Where is our Mass Awakening?

Someone posted on a forum the other day that the Connecticut shooting made them feel like there was no mass awakening going on, and in fact that things seemed worse than ever. Now, with only days to go before the date on which so many have pinned all their hopes and expectations for a ‘mass awakening’ it is important to get clear on how we define a mass awakening.

Our mass awakening does not mean that overnight we will go from the world that is as it is now, to a wonderful paradise. It cannot be. There has to be a bridge. Awakening allows us to see that bridge. It helps us to cross it. It even gifts us with a myriad of ideas, synchronicities, tools, resources, emotions and countless other things to ensure we have all we need to create something new. Awakening provides us with the ingredients – we decide what to do with that awakening.

Awakening allows one to see and feel clearly, to see and feel from a new, higher perspective. Awakening allows one’s life to be more guided by the heart, and less by the head. Awakening encourages one’s self to follow one’s own instincts and truth, rather than be negatively influenced by others. Awakening offers strength, courage and empowerment where perhaps before there was a lack of those things. Awakening, especially in its initial stages can trigger many things: inner peace like you’ve never felt before, sadness like you’ve never felt before, anger like you’ve never felt before, joy like you’ve never felt before.....you get the picture.

There is such a misconception out there that awakening is all about bliss and perfection and only bliss and perfection. While an awakened life opens you up to greater amounts of authentic happiness, there is nothing awakened about denying those aspects of reality – both within us and in our external world – that are uncomfortable to feel and face. They are powerful messengers. When we have the courage and the consciousness to truly feel and face these messengers, they have the potential to awaken us further and stir us toward conscious action and transformative change.

When the veil is lifted from eyes that were covered, from a heart that was hiding, from a soul that was in the shadows, the capacity for love is increased and the outpouring of grief and hurt after a tragic event is also increased. The outpouring of love, grief and hurt since the Connecticut shooting has been immense. The call for action to be taken on gun control and mental health is unprecedented in terms of both numbers of people, and the emotion that is driving those people. There have been so many events this year that have had unprecedented emotional responses from the masses of people that are, yes, awakening!

So I do see a mass awakening going on, and the wave is getting stronger, bigger and more intense every day. Although we are all feeling great sadness at this event and so many others, have you noticed that we are all also feeling great love? We know this because such united sadness would not be possible unless our hearts were opened to levels they had not been before, and connected in ways they were not before.

Is there a mass awakening occurring? Oh yes there is. This mass awakening includes tears and petitions and prayers. It includes love and grief and shock. So for all those waiting for a wave of love to descend on them that will make everything paradise like....we have had wave after wave of that love all year. More waves are coming in the coming days, weeks, months and years. The waves are helping us to create our Paradise, but they will not create our Paradise for us. They are rousing us out of our sleep, out of our apathy and denial. They are triggering us to face our truth – personal and collective. They are encouraging us to step into our power and do what needs to be done to create the world we all deserve. The waves will dredge up every last thing that needs to be healed and changed, until we heal and change it. It won’t always be pretty. It won’t always be easy. But now more and more of us in greater and deeper ways, no matter what events and experiences we find ourselves in or find ourselves observing, will feel the Love that is filling us, surrounding us, supporting us and guiding us. We will feel the Love that IS us and feel compelled to act accordingly in whatever small or large, silent or vocal, personal or communal way that feels most right to us. It all contributes to our new world.


Neil 17th December 2012 7:59 am

I am trying so hard to believe in all this, but I simply cannot connect at all. I find it impossible to ignore the pain and suffering families and friends and kind hearted people feel of the loss of little April Jones in the UK and the recent school shootings in the US to name just 2 incidents.

Rather than a Mass Enlightenment I would prefer to see Gun Laws enforced that would greatly reduce the risk of this continually happening, and a forum whereby people can make the authorities aware of the strange loners, that all these mass killers appear to be, everyone knew they were a ticking timebomb, but human rights activists stop you saying anything.

When you see and hear about the little angels all killed by a evil man, you can see the angels are all ready enlightened...it is the way certain elements of mankind develops that changes everything. If there was more innocence on the planet...ie less corruption from self centred people and businesses, and that is the major reason for the pain the earth and its people are suffering, mankind would already be enlightenend.

ToTwoTOo 17th December 2012 9:24 am

I would not say there isn't a mass awakening or that there won't be. In reviewing information about the CT event, I had a very brief "window" in which to "see" a VERY real and valid perspective. I tried a few times to create a sentence (put it into words and terms) but for some reason, I am having a hard time expressing that which I did see.

