelings, words, curses..

su_y 28th October 2015 2:56 pm

Part II
whatever…just let it all out…around the only thing i could identify at the moment. i threw away ANY idea of trying to feel better or trying to think positively or any such thing. that was impossible at that moment. no tools in my spiritual toolkit would have worked for me today…would have been like bringing a knife to a gunfight. i definitely had a “f*ck it”. just go with it feeling. like if you can't beat ‘em join ‘em.

well, some unknown wisdom inside of me must have known this was the best thing to do because now (hours later) while i don’t feel like “miss happy go lucky” at the moment, I at least can feel my pulse again. hahaah! at least i know i am not dead or dying. i have some pep in my step again and feel a very powerful energy surging through me. like i unstopped a dam. so while this morning it may have been started by a flame or fire (read: raging inferno!) it feels very different now. definitely more good than bad, if you will. and definitely no trace of the depression or energetic sensitivity that i had earlier. maybe a trace of anxiety, still, but mostly seems..

su_y 28th October 2015 3:21 pm

Part III be propelling me forward. overall, i feel energized…full of energy that doesn’t feel half bad! where as this morning i felt lethargic, depressed and like there was no way i would be able to get out of bed today. for me, at least today, venting about whatever i wanted to earlier with no thoughts of filtering myself, no thought of this “journey”…or being “spiritual”…or righteous…or perfect…or whatever…this definitely must have helped. i stopped trying to control my thoughts or feelings (as if we ever could) and just went with what was arising. i guess i just became a master at what was arising in some way, however “bad” a part of me might have been labeling the feeling and making me feel i was wrong or bad for feeling that way. i realize it wasn’t bad, it was just energy.

i realize now that in some way i must have energetically (and inadvertently) worked my way up the emotional scale. Abraham (Esther Hicks) speaks of this in one of their teachings about 10 years ago. that if you are feeling grief and powerlessness, for instance, anger and even blame can offer relief from those suffocating emotions; and then you can more quickly move up the vibrational scale once you recognize this. although it is possible, it’s not always necessary (and is certainly never that comfortable for me) to try to shift so drastically as to go from Rage to Bliss as in a quantum leap.

su_y 28th October 2015 3:07 pm

Part IV
when i do this, i feel like i am fighting against myself. and I would add, that in these current energetic times, this feels like trying to swim against an incoming tsunami. so, i saw with my own eyes today…or, i should say feel and experienced within my body and being and feelings (which are improving by the quarter hour) and awareness, that based on where i am now compared to where i was this morning that, somehow, by embracing my anger or whatever that was earlier and just being human and not trying to lead with my so-called spiritual knowing - i now feel centered again. hopeful, for sure. and it ALL happened naturally. not what i planned for or even what i had the presence of mind to even hope for earlier. for me, it seemed i just needed a RELEASE. i didn’t TRY to do anything. i just went with what was in front of me and stopped trying to feel different than i was.

hopefully this will help someone else.

love to all.

~ Su

su_y 28th October 2015 3:17 pm

YEESS GAF!!! i just saw this response after i posted my four-post response. hahah! this was DEFINITELY THE GOLDEN KEY for me today. although, i didn't know it at the time that i was doing it. what a difference! sooo key. hallelujah. :). thank for summing it up. ~ S

ralu 28th October 2015 4:20 pm

Hi everyone! I've been clearing for weeks now,again.My situation is really...on One hand there's freedom,on the Other hand there's no freedom at all,no's simultaneos.I'm tired but I'm not,I'm well etc and there's a strong Feeling of newness.I'm inside the Mirror,a hardcore One and I acted different for the first time.I acted from the I Am meaning greater ease and detachment,NON reactivness to what unfolds and stories just left.cleared all the way down until physically percepting being down,then loved it and enjoyed it.a good belly laugh with a stranger was enough to get out of it.mind your thoughts and emotions and act upon desires at Any given moment.we're home already!

GAF 28th October 2015 4:35 pm

su_y, First... I had to laugh about what you said because I just watched an episode of Fargo where some mobsters buried someone alive with pavement gravel.

