The Shadow Side of Awakening

There are so many different aspects to awakening. There's awakening to your soul, to other dimensions, to a more conscious way of looking at your self and life. Then there's awakening to what's going on in the world, uncovering the world as run by the global elite, a world where they use the many for the benefit of a few. And a lot of people know this generally, but maybe aren't so aware of the specifics, like say the global, elite-level, trafficking and abuse of children, the degree to which mind control and blackmail is used to control public figures, the degree to which the media is suppressed and scripted, the false flag events and manufactured wars created for specific purposes. 

I used to think that as long as people were awakening to the former, they'd eventually be guided to info that would awaken them to the latter. But that's not necessarily true. What I've been seeing a lot of over the past year is a massive amount of people being incredibly awake in one way, but totally unaware in other ways. And that's part of the evolutionary growth process really. None of us are completely awake and aware in every area but we are living in times that are definitely calling us to step up and stretch our awakening selves into those arenas that have remained in the shadows. 

This push to acknowledge our shadow, both personal and collective, is part of the overall shift process we are all experiencing right now. It isn't pretty, it can be really emotionally tough, but we have to go there if we want to truly thrive and function at our optimum states personally, socially and collectively. Why? Because that which we don't see, or don't want to see, influences us without our knowing. It's like driving around with a parking brake and thinking that's the normal speed of your car. Or being excited that life gives you three doors to choose from every day, only later realising that there were actually 100 doors, only 97 were hidden from you. 

There is also an inner push happening to own our power. Our personal and collective power has been in the shadow, and initially it can be unsettling to start having to own it. The transition phase into new ways (from life changes personally to shifting family and relationship dynamics to changes in politics/banking/media/corporations/health/education/sustainability/you name it) stemming from our reclaimed inner power can be, and will be, a bumpy ride. But better a bumpy ride to a good destination, than the illusion of a smooth road built on a false foundation or sinking swamp. 

More truths and revelations than ever are coming out this year, and this is only going to increase. This is excellent news, it is empowering and liberating. But a heads up, it can also make you fall into bouts of depression, overwhelm and despair. As disturbing as it all is though, even worse would be to continue living in this shadow unaware. The heaviness you may be feeling this year is related to the increased awareness of the denser energies that have always been there, only not in your conscious awareness. It is a balancing act to learn how to be in the process of awakening to those energies, while not letting yourself be sucked into their vortex. When it gets too much think of yourself as a candle or torch that is lit in a dark room. Darkness can feel all encompassing, but light is always more powerful no matter how small. Keep your eyes and ears open to the truth, while keeping your focus, energy and attention on the strength and power of that strong inner light that guides you, that IS you. Ask your inner light, your heart, your soul, to guide you on your best possible path, to do what can be of the most good, for you, for those around you and for the world. 

2017 so far has been relentless. When things get too much, remember to close your eyes and breathe. Focus on those you love. Focus on what is good in your life. Go to the beach, go for a walk, cook a lovely meal. Give thanks for all you have. Immerse in some inspiring words or music. Take care of your self in a good way, and let that be the springboard from which all else follows.


GAF 27th April 2017 3:17 pm

Yes, my fellow Original Forerunner and I have been observing that the "information" / "truther" types and the "enlightenment" / lightworker types are starting to cross-pollinate. I sense the info folks are ready to embrace the enlightenment, but frankly, I'm crossing my fingers on the enlightenment folk actually embracing the truth of the mundane world. Facing the darkness, the shadows, most especially how that has been programmed into themselves seems to be like pulling teeth with many lightworkers.

Yep, one needs to face the TRUTH of both the Divine and the Mundane as part of their healing and ascension process.

For those of you who haven't learned much about the mundane world, the global cabal and their disempowering programs, etc., this may be a good place to start:

Lorelei63 27th April 2017 8:57 pm

Wow, fabulous writing and insights! Thank you so much for writing this thought-provoking piece, and for being such a force for Awakening and Understanding during a difficult time of transition here on Planet Earth. It is sometimes VERY hard to deal with and accept the bumpy ride, and to keep going, no matter how stellar the destination will eventually be.

Lorelei63 27th April 2017 8:57 pm

Wow, fabulous writing and insights! Thank you so much for writing this thought-provoking piece, and for being such a force for Awakening and Understanding during a difficult time of transition here on Planet Earth. It is sometimes VERY hard to deal with and accept the bumpy ride, and to keep going, no matter how stellar the destination will eventually be.

Heartfelt courage 28th April 2017 7:54 am

It is well known that10 people making tons of robo calls got a well known commentator fired! My question was how do 5 women on a talk show get to malign
and talk trash about our President everyday? Question answered, thank y

Conni99 1st May 2017 1:28 pm

Did you feel when people trash-talked Obama that it was okay? I'm just curious.

IC2ITUC 1st May 2017 6:10 pm

The "Trash Talk" of our 1st Muslin President was WELL Deserved ( IMHO ) , "BUTT" ( where many of you "Libs" are - again IMHO) we shouldn't bring up Political Views here, should we ? ! :crazy2 :thumbs: NAMASTE

Rayofhelios 2nd May 2017 11:49 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

GAF 3rd May 2017 5:00 am

"Shall we face them? Ahh...we do already (scratching head....fumbling dumbly and confused)."

Rayofhelios, do YOU know about the global cabal? I find that most people who are not aware of the cabal and their tactics will see as problems what are really symptoms of the problems. The "shadow" things you listed are some of those symptoms, not really the "problem", not the cause.

If people, lightworkers included, don't understand how the cabal manipulates and programs people then people can end up feeding energy into the very thing they don't want, but they don't know they are doing so. So much for "working light" when one is unwittingly putting energy into the cabal's agenda.

GAF 3rd May 2017 5:14 am


And no, these things are not "natural" to humans, not "in their hearts". Nope. And you might think I'm being rather Pollyannaish but no, just being real. People are not all nasty by nature. All that crap "out there" is caused by ignorance and having one's creative energies hijacked by the global cabal to use towards their control agenda. And THAT is why one bothers to learn about the global cabal... so they can unplug from the disempowering programs.


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