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The other day I received a lovely response from a client who has beautiful potential for helping others through her gifts of writing and coaching, but has been held back by a few things including lack of confidence, and high integrity, feeling she has no original ideas  "What is there that hasn't already been said'?

There are likely lots of you reading this today who might feel the same and so I wanted to share my reply: The world needs more like you, people with high integrity helping others. Yes it’s all been said before, but it all hasn’t been heard before by those who are seeking. Different people respond to different writers/coaches/teachers/healers etc in different ways, so for every person who feels the call to help or inspire, know that there are people out there waiting to be helped, inspired, encouraged and supported. 

This is not about encouraging dependency on those in the ‘personal growth’ business. We are living in times of empowering ourselves, and ideally we must first be encouraged to learn to look within for 'help' as our first port of call. However this doesn't mean we all pull in our ropes and have everyone fend for themselves like some sort of episode of Survivor. In between the two extremes of co-dependence and isolated independence is a healthy inter-dependence where we can all support each other in different ways.

There are many ways of supporting others if you feel called to do so, and the ‘personal growth’ field is just one of a myriad of paths a person can take in their decision as to what kind of work to do. The main thing I am seeing these days is people who are wanting their work to be more meaningful and fulfilling personally, and to make a positive contribution to the community and world. People are also wanting to feel free to express their creativity and other innate interests and talents, as part of their daily life not just as a sometimes hobby.

This is going to lead to the expansion of so many wonderful offerings: organic, local food, sustainable off-the-grid housing,  more health-and-environment conscious products.The arena of ‘consciousness is eventually no longer going to be relegated to that meditation you did this morning, or the workshop you are going to on the weekend.

Consciousness is driving every aspect of our life, and of society, right now, and even though we can still see lots of non-conscious behaviour and actions, we are also seeing a very rapid increase in the opposite: consciousness in action.So whatever you are feeling called to do, do it or at the least consider doing it. You may not have been ready before, the world may not have been ready before, but it is ready now and so are you.


ralu 17th October 2013 5:48 am

Dear Dana,

I'm enlightened since 2007.thing is that I've never read anything about it,or study other than a bit about every religion and literature and philosophy,or follow theachings(not in this lifetime).I simply came to the point of choosing wether to live or die,where I was mentally,physically kaputt but had this feeling,knowingness that I want to live,so I've chosen life.what happened next was that the process began naturally(awakening) and after 3 months time of allowing I became enlightened,met my soul,distilled experience and rebirthed.
over night my body had changed,I had made it to my still point and in that moment I woke up in a new space.
one of the things I became aware of was that I can't teach this,that all teachings were old,distorted,mental;that everyone will have this experience sooner or later,when their time has come and that they,like me will know what to do,rather allow this procees to unfold.
I was that brainwashed that I had erased all information of my mind,all I had learned and read,I had no perspective left,nowhere to escape or run to,I had made it to the

ralu 17th October 2013 5:59 am

I had made it to the void.I rebirthed out of NOTHING.Add love and that's the still point.
All I have been doing since was assist(silently)the teachers in clearing teachings.
But the greatest fear people encounter is that of being nothing,so teachers don't release themselves of this role,out of fear of loosing themselves.what happens is that they continued even after 21.12 to polute the minds of others with tones of information that is useless.useless because t doesn't guide poeple towards their still point,it keeps them busy in the mind as they process it,it keeps them away from stopping and allowing enlightment.
my boyfriend is the best example...I didn't teach him anything,my presence and his readyness got him home in record time,same with my best friend I assisted.
Meanwhile,all others are in the old space,thinking it's the new space,because they read,process,teach...there are lots of those reading these posts,sharing on facebook;I've noticed they post contradictory stuff,when they write it's nothing like what they post or affirm,they are all stuck in a "teaching space"...

ralu 17th October 2013 6:16 am

For me,experiencing the "following of teachings"on spirit library,was a period of total chaos and unclarity,mental knowing.that was in the beginning of my assisting years.
You guys need to stop,allow enlightment,make it to the still point where there's absolutely none of this,nothing and that's how you "help"(stupid human word)yourselves.others will follow.
instead,you keep teaching,people stay confused by all that is being written and noone IS.they only think they are and I've seen monsters being created by teachings,people being monstrous to wives and children in the name of enlightment and teachings...
It's done in silence...
trying to help is fearbased,lack of self trust,lack of enlightment.
Adamus Saint-Germain is an example of enlightened guidance,which most teachers deny because they think it's unorthodox...
also,the difference between the channeling and Geoff Hopes teachings is huge.same with all your teachings vs.enlightened guidance,that has another energy to it,that of the I AM
so,want to help?!stand still,stop,allow.
thank you! :smitt

LauriLumby 17th October 2013 8:33 am

The world is SOOOOO ready! I am grateful for the external situations (aka government shutdown, etc.) which are stirring people to wake listen to the longing in their heart for a better world and a better experience in this world. I am grateful and honored to be living in such a monumental time in history when we finally have the opportunity to choose love over fear, compassion over hate, acceptance over judgment. Thank you Dana for being one of those voices of truth!

Lauri Lumby

Naybird 17th October 2013 1:11 pm

Thank you Dana for this message.

Also to those who commented, thank you for teaching and sharing your experiences as well.


Sandra Smyre 17th October 2013 4:37 pm

Thank you Dana! So many people, so many ways to Enlightenment. Thank goodness for discernment--need I say more? :smitten:


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