I'll give the few pieces that gave me the correct vision / few:

1. "illusion"
2. "psychosis"

I suddenly understood something about psychosis that I previously had not. I also understood something about illusion that I previously had not.

Consider James Holmes ("movie theater shooter"). There has been a connection made between the fathers of Adam (school shooter) and James (movie theater shooter) - the men are said to be set to testify in the same event (regarding banking). That the men are connected in this way (both of their sons, homicidal) - my mind went into MEDIA THINKING.

Which made me think of media and mediums (live feed, live wire - live feed energies) and then, aha - I saw it.

It might sound like rambling, but I'm onto it.

ToTwoTOo 17th December 2012 9:30 am

There is a psychological "disorder" where people feel like they're IN a movie. I myself have experienced it. It can be a "real trip" - a trip to a psyche ward.

An energy that distorts the mind's perceptions. A blending of a person's INNER world with the OUTER world, at the same time.

The power of observation. I know from experience that being observed and the FEELING and PERCEPTION of being observed alters my everything: thoughts, feelings, behavior, attention, focus.

We can and do SHIFT, "rapidly". Sometimes we get transfixed, stuck (or, like a "trance medium").

Lots of free-flow thought here, coming from me - might seem real choppy. Like I said, I haven't been able yet to form the correct sentence. I'm working on it.

The correct sentence is very much like "the magic words" which, when spoken, read or communicated - will have the power and ability to shift the mind and VIEW / vision / perspective.

I don't understand the PATTERN of "school shootings" but seems "school" is meant to "teach" something. When we figure it out, MIND will shift ... greater understanding.

ToTwoTOo 17th December 2012 9:31 am

comment #2 typo correction: I'll give the few pieces that gave me the correct vision / VIEW

ToTwoTOo 17th December 2012 9:42 am

Sorry, really I am, for "spamming" the comments section.

Movie: The Matrix

LOTS of people use the word "matrix". They BELIEVE something about a "matrix". I have long thought that the movie had a real psychological impact on a lot of people. I think: unplug.

Then I think of Poltergeist. The girl gets "sucked into and trapped in" the TV. I think this is literal, that people's minds are actually "sucked into" and "lost" within the electro-magnetics of TV and even the internet.

I stopped watching TV and movies, many years ago - because it was detrimental to my mind.

My mind has synchronized with my computer. When I am in that "live-wire" mode, all I have to do is simply LOOK at the computer and it comes out of sleep-mode. My computer also seems to be CONSCIOUSLY trying to get my attention. Then of course, there is the phenomenon with lights and street lights. ENERGY, and energy seems to have it's own intelligent CONSCIOUSNESS.

In conclusion, I think "awakening" greatly depends on DIS-CONNECT-ING from electro-magnetic sources.

Connect-icut (cut the connection, live-wire)

criggan 17th December 2012 10:31 am

This is a atrocious tragedy but is meant as an Awakening. We have power to devolve into fear and hopelessness or Awaken to our Divine Power to change the forces at work here. Use your time, energy, and Divine Power to send Holy Healing, Forgiveness, Grace, Compassion, Nercy and Divine Love to all that this touches. This Light will serve to Awaken all around the world to the darkness of fear, hatred, and revenge.We have immense power to direct energy. Use this wisely.

Eyewitness 17th December 2012 10:31 am

I grow so weary of hearing about how the mass awakening will include lots and lots of horrible suffering. To my understanding enlightenment is about having waves of skakti energy wash over you and completely erase your false sense of being with the truth. The awakening is about bliss... it is not about trying to fix gun laws. No more excuses please. I suspect The Univerwse could care less about human suffering. All we get are more convoluted explanations and empty promises. I will expect a full refund when all this is over.

irisamber 17th December 2012 10:47 am

The mass awakening is evident in the response to the tragedy. I was amazed at the words used by all of the interfaith ministers, the governor, the mayor and the president, when they spoke at the memorial last night. "We are all together", "these children are our children", 'love of God', 'union of all'', right now comes to mind. The awakening of more hearts is very evident to me; I feel it inside, my heart is larger and softer; and so are a lot of people's. It is often in tragedies that our humanity, or heart, our divinity awakens. I had a very good friend, a psychic, who has since passed away, and I remember asking her about about a plane crash, where quite a few children and young people had perished. Her response has stayed with me, and I think about it whenever seeming tragedy strikes. She said to me, "All of them are greeted by a great welcoming committe. They have sacrificed their lives for the awakening of humanity. All the angels of heaven await them. " Until more hearts open, we seem to need horrible attacks on the innocent to remind us of our connection to each other.

