Wild September Down the Freedom Freeway

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces tonight! This is excellent energy for letting go of anything you need to let go of, or releasing emotions in a healthy way. It's also a time when you can get news, insights, or realisations that really change how you have been seeing something, someone or even your own self. The time around a lunar eclipse can be profoundly healing, and emotional. It's a good night for a bubble bath or anything that is gentle and nurturing particularly if you have found this month so far to be pretty intense.

We are only halfway in, but September has been one of the wildest energetic months we have had in a long time. It's like Pluto has been having crazy nights out on the town with the Eclipses, and Mercury decided to join in, driving them all down the Freedom Freeway as fast as he can, while in reverse. You know how the more you drink, the crazier your ideas? Well that's been the scene in that car.

Pluto: I've had enough of everyone dragging their heels. I'm going to really heat things up this month, make people see more clearly, reveal some big truths, you know what I'm saying?

Eclipses: Hey man, we are on board! What do you need? Emotional meltdowns? Physical breakdowns?

Pluto: Absolutely. But it's not just those headed down a slippery slope that I want to shake up. I want to give a good nudge to those who have been having a long nap, 'time to wake up!'.

Eclipses: We hear you! Right, we'll activate some soul memory, evacuate some old-reality issues at top speed, and remind people who they are. We'll get them re-invigorated with new and old dreams. They'll be surging forward in no time. If it can be done healed, revealed, broken, transformed, started or finished, let's just go for it this month!

Cosmic Planner dude with clipboard: Umm the social planning department is overloading this month for some reason. I don't know if this is such a good idea, to you know, have everything happening at once.

Pluto and Eclipses: It's a great idea! Let's just go hard!

Mercury: Woooooooo!!!!

Pluto: And this is not just personal. Politics. Media. You name it, I want us across it all. I want people to SEE what is real, and feel what is not!

Eclipses: You got it!

Mercury: Wooooooo!!!!

Cosmic Planner dude speaking into his headpiece: Universe Security stand by. Mass shake up's and wake up's in process on Earth. Extra support crew please head to your designated humans stat!

Pluto is preparing to go direct on Sep 26. However, the slow down, station and going direct process takes a while, and so he will be on the same degree (14Cap56’) from Sep 19 – Oct 6. If you are familiar with your chart you may want to take note of where this degree falls and corelate it to whatever is happening in your life right now.

Mercury is preparing to go direct on Sep 23 (Equinox), on 15Virgo, in a nice trine to Pluto. In normal language this basically can be nutted down to: around that time you might receive a message or be involved in some conversation or read/hear something that has quite a transformational affect on you that is ultimately very positive as far as your Soul is concerned.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of change, activity and soul restructure, clearing clearing clearing old stuff, and recognising how far we've come. The next few weeks will start to have a more stable energy as Mercury and Pluto start driving in a forward direction again, without the 'crazy' Eclipse twins in tow.

When I say 'stable', I refer mainly to the energy inside us and around us that is in alignment with truth, with our authentic self, with our soul, with our heart, with love, with soul freedom and soul power. Where those things are not present, or warped, or wounded, be it within or in our outside world, well things will continue to go pear-shaped in big ways. Energy often has to go to extreme measures, in order to be revealed and subsequently healed, transformed, released, balanced etc.

There is nowhere to hide anymore for energy that is not in alignment with the higher vibrational reality that is now becoming the dominant source of oxygen on this planet.

How are you all going?


Toni 16th September 2016 8:11 pm

Lol “and the curtain closes as the crowd shouts encore!” :thumbs:

Never thought we’d get the full polarity to sequence all the dimensional grids this life…Yay the eclipse twinflames and co. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that my planetary ascension work is done. I can retire without needing to think about anything, all I love and desire can now unfold before me in perfect time space sequence… actually that’d make a good affirmation if I ever hit a doubt & delay bump on the path.

“Energy often has to go to extreme measures, in order to be revealed and subsequently healed, transformed, released, balanced etc.” When dna goes to extreme measures to avoid it, this is always going to be so.

In order to have freedom it is necessary to let go of the need to control outcome. They are polarized and only one path can be walked between the choices of control and freedom. When we choose to control outcome the outcome usually ends up controlling us.

We don’t take anything with us except our soul. The soul sees the true colours of all illusions. :)

Toni 12th October 2016 12:26 am

Sorry Nick didn’t see this till now…

Humanity evolves thru generations via DNA (capital letters sometimes bore me) and I don’t feel it’s important to be conscious of it as it all happens subconsciously anyway from a soul point of view. To my mind DNA creates ones vibrational freequency which creates ones location and synchronicity of events.

DNA holds the history of the bloodlines aIl the way back to day dot and everything within DNA that holds an emotional event attachment repeats its pattern until fulfilled or resolved. I also see DNA as a dimensional mirror. The clearer the dna is (see I’m bored with having to type capitals again) of emotional attachment the clearer the awareness is of the dimensional relativity.

Feeling is the heart component of dna just like mind has the intellect component. How both align and balance within dna creates the physical reality. Be yee aware or not.



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