Self Care: The Power of Saying No

Self-care is a strong theme for a lot of us right now. Learning to say no to people is one way that you can start saying yes to yourself more often. 

It can be hard to say no in any situation for a bunch of reasons. A friend may ask a favour, family need you, you get invited somewhere, your work wants you to do overtime for no extra pay or perhaps paid very well. But something inside you is saying: "I can't do this." 

You then look for an excuse to justify your no. You scroll through your diary and hope there's a good reason you can give for saying no. Your inner "I just can't" IS your good reason. 

Sometimes we can't logically work out our inner no, we just need to trust our body. Maybe we're tired. Maybe our body knows something we don't know about what awaits us if we say yes to something that didn't feel right from the start, or some potential other opening that will become available to us if we do follow our gut, say no, and leave space for something that does feel right. 

If you are prone to feeling guilty for saying no I can definitely relate. But if you look at it from another angle, constantly acting from a place of not wanting to let down others means that you regularly let down yourself. And a drained, depleted, exhausted self is no good to anyone. 

Feed yourself. Fill your cup. 



tom cunningham 1st December 2016 10:53 am

,,,, I Love the Divne communication,,,,,,, I have found myself of late saying to others ' I could yet I don't with to'. Amazingly the response has always been a smile and a chuckle with them saying that they Love the truth, they say, hey, that works for me too. I then sincerely wish them well and they sincerely appreciate it and am struck by the difference of feeling within as I reflect on past times where I would leave an awkward non-truthful interaction, both sides are far better in alignment with selves simply being truthful to self thus truthful with all. Selfwish I call it, wishing well for self.

zorro 1st December 2016 8:43 pm

My dear friend, I don't actually hear you saying "no" to anything, but what I do hear you saying is "yes" to your own life.

"Real life is like improv: the script’s always changing, and saying yes keeps you in the flow, pulls for creativity, and makes it more fun. Try saying no out loud or in your mind. How’s that feel? Then say yes. Which one feels bet­ter, opens your heart more, and draws you more into the world?

Saying yes to some part of life—to a condition or situ­ation, to a relationship, to your history or personality, or to something happening inside your own mind—does not necessarily mean that you like it. You can say yes to pain, to sorrow, to the things that aren’t going well for you or others.

Your yes means that you accept the facts as they are, that you are not resisting them emotionally even if you are trying with all your might to change them. This will usu­ally bring some peace—and will help any actions you take be more effective"

Yes to the twists and turns in your life so far: large and small; good, bad, and indifferent; past, present, and future." Rick Hanson


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