The Thanksgiving and Appreciation Comet

The ISON and Humanity Revival 

(Article posted on 30th november)

I am loving the analogy that has come to us thanks to the news on Space Weather today regarding Comet Ison's journey past the Sun. "Experts had made many predictions about what would happen to the comet, ranging from utter disintegration to glorious survival. No one predicted both." Yes! This is exactly what is happening to humanity now (including all of our systems and ways of being).

ISON appeared to disintegrate before the NASA cameras and now the NASA team are in an exited, dumbfounded tizzy because it has emerged "revived and rapidly brightening." Comet Ison has defied all expectations, and so will humanity! It looks like everything is falling apart but we will survive this turbulent transition period and more than that we will thrive and emerge stronger and brighter. We're going to make it!

The Thanksgiving and Appreciation Comet

Comet ISON is no longer, but its message stays with us. ISON behaved in a way that even the top NASA scientists couldn't predict, and showed us that one never really knows what life has in store. 

Impossible, magical miracles can and do occur, and people's worst fears unfold daily around the world. We are truly alive, and live life to the fullest, when we realise that both ends of the spectrum are possible. 

Due to its Nov 28 meeting with the Sun, ISON is forever associated with Thanksgiving yet it is also a reminder that thanksgiving and appreciation are two things to feel and focus on every day. 

Give thanks for the miracles you hope for, and appreciate the miracles that are already in your life today - there are more than you realise.



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