The Shadow Lands

How are you all feeling? 

The US election result has released a tsunami of emotions within millions of people: shock, sadness, grief, joy, elation, relief, fear, anger, powerlessness, liberation. And because emotions are deeply personal, regardless of the external trigger, every emotion is connected to a personal memory or belief, and dredges up like memories and beliefs. So you think you're crying about this thing or angry about that thing but if the emotion is intense, then around 90% of it is related to pain, wounds or beliefs that have their roots in the past, which are seeking to be healed in the present. 

It has triggered the need to step up, speak out, and act with more focus, intention and compassion. It has opened our ears and eyes, stretching us, making us aware of more than we were, asking us to understand more than we did. 

This tsunami can feel overwhelming because not only are you feeling what you're feeling, you are also likely feeling what others are feeling. Even if they are on the other side of the world. Even if they are on the other side of the political divide. Because energetically, we actually are all in this together. Like, literally. Our human bodies make it look like we are all different, and separate and divided, when in fact for the most part, we are more similar, more united and from the same one energy source, more than we consciously realise. 

And on top of that there was a supermoon full moon, because that's exactly what we need, more emotional triggers! 

This full moon was in Taurus, opposite Scorpio and it's really that Plutonic Scorpio energy that has us all scuba diving right now into the depths of our inner shadow world, and into the deepest, darkest corners of the country's shadow. The shadow is that part of us, that part of life that we don't want to see. It feels too ugly, too uncomfortable, too difficult to deal with. But we signed up for wholeness, we signed up for unity. We didn't come here to hum along, pretending our carpet is clean when there's pain underneath. We didn't come here to keep the curtain closed, to ignore or avoid that which we have no idea what to do with. 

So, crises happen to help everything come up and out, to the surface, to be seen, felt, known, acknowledged, healed and transformed. It doesn't mean we took a wrong turn or that there's been a mistake in the cosmic plan. 

Imagine an annual extended family dinner where everyone has done the whole pretending thing for years. Pretending they like Uncle Roger. Pretending their marriage is fine. Pretending their life is all fancy cutlery and big houses when they are up to their eyeballs in debt. Then one year, Aunt Minny, who knows all the secrets, and is tired of the annual charade, decides she's had enough. During lunch she starts letting it all out, all the secrets, all the shame everyone holds, all the skeletons. And everyone is mortified. But to everyone's surprise it opens the door to healing. Everyone feels relieved. They weren't the only ones having troubles or struggling or hurting. They start talking, really talking. Not just gossip or weather, but real, raw, open, honest, vulnerable communication. 

And that's where we are at. Blame and judgement will get us nowhere while we're in the Shadow Lands. Taking time to understand "Why do you feel that?" And "Why do I feel this?" might teach us something. 

Don't be afraid of seeing the shadow, yours or someone else's. And allow yourself to see light in places you didn't expect or where you were convinced it didn't exist.


Toni 16th November 2016 7:33 pm

Everything in the DNA (huh, add an A & we got DANA) going back to day dot for the organism that is this humanity is leveling up its truth. Energy of dna past goes round in circles of reincarnation & ill usion rather than the immortal spiral of truth. People or cells that cannot evolve keep recycling themselves back in at the same level, like every game, until they can become vulnerable enough to evolve.

Vulnerable communication, as you say, is indeed the key to unlocking the feminine balance to this masculine control deal. The feminine essence has nothing but love for a vulnerable heart. It’s not an easy thing for men I realize as they’ve been hardwired not to feel so it all gets expressed through the angry door… well its an improvement over denial I guess.

How am I feeling? Ok I would say, neutral to chaos it seems, no emo hooks… like water off a ducks back, yet the synchronicity when I venture out is most interesting & joyous. I am synchronized to the second now rather than the minute it seems. SOK…so the youngins say.

Hugs :thumbs:

Liza Elliott 16th November 2016 7:40 pm

Thank you, Dana, for a wonderful article! We ARE all in this together!

In the United States it's always "God Bless America". It's time we say, "God Bless the World".

May We ALL find ways to find Love and compassion for the parts of us that are fearful and in need of comfort.

Love, Light, Peace and Blessings to ALL.


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