The Age of Transparency

There is SO much happening energy wise right now I hardly know where to start.

Firstly, there is a LOT of healing happening within us and between us right now. Really, healing doesn't even feel like the right word. More so we are receiving 'perspective adjustments and corrections' allowing us to say "Ohhhhh" and "Aaaahhh", "Now I see! Now I understand! Now I get it!" And this feels like healing because suddenly the heart doesn't feel so tight. Our tension connected to something, or someone, softens. We are feeling love, compassion, forgiveness or even a neutral 'live and let live' for situations that may have pained us for years or eons. And this feels...liberating. It can also feel very emotional, so you may want to cry. So, cry.

We may not even consciously or mentally comprehend why we suddenly feel 'softer' or 'different'. We just do. Many of you may be having healing interactions in your dreams or real life reality with people from your past or present, allowing a final closure or new opening, allowing old dense energy to leave, allowing space for more of a lighter heart energy. Allowing space for more love. Allowing space for more of who you really are - more of who you always were.

You may not be aware of what is going on in your night time travels, but find yourself waking up feeling different, feeling warm or like something has happened, you just can't remember what. Your body remembers, your cells remember, your energy remembers. Your conscious self will remember whatever it needs to, when it needs to. You might even like to have that as a little affirrmation "I remember what I need to, when I need to."

Old covers that have been over our eyes and our hearts for years, or actually more like thousands of years, are being flung off faster than you can say 'Veil'. Today I referred to these times as the 'Age of Transparency'. A combination of energetic and technological evolution means that we can now see everything, and everyone, including ourselves, more clearly (the good, the bad and the ugly). Energy waves revealing more of our light and our shadow daily, hackers and whistleblowers revealing secrets, truthseekers seeking and revealing truth.

Speaking of revelations, the word Apocalypse is often associated with this time of Revelations. This word is from the Greek and Latin words meaning 'lifting of the veils', 'that which was hidden to be revealed'. So for those out there waiting for the Apocalypse, we're in it right now - thank God, thank Gaia! And (so far) it isn't this one big event, it is a series of waves. Huge, huge waves. Only unlike that ridiculous 2012 movie, they aren't water waves, they are energy waves.

Sometimes they are really soft and gentle, feeling like warm, soothing balm washing over our weary hearts and souls. Other times they are like a mack track, wooshka, slamming into us, awakening any remaining parts of us that had been hitting the snooze button one too many times. Some waves trigger memory, other waves are pressing "GO" on your creativity, passion and purpose.

Somewhat like labour, some waves are more intense than others. Sometimes they come all on top of each other, and we find ourselves receiving a quantum leap to some new awareness, direction or destination. At other times we are given a bit of a break, a rest, a reprieve, a time to integrate and embody our most recent shift within the multiple shifts we are all going through.

Embody is a key word here:

What are you feeling called to do more of, and less of?

What are you being called toward, and away from?

What and who do you want to have around you (and what/who do you not)?

What foods is your body asking you to eat? What are you being asked to let go of.

These waves aren't just here so that we can ask 'when are the waves over already?' They are the waves we have read about, talked about, wished for and asked for, for a looooong time! They are here to help us, so let them help you. Use them to ride forward into the highest possible version of yourself, the version that is here to play a part in creating the best highest possible version of reality for humanity and our planet.

How are you feeling? Do you feel a shift in your heart related to yourself and others? Have you had any profound healing moments or re-connections (dream or real life) lately?


Mermaid Deb 10th September 2015 10:52 am

Hi Dana, I think this explains why I slept from last Thursday through yesterday. I could not stay awake. Just kept going back to bed. Had many clear dreams that I am unable to remember. Thank you for sharing this ride with us.
Golden Love and Light,
Mermaid Deb

Deeni 10th September 2015 4:34 pm

Thank You, Dana.

So good to hear from you once again.

I recently had a dream, like I was downloading a list of quite lengthy web addresses, and I instinctively got from it that each address represented someone I would be helping in the future. There were so many, they just kept scrolling and scrolling, until the dream ended. Each one had an image affixed to the left as well, but they were scrolling so fast I couldn't make any of them out. I have also had Spirit approach me on 2 occasions to pass messages on to people who resonated with the information I passed along.

It is such an AWESOME feeling to connect with Spirit in that way, I usually end up in tears, as the bliss is overwhelming. What is really cool, is that the recipients of the message didn't look at me like I was scooters, they listened, they are applying the information given, and their lives are improving due to it.


All of my Life I have felt like such an outcast, and now I feel like I am finally Home.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

MustangEllie 10th September 2015 7:13 pm

Hi Dana, as always, your words ring true...I actually woke up at 4:32 this morning in tears and anxious. I don't remember a dream or nightmare, but I could NOT fall back to sleep. My mind was filled with numerous sad thoughts. I finally asked God and archangels Michael, Raphael,and Gabriel (who I feel closest to) to quiet my mind and mute whatever triggered my sadness. They did, and I probably fell back asleep around 6:00 and slept until 9:00. I did wake up feeling a little down, but okay. I have been going back and forth from love and hate of a certain individual in my life, and I felt like something brought me to a place of better understanding and healing. I felt like the angels just kept saying, "not now." I have been listening, but I'm unsure what triggered the emotions in my sleep. I guess the fact that I don't remember is probably God protecting me... Thank you so much for your insights, and God bless.


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