Solar Flares Injecting Bonus Energy

With 7 M Class Solar Flares over the past few days and 1 X Class in recent hours, no matter the kind of week you have had I'm sure it has been an energised one!

For some of you that may mean lots of physical energy and mental clarity. For others it means just the opposite, and that is because these flares act as a kind of 're-wiring you exactly in the way you need' influence. If you need rest, they try to get you to rest, so you are going to feel lethargic. If it is time to act, they will give you that booster shot of motivation and inspiration you need.

It is also common to feel a mixture of the two: that is, a lot of adrenal action pumping through you, while the mind is feeling unable to focus or concentrate or anything. This is usually a good sign to just slow down and take one hour/minute at a time. Sitting down for a few minutes as you focus on your breath going in and out works miracles when it comes to regaining a sense of balance.

Flares are also emotional clearing machines - old anger/grief/issues can arise out of nowhere for the purpose of being addressed and transmuted. Ask that if these feelings are not yours, or if they no longer serve you, to please leave and go to where they now belong.

There is a momentum this year unlike any other year before. We are all being urged forward to step it up a level. So for some people this means looking at issues that you've never looked at before. For others it means gaining clearer, deeper insights into stuff you have looked at a hundred times! This year we are being called to embody all that we have learned about ourselves, and this can mean owning our power, taking action around that dream, or just living a simpler, healthier life moment by moment.

Solar and astrological influences inject bonus energy into these already powerful waves, and there are a host of them playing their role right now! From the Sun flaring away, to the upcoming March 16/17 Uranus/Pluto square - the final one in a series of 7 that have been occuring since 2012, to the huge 20/21 March Solar Eclipse Equinox!!

All of these alone = massive inner and outer transformation. Together they are making March be yet another pivotal month in what is a pivotal year. It is sending us all in the direction we all most need to go in, in order to live a life that feels most true to our Soul's highest calling, truth and purpose.

How are you all feeling?


Rainbow Princess 15th March 2015 8:51 am

Thanks Dana!

Always enjoy your messages. Yes, really feeling this, was really energised last week - now, really tired and needing lots of rest! so once again listening to what my body wants/needs.


bettina 16th March 2015 4:59 am

Thanks, Dana--
Yesterday (3.15) I was a little out of sorts physically--a little wobbly. My heart was doing occasional expansion/strengthening the muscle to unfold and encompass more by Atrial Premature Contractions (or APC's) and I would feel at times surges of static energy through my body that had me feeling at times queazy, energized, unsteady..only for brief seconds. I did have a emotions bubbling up for those who are no longer in my life, by death or in life and let a few tears shed.

Needless to say, I took it easy and didn't push to accomplish anything. I focused on the moments to understand what was taking place and checking in for ownership and release. :)

Today,and as I'm typing this, I am feeling balanced and 'ready'.


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