KellyRae 17th December 2012 11:20 am

Dana, thank you for sharing. I couldn't agree more with what you posted. With so much fear, unresolved issues and perhaps even unrealistic expectations (Expecting Paradise on 12/21, or expecting the change in leadership to save all the country's trouble), NOW would be a great time to take moments (preferrably more) out of our daily lives and redirect our thoughts. We become so entrenched in our daily lives and thoughts that they become so automatic. So much so that we may not be aware of what we are really thinking. It would seem NOW is as good a time as any to pause....disconnect......breathe......and lighten our load of expectations. With so much going on and old patterns still being changed, it's easy to only see things as horrific rather than as you stated an outpouring of collective love as a result of horrific tragedies. Yes, these are definitely trying times to say the least, but wonderful times as well.

grammanet 17th December 2012 11:51 am

Dana is right. There is more coming-much more! This is what we choose before we incarnated into this lifetime. We all knew there would be a shift-a major shift in our consciousness that not only changes the earth as we know it but also changes humanity!

The POWER of LOVE will conguer the love of power as we move into the LOVE frequency. No two paths are the same-we each have our own work to do so that we can all arrive at the same destination.

Excerpt from The Kingdom of Heaven within The Holy Book of The Great Invisible Spirit
"You will start to notice if you haven't already, new people coming into your life right now. The same is also happening with people leaving your life-some who have made the choice not to be here during "The Shift" on this planet possibly for a higher calling or perhaps souls moving in another direction-divinely guided by their own angels. It is a sad and sorrowful time when our loves ones chose to depart. It is never easy-it really hurts when you lose someone close to you."

DEC-25-12 a christ is born :smitten:

"BE" the light and the love.

ToTwoTOo 17th December 2012 12:14 pm

Again, sorry for so many comments. Work in progress.

Here: http://youtu.be/U9ipFEGqlQA

This man created a video and says, "start to realize how set-up this is. Pass this information along, post it in forums, WAKE PEOPLE UP. ... get people to understand that this is a big set-up."

He is reviewing information from the movie "dark knight rises" and he is drawing parallels from the movie to our external, ground-level reality.

He takes notice of "Aurora", a scene from the movie, and parallels it to the town where the Holmes shooting took place (also Aurora). He takes notice of "Sandy Hook" ALSO appearing in the movie.

So, the MAIN MESSAGE IS: "wake up". However...

Instead of "waking up", we need to *understand*.

I'm honing in on these particulars:


Instead of "awakening", what we have is EMERGENT (surfacing) mental health crisis. And all we need to do is COMPREHEND IT.

Yelana 17th December 2012 7:01 pm

Bravo Eyewitness...I suspect you are right...

Satya 17th December 2012 8:33 pm

This is so well put I wish everyone could have access to it.
Thank you for you words of wisdom.

Ela Rae 17th December 2012 9:17 pm

:smitten: Beautiful Dana! Waves of love and compassion to all those souls and their families that gave their life for a reason many may never know or understand. But all divinely timed to take us deep into our hearts to experience, touch, live and love; compassion, love and grace. Indeed all that took part in this "tragedy" are beautiful earth angels playing their part in this soulfully orchestrated dance of awaking. My heart felt gratitude to you Dana and all those touched by the seemingly tragedies...touched by love. <3 :smitten:

bettina 18th December 2012 6:24 am

TwoToToo, I was able to follow your train of thoughts right from the feeling of not connecting to the right words/phrase for the 'ah-ha' statement. I can agree with the observed/observer disconnect as I had the experience once or twice too as I was in my beginning stages of awakening. It can throw one for a loop and does give me a greater understanding of a person's 'movie-like' actions. Perception is the reality so to speak. Where I can agree to the extent of un-plugging from the media, TV, computures, cell phones (anything electronic really) and tap in to our selves and our own 'frequencies' would any one really understand the feeling of being 'plugged in' to gadgets. Like attracts like so we (to a degree) are magnetically attracted to them. I have had my periods of Spirit guiding me to disconnect from 'machines' to connect more to self and the world around me--the basics--which aren't basics at all in the bigger scheme. I haven't viewed your link, but will at some point. Life is what WE create...Be the 'masters of your universe'. Thank you, Dana! Peace All!

Don11 18th December 2012 7:34 am

Thank you all for your comments. Each and everyone adds so much to our collective conversation and understanding.

Much love,


scott Elliott 18th December 2012 8:13 am

Great message Dana, and so right on . . . Awakening is indeed a vibrational transformative process, an evolution of us individually and collectivey . We are meerely at the tipping point . . .


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