Dean Noblett

Dean Noblett

Co-founder of HeartLight - Living from the Heart with his wife Rebecca Couch, Dean has dedicated his life to his own spiritual growth and to understanding the bigger picture so that he can have a positive effect in the world and on those he meets.  His work, and consequently the mission of HeartLight, is founded on the spiritual principle of the highest good for all concerned.

We are witnessing monumental times where consciousness is evolving at a very rapid rate says Dean, and we recognize the importance of helping people move into their heart centre so together we can align our consciousness with the higher attributes of the heart.  Dean also believes that if we are to create peace in our world, then the heart of humanity has to be aligned to the attributes of unconditional love, such as forgiveness, non-judgement, acceptance, compassion, tolerance and kindness.  But in order to bring that to the world, we must first give it to ourselves.  This is the key to finding peace.

Living from the Heart means assisting people to move from fear-based behaviour born in separation from each other, to being in their heart centre which is founded on love and the principle that we are all One.  From this place residing within us, we connect to our soul essence and from there we affect all things around us - and ultimately the entire planet - in miraculous and profound ways.

Many years of seeking, spiritual study and intensive inner work have led Dean to becoming a certified Reiki Master, Transpersonal Counsellor and teacher of metaphysics.  This formal training, combined with his personal life experience, informs the gifts that Dean now shares with people to help them identify conscious and unconscious resistance to expressing their greatest potential.  Dean supports and guides individuals to expand the vision of who they are and the world they live in by providing a deeper knowledge and belief in themselves, by raising their spiritual awareness, and finding the courage to create the life of their dreams.  When people take action, transformation takes place in the blink of an eye!

Dean has had 25 years of experience in business including ownership, management, marketing and sales.  Early on in my career it became clear to me that the success of any business endeavour is directly related to the conscious awareness and values of the people within the organization.  This inspired me on my own path of self awareness, and to help others do the same.  A business is successful if the employers and its employees are unified with their mission and intent and they are integral to be of service providing a genuine caring for each other and their clients.  In fact, Dean is emphatic that business is all about generating a win-win situation for all involved.

Raising one's awareness takes place in many ways, but is always initiated from the centre of the individual.  As a facilitator, Dean considers it an honour to encourage and inspire others who are ready to take responsibility for their own well-being so they may inspire others.  As a coach and healer, Dean is dedicated to every aspect of an individual’s process, and joins in celebrating their challenges as well as their victories.  Dean utilizes many healing modalities and techniques in his work, including practical life experience, intuitive guidance, energy work, affirmations, music and even the earthly sounds of the didgeridoo!

In partnership with his wife Rebecca Couch, Dean is committed to assisting those who are ready to engage their personal power of manifestation by integrating spiritual principles in their daily lives.  Together they are proud to say that their in-depth coaching, guidance and programs have had a profoundly positive affect on many lives - including their own!

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