Solar Eclipse Sail Adjustments

It's about 18 hours since the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo (20 degrees for those who know their chart) but its influence can still be felt today, and even throughout this week.

Eclipses tend to accelerate growth, lifting you up from one situation/perspective, and setting you down in another. They are often connected to life-changing events where it may not be clear immediately as to how life-changing something is, but look to 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months from this date for what unfolds. 

They heighten emotions, and trigger issues needing to be released/cleared/healed/transformed. They can bring someone into your life unexpectedly who will play an important role for you, and they can take someone out just as fast.

Eclipses often have a sense of destiny around them, and you can be sure that anything major that happens on or near an Eclipse is in a way 'written in the stars', and connected to some necessary breakthrough moment for you. So pay attention to any "a-ha" moments or new insights/awarenesses that are coming to you right now. The Eclipse is like a wind adjusting your sails, making course-corrections for you and facilitating necessary upgrades.

They aren't always easy, in fact they can be downright traumatic, so if you are going through a challenging time lots of love to you. They can also generate absolutely amazing life shifts and if that's the case for you, woohoo and congratulations! 

Your immediate environment at home or work could have a zhoozy, chaotic kind of feeling as not only are we in the aftermath of the Solar Eclipse, but we are now in the 2 week window leading up to the Lunar Eclipse. This is on top of the huge energy waves discussed in last week's posts, that are still here and only increasing. Try to be mindful of this for yourself and others. Exercise patience and compassion where you can, realise that someone might be going through something you aren't aware of, and go gentle on your own self. Listen to your body, heart and intuition more than ever.

How are you all going? x


Deeni 14th September 2015 8:39 am

Thank You, Dana.

The intensity of the recent Lunar/Solar/Energy Wave activity had me feeling as though I was plugged into a wall socket.

Much deep breathing has gotten me through it, overall though, I am feeling quite Peaceful.

I know big changes are coming in my Life, as created by My Self, hence the ramped up processing of Energy. The feeling is of overwhelming wonderfulness, and it feels as though it is just around the proverbial corner.

Embrace this Life. Every now moment, cherish it. The perma-smile is glued to my face, and felt deep within.


Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )


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