Solar Carwash

So much for our solar flare break! Sunspot 2205 has come around the bend into view with a strong M class solar flare a couple of hours ago - not quite X class but close.

That is the 5th M class from that spot in just over 24 hours, so it seems he's playing tag team with his brother Sunspot AR2192 who is still on the non-visible side of the Sun doing whatever he is doing, unseen by us. (Yet felt on some level!).

The flares of the last 24 hours have felt very different to the ones of the past few weeks. We've been through quite a wash, spin and rinse cycle (and repeat), while today I've felt very clear, energised and focused. 

We're integrating the multiple realisations we've experienced recently, and I'd like to think this sunspot is coming in to support that...kind of like the Polish part of a carwash cycle! Here's hoping.....!!

Update: #Solar Flares and feeling tired

Just when I think, "I need to take a break from writing about #SolarFlares, everyone must be tired of hearing about them" there are more strong ones, and the energy is just too big not to write about it!

We're at 8 M Class Solar Flares this week from Sunspot 2205, that's 2 a day! And just when I thought' oh wow this one is different, I feel so energised!' - I could barely keep my eyes open this afternoon for about 30 minutes! I felt like someone had given me a drowsy sleeping pill. I had a look online and yep, sure enough, there was an M Flare in progress.

It is easier to have energetic work done on us when we are asleep or very relaxed, so don't feel bad about yourself if you are getting waves of extreme tiredness! We can't necessarily have a nap right when we need to, but if you get that tired wave, and are able to surrender to it by slowing down even if just for half an hour or so, it will help your energy do what it needs to do in response to the incoming energy. Otherwise, any energetic shifting that needs to happen will happen when you are asleep later on and that's great - it just means the tired/drowsy feeling may stay with you longer until that flare's energy is done with you. Hope you are all travelling well x


spiritdiver 6th November 2014 9:37 am

Hi Dana,

Thank you. Both my son and I were completely zapped of energy last night. We could not move and also so achey! We bothhad two baths within 4 hours and still feeling weak and achey. I bet the Full Moon early this morning, being illuminated by the Sun during this solar activity, is adding to it. As far as focused, that is also what the Full can do. It has the potential with awareness to send us moving forward into greater alignment in the next cycle. Seems the flares are working beautifully in synchronicity. Appreciate your encouraging words of reflection, that although uncomfortable or challenging in present.. be accepting and greatful to the new energy coming in. It is of course afterall, ever moving to a divine purpose and to plan.

Micho 6th November 2014 2:25 pm

Hi Dana
Please don't stop writing about the it - your posts about current solar flares and sunspots help keeping me sane during these energetic roller coasters :)
It's just such a relief to hear other people talk about them.

So your posts are MUCH appreciated, just wanted you to know :)

- Micho

Don11 10th November 2014 6:57 am

Hi Micho,

Thank you! I love writing about them, and it is always great to hear that people resonate and feel supported by the posts :)

Love Dana x

Don11 10th November 2014 7:00 am

Hi Spiritdiver,

Thanks for sharing...lovely image of Sun and Moon working together for us:)

Love Dana x


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