We Are All Growing Together

Last week I featured a guest post on my blog, which created a storm of differing opinions. Here's what I know for sure: we cannot force anyone to change or grow, nor should we. Nor can anyone force us to change or grow!

Something I have always been averse to with this whole 'ascension' topic (a word I don't really use a lot), is this notion that a certain group of people at a certain level of growth are all the same, and different in every way to another group of people at another level of growth. Or that a group of people are suddenly all going to be lifted up into paradise and into a new earth that is perfect overnight leaving the rest behind to smoulder. This just isn't true, and I should add, doesn't feel true for me. Look, I might be wrong and if I am I am, but I can only write as I've always seen it and felt it personally.

More true, I feel, is that there are different levels of every aspect of consciousness and awareness co-existing within us all simultaneously. As an example, last week I opened up to a whole new level of clean eating, meanwhile thousands of people have been eating like this for years. I have gone countless times with my sister to the markets while she buys her coconut oil and chia seeds, but had no urge to follow suit. I have loved my carbs, even though I kept getting strong nudges to reduce or even stop them altogether for a while.

A series of very clear intuitive messages and validation with a blood test told me that my immune system needed attention asap. At the same time, three times that week I had seen an article in three different places talking about a recent scientific study that has shown that a 3 day water fast* re-sets your immune system. I needed no more prompting....I started it immediately the very next day....last Wed, Thurs and Fri, hence I have been quiet on here of late.

It has changed me, and I can feel it still changing me. (Last night I was seeing fluorescent lines and swirls along with a shimmering in our bedroom doorway, and yes I have resumed eating...mainly vegies and protein for now). I have HAD to upgrade my clean eating to a level that I just didn't feel I wanted or needed previously, and now I find myself standing in a field where there are thousands of people saying "Welcome, where have you been?!"

Meanwhile those same people might be opening up to new fields in other areas that they haven't previously felt called to visit be it a higher intuition or shadow governments or love or a million other possible topics and life areas.

So you might be standing in front of a loved one, shouting at them about this book or that lifestyle choice or that healing process: but they will not be able to hear you until they are ready. I was not ready for this style of eating before, but my future self pulled me up and clearly put me on a new train track for my own good, and I am grateful. Now that I am ready I can't get enough info and I am loving every moment of this new path!!

So really it is like we are standing in this giant circle that is made up of many circles. And we are really expert at some of those: if you want to know about energy and consciousness, come sit in my circle. Yet if I want to know a bit more about growing my own vegies or how to build a woodfire oven, I will go over and open to someone else's circle and learn from them.

We are headed in the right direction with our evolution, because these types of circles are expanding. Years ago they were very small with few people, but now there are millions gathering in each healthy lifestyle, socially/politically/environmentally/spiritually/etc awake and aware circle. That is a sign of our collective growth. That is a sign that we are collectively evolving. The circles are growing in size by the day.

It is not like school where you learned very specific topics on each level and so by the end everyone was roughly at the same level of knowledge. I can tell you what is going on with your energy field without even seeing you, but I don't know if I could light a fire with no matches or lighter and I would really like to know how to do that. Many people want to ascend...I want to descend! I arrived here connected to the universe....I want to connect with Mama Earth now.

Our next level of evolution I feel, is to embody a higher level of consciousness and awareness right here on Earth in our physical bodies, and incorporating that (eventually) into every system and structure on the planet. This is happening. It will happen on a grand scale. I wish it was going faster, but I am so happy to see and feel it is happening faster now than ever.

What are your thoughts? xx   * A water fast is not to be taken lightly, and is an extreme practice.  Please know the state of your health prior to attempting, and inform yourself on proper, safe fasting methods, including easeful entry and exit in and out of fast periods. Seek a qualified health practitioner's guidance if needed.


Homeostasis68 17th February 2015 11:00 am

I think it is very arrogant of people to say other people have to change. I work in conflict resolution, and no matter if we like the point of view the other person has or not, it is valid as much to them as our point of view is to us. This has to be respected. Who says there is one truth anyway? How do we now that spiritual growth is ultimately the way? Maybe it is important that some people stay put and don't grow. Who knows. Important is that we accept the other and can go beyond our mindset.

cyndy 17th February 2015 12:15 pm

There is no judgment in the new dimension. If judgement is coming out now , it is coming to the light and to conscious so it can be healed. We don't even need to judge the judgers, or ourselves when judging.
Food that is dense like sugar can slow down transformation. Everyone does it in their own way and time. The body is really wanting to support the soul now and it can do that through good nutrition.
This is ascension in a new way. For the first time on planet earth, first time for humankind that we can stay embodied to transform. We also ground down into the earth with our root. Hooking up to Earth Mother as she is directing the unplugging from the old operating system into the new operating system. This is the fusion of heaven and earth and as I see it we are the conduit.
In 2015 we now begin to (manifest) which is really materializing light. Thanks to Lightsmith for the words.
Each and every soul has it's own pace.
Take care of yourself and everyone swimming through your waters is affected.

gretchendreisbach 17th February 2015 3:24 pm

yes Thank you, there is no competition in Spirit. (I believe)

A person's personal frequency matches the vibration of the information and knowledge that they may resonate with.

No "better than" or "less than" -just different.

This goes for food intake as well. I believe that the vibration held in the food is equally important as its "nutrients".
To LOVE any thing before it is consumed, will transmute it to a high vibration and cleanse it of any unLoves.

The children have been demonstrating that what we thought of as nutrients are actually just another form of vibration.

I Honor my Body Temple as well as all of my other bodies because
I LOVE them all so much!

Fear vibration causes ill health I believe.
When I was cleansed of fear vibration I have no longer had any illness since the winter of 2009. GRATITUDE FOR LOVE ONLY LOVE! :)

I am interested to observe what is going to emerge and unfold with sports,
when the need for competition is complete...

Love to ALL from Gretchen Grace Dreisbach


anewsoulsong 17th February 2015 4:50 pm

I have spent many years disconnected form mainstream society and studying spiritual books, going to retreats etc. In the last few years I have been slowly integrating back into society, grounding myself and learning to find a healthy balance between my spiritual practice and living my day to day life.

I have found it so incredibly empowering to be able to anchor my spirit here on earth and to introduce those who have been living very grounded lives to their inner guidance and the spiritual world. They have taught me how to grow my business and budget etc.

We ARE bringing heaven to Earth and we are here to stand on our own two feet and spread our wings!

It is such a wonderful time~

gretchendreisbach 17th February 2015 7:11 pm

Dana Beloved,

The sugar and carbs and such only became "bad" when the collective or the individual held the belief and imprinted them as such.

It could just as easily be reversed by Loving projections.

It is the same with dear money energy, or any said "virus" or "germ".

Their energy imprint was created and could just as spontaneously be reversed
and restored to a fractal pattern of Wholeness.

(and everything else is an illusion) :)


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