David R. Hamilton PhD

David R. Hamilton PhD

David Hamilton gained a first class honours degree in chemistry, with a specialisation in biological and medicinal chemistry, and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. After completing his PhD, David worked for 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. After four years he left and has since worked as a motivational speaker, co-founded an international relief charity and co-organised a 9-day, 24-event festival of peace called Spirit Aid.

While writing his first book, David taught chemistry and ecology at James Watt College of Further and Higher Education and tutored chemistry at Glasgow University. Now a bestselling author of 6 books published by Hay House, he offers talks and workshops that fuse science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom. He spends most of his time writing, giving talks and leading workshops on the topics of his writing. He lives in Windsor.

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