Yes, I may have summed it up in a sentence and yet you obviously needed to express... and did! Awesome possum. In the immortal words of Madonna "Express yourself. Don't repress yourself." You gave a great account of a specific, real-life emotional expression AND HOW WELL THAT WORKS!

The amount of energetic work I have done for the planet and collective in recent years has been COMPLETELY NUTS! And yet, there is no way I could have done so if I'd not "gotten current" on my "emotional backlog", if you will. And then the energy service work itself was WAY about feeling. It helped me "hear" God and also helped me get the attention of more than just a few ETs who were being idiots in the role they were playing in our ascension. There was much rage at times. Transmuting for Gaia also included rage.

I can say from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for working on you. It helps the whole world SO much.


wonderfullife 28th October 2015 5:19 pm

Thank you Dana, it does feel better knowing we are not alone in this school of learning to love ourselves more daily. Have been feeling overwhelmed lately...A/C went out, 2 cars need repairs, my mechanic moving to Canada, to name a few. Monkey mind, at its best, takes over temporarily. Calming down feels better so I take one challenge at a time...Always allowing for synchronicity, I took charge of my mind, A/C can wait till next year after spring, get 1 car at a time fixed. trusting the money shows up. Yes, sometimes it is the same old stuff but like the quote goes "it's not what happens to us but how we handle it" . Sharing people, as yourself, are a blessing to help remind us, no matter what happens we are OK. And to remind me to enjoy the journey and be grateful. Love, Light and Laughter, Elaine

GAF 28th October 2015 5:21 pm

su_y, considering your recent experience, you could probably relate to this:

su_y 28th October 2015 8:39 pm

haha re: Fargo, GAF. heheh! i read the link you posted earlier as well - for your July blog post. good and easy read. thanks for sharing. and thanks for your service to the world as well. be well!

- Su

su_y 28th October 2015 8:40 pm

thanks GAF. will take a look/read. thanks again!

~ Su

GAF 28th October 2015 9:15 pm

I'd say, "Happy to serve" but sometimes I wasn't so happy about it... and that was not only ok, but perfect. lol You understand. ;-)

And yes... Fargo. Just cracks me up thinking about it - it's slow, dry, dimwitted, dark-comedy, hilarious.

Lorelei63 1st November 2015 2:58 pm

Seriously? I am AMAZED at the change I just experienced reading your post, Dana. (!!!!) I haven't even taken the time to read the MANY other posts, but glancing at just a few, I see that many people also were in a really painful space and shifted through the process of reading your post. Thank you, so very, very much. Letting go of my old life patterns - and reaching self-love, self-acceptance, self-empowerment - BUT AT THE LEVEL OF TRIALITY, NOW - which takes it up to such a different level .... well, it can be unbearable as the layers peel off. Maybe these layers are in a different dimension! Accepting our divinity - it is so much for a human container to integrate and accept. Accepting it at any time is one thing ... but accepting it during the great Shift of Ages, with these solar flares and lunations and unusual portals and planet/star positions ... it is truly another thing. All I know is - a few minutes ago, I felt as if I just could not go on. My emotions (anger, rage, hostility, self-pity, fear, stress, anxiety, etc.) were off the charts, I could not (continue below)

Lorelei63 1st November 2015 3:02 pm

cont'd -- shift it, no matter what I tried. I mean, when praying doesn't even work - that's some scary sh_t, right??? So, big sigh of relief. I send an energetic shout-out to all my dear fellow travelers who posted on here, and those who didn't. .... I know I need to make some lifestyle changes, to ramp up my ability to be present, and to be living as the vibrant, creative, stable and balanced divine being that I am. I suspect it is embracing more responsibility and ceasing to blame others that brought about today's off-the-charts inner tantrum. I pray for the strength to carry on, so I can "remember" that we are here to play and laugh and love and serve and expand into love - that the time of being heavy and suffering is o'er!!! May it be so. Blessed be. xoxoxo


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