The Date Is Upon Us!

Well it's upon us, the much awaited December 21 heralding the end of a cycle of time and the beginning of a new one. To the Mayans and other indigenous cultures, each cycle carries its own unique energy so as we enter this new cycle it is about more than just flicking the calendar page over to start again. We are entering a new era and a new level of consciousness.

Over the days of December 21, 22 and 23 consider taking some time to be in a sacred space. Whether you take a moment each of those days to give thanks for your life, health, friends, family and the life we have here on Earth, or whether you dedicate the whole of the three days to sacred ceremony, or fun and joy, is totally up to you. Do what you feel in your heart to do.

As much as possible be conscious of your thoughts over those days. Pay special attention to any messages or insights that pop up strongly within you. Visualise the world you would like to live in, and the world you would like your children and grandchildren to have. Feel the love that is here to be felt. Take it in and extend it to others. Carry a notebook with you to jot down things that come to you: ideas, insights, things that are calling for your action in 2013.

As millions gather in their own way all over the world during these sacred days our collective energy is amplified. The more love that is put into the mix the better. Our family will be in a sacred space over the three days, holding ceremony and celebrating this special, special time. Whatever you choose to do, we wish you and yours a beautiful and wonderful cycle end and cycle beginning. Let us know here what your plans are!

Love from Dana, Christian and Jaxon xox


COBALT 20th December 2012 8:56 am


Eyewitness 20th December 2012 11:05 am

There are those of us among you who have nothing you might consider valuable to human experience. We exist in bodies without 'health'. Plagued with panic attacks and phobias that ruin every waking moment for us. With bodies that hurt and minds that constantly torment, we have no 'friends' or 'family'. We have no hope or joy, no choices and no 'life'. There is no money and certainly no love. We spend every moment searching desperately for a truth that never reveals itself, trying to heal ourselves and the world through meditation and prayer, ritual and by moving energies. We have nothing to lose and everything to give. We are the ones for whom nothing works. Intentions, affirmations, creations, visualizations, meditations all fall on deaf ears. There are no spirit guides or pathways, just more emptiness in the midst of great promises from people like yourself. Yet we are here to assist you in your ascention to consciousness. Please remember those of us with no reason to live when you ascend. Reach back and extend your loving smile to us in that moment that we might know He is Risen.

tuttifruttee 20th December 2012 4:20 pm

Wish i could use this artistik thing... Sing for people...give hope and joy and happiness doing lot of people with the same wishes, wanting to share with others ...go and help other communities in need. Try to Give smiles and hope to others then I would be the happiest woman in the world :smitten:

Conni99 20th December 2012 7:20 pm

Eyewitness, if you believe what you wrote, then that is truly your reality. I for one USED to feel like you feel, but I changed my attitude. I had to, or it was going to kill me. I do not want to feel sorry for you, because it takes power away from you and me. You are stronger than you can imagine. You can change how you feel if you want to. You have no reason to live? YOU ARE STILL ALIVE! You have EVERY reason to live. You were put here for a reason; if you decide to end it all, then you will have to come back and do it all over again, only it will be worse than it is now. Happiness is a choice. Read up on Victor Frankl. He was in a concentration camp during WWII. He lost most of his family and friends to the Nazis, yet he was happy all the time. He gave hope and strength to his fellow inmates, he helped others to live during that awful time. With his attitude, he also lived. You have a choice. Choose happiness! I'm rooting for you my friend! :)

zorro 20th December 2012 8:23 pm

Each Line a rearrangement of the exact letters in:


Anode Suits Up
Update Is Onus
Op Said Tune Us
Tone Aids Us Up
Updates - Ion Us
Up Us – Sedation
Adieu - Sun Spot
Stupendous – I A
Sun - Date Pious
Said “Tuneup”, So
Oust Idea Spun
“Utopian’s Dues”
“Pain” – “Dues” – Oust
Pseudo Suit! - An
Audit Opens Us
Undue Ape suits
Undo! Tap Issue
A Sound Ties Up
Sad Eon Suit Up!
Paused Into Us
Astound - Use Pi
Poise Daunt Us
Used Psi Unto A
Pianos Duet - Us
Poet Unsaid - Us
Unused -I Stop A
Id Soup – Unseat!
Atop Is Unused
Tis A Sunup – Ode
A United Ops, Us!
Aeon - Dust Is Up!

rachelsnyder 21st December 2012 7:57 am

Eyewitness, my hand, my heart, and my smile reach out to you.

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