Solar Flares: Loving the swell!

Ah Sun, how I love you. Whenever I get a sudden rush of energy wanting to be expressed outward after a long time of feeling quite reflective I always look to see what the Sun is doing. I've been seeing quite low solar activity in the past few days, meanwhile the energy down here is all good to go go!

Finally here they are, two M Flares in the past 12 hours and likely more to come. When surfing these energy waves the solar flares add - and often create - a bigger swell. Right now, in this early new year energy, use this swell to generate your forward momentum.

- Dream Big (for your own life and the world!). 

- Write in your journal or make lists - I find that getting things out on paper helps to really get clarity as to what is a priority for you, and provides the 'how' regarding way forward. 

- Meditate to know what feeling connected feels like, and then take that feeling with you into your day.

How are you all feeling in this new year?



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