The Sun's Field Flipped 11 Years Ago...Why Is This Time Any Different?

Judy has asked a great, and fair, question: "I read that it (the sun) flips every 11 years or so. I didn't notice anything the last time. why would this time be different?. 

My reply: From what I've experienced personally and through my work, and through the comments/experiences of others, even though there is nothing new about a Solar Magnetic Flip - which happens every 11 years - and there is nothing new about solar flares, what IS new is our increasing sensitivity to solar activities - part of our overall increasing sensitivity to ALL energy.

So these days, as the Sun goes through it's flares and flips and eruptions, we are feeling this in emotional, physical and energetic ways. I can't count how many times especially over the last couple of years I've just known "the sun just had a major flare" or someone has messaged me asking 'have we just had a flare?' and the answer is usually yes, a major one.

Certainly we were not having these types of conversations about solar activity during the flip 11 years ago - or at least not with millions of people participating in the conversation. Millions of people did not have the sort of sensitivity and awareness we are all experiencing now. We are electro-magnetic beings, and our technology is electro-magnetic - and just as our technology is affected by the Sun (as NASA attests) so are we.

Just looking at the increase in technology alone, and the amount of wifi and satellite energy in the air around us, we know that technological energy is affected after a flare, we see our computers, phones and gps etc acting erratically - so on even that level, we are being affected by that erratic technological energy as well as being directly affected by the solar activity. Were we being affected 11 years ago without realising it? Possibly we were. 

This solar effect is a positive one. I very much feel that it is one of many factors assisting our awakening process, helping us to become more aware, conscious beings.


keryndawer 19th November 2013 3:13 pm

Hi Dana, I have to agree. While I've always been highly sensitive (from infancy on) my awareness of this sensitivity and the acuity of my sensitivity has increased dramatically in the past 1-2 years. I seem to feel everything (especially solar activity) very physically in my body rather than simply emotionally. If I had not discovered Spirit Library and so many wise teachers and kindred spirits I would be convinced I was dying or losing my mind. I hope you will continue to provide the information on cosmic activity that you have been. Thank you :)

Truly and with Appreciation,

pat2000 19th November 2013 6:28 pm

Thanks, DANA! i feel this stuff and ohters think I'm crazy, but now I say it when I feel it.. same w/ earthquakes, etc. I hear what they used to call the Taos HUm, get 'vertigo' - as in looking down, my feet don't want to pick up and I go down on all 4s. hahaha. but my brain just goes _______. Anyway, that was quite the fall for me. Horse put down on 1st anniversasry of 9/11 , got a (used) new 4wd vhile. hahaha on 12/12 of htat year. AT the time, I forgot it was the date of Our Lady of Guatamala's feast day.. now she is called the Our Lady of the AMericas. And well, look at the new POPE .. t hings are changing - flippin' - in ways we never would have expected.. wow. love your info, as always.. keep it coming!

Cavalierkeeper 19th November 2013 7:17 pm

I agree with the first post. I, too, have been feeling so much energy surging through my body and with it comes intense hot flashes. I literally feel like electricity is running through my arms and legs. At times I have to just tell myself that this will pass in a few minutes. It's so overwhelming and if I didn't have your posts and Spirit Library to validate and educate me, I would believe I was going crazy. Thank you for helping me get through this very challenging time!

Don11 12th December 2013 7:47 am

Thanks Keryn!

Dana xo

Don11 12th December 2013 7:50 am

Hi Pat,

One of the many reasons I do what I do is so that others don't feel like they are crazy or losing their minds or all alone with what they are feeling. Thanks so much for writing in, am happy the posts help :)

Much love,

Dana xo


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