Slam Dunk Solstice

The lead up to the Solstice was hectic. On Thurs afternoon the energy went haywire and I felt for sure we'd just had a huge solar flare. Nope. Then I found myself in bed for 36 hours with the flu, emerging on Solstice morning to find out that what I thought was a flare was actually a 'corkscrew eruption' sending 'spiralling filaments' out from a sunspot. 

Some people might read that and think huh? Most of you though, those knowing that we are now ultra sensitive to solar energy, will read it and think ah, yes that's exactly what it felt like! 

I keep seeing the period Dec 21 2012 - Jun 21 2014. They are showing it to me like two bookends, labelling this time period "Phase I". I will write more on that in the coming days once I feel healthy again, but for now if you feel you've been slam dunked in the last few days (or last 18 months) know you are not alone! 

I am being shown that scene from the matrix where Neo is seemingly killed and Trinity is talking to him reminding him who he is. She says: "now get up!" That's when he realises he no longer has to dodge the bullets, the bullets aren't even real. He gets up. 

So, from the great Trinity, whoever and whatever that is to you: remember you are one of the ones.


RonDP 23rd June 2014 1:05 pm


Glad your flu is going.

Corkscrew eruption seemed to impact me. I tried running circular light around my body. Now I'm even more corkscrewed. We'll, tingly sensitive and alert.

Funny how I trust your inner voice . . . before my own.

Adore your flow and perspectives.


COBALT 23rd June 2014 1:27 pm

Read Karen Bishop's post...

ShelleyT 23rd June 2014 8:03 pm

Lest we forget mercury retrograde...


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