Archangel Gabriel and the Snow Moon

Whenever you think about snow or are in it the energy of it (such as the Snow Moon) you attract Archangel Gabriel, the pure white Angel of Purity, Clarity and Joy.  He helps us in so very many ways.  I never think of Archangel Gabriel without remembering the time I was in hospital awaiting a blood transfusion.  It finally arrived at midnight, and I thought that I would be exhausted by the time I had given thanks and blessed it as it came into me.  Suddenly, there was a whoosh of wings as Archangel Gabriel, shimmering white, with his wings outstretched powered towards me and sat by my bed saying, ‘Go to sleep.  I’ll bless the blood.’  So, I did and when I woke in the morning he was still sitting by me!  I was so delighted and so grateful.  I also think about him when I see snowdrops in bloom.

You can ask Archangel Gabriel to bring you clarity about a situation or support to deal with something.  He has ten million angels at his disposal, so you can ask for his help at any time.  Ask them to purify your aura or send them to cleanse a place or people.

He also protects you.  Ask him to place his pure white reflective ball around you so that any lower energies bounce off it, leaving you protected.

Here is an invocation from Ascension Through Orbs to ask for his protection. 

Invocation for Archangel Gabriel’s protection.

Say clearly and with intention, ‘I now invoke the mighty Archangel Gabriel to place a ball of his pure white, reflective light around me for my total protection. So be it. It is done.’

Then visualise the light bring placed round you and know that it is there. All negativity or lower frequencies will then bounce off you and will not be able to enter your aura.

Below is an Orb of Archangel Gabriel that I took many years ago in my garden.  As you look at it, you receive his beautiful light and diamond qualities of joy, eternal love, clarity, and purity.  He brings grace, understanding, generosity and order into your life.

Exercise to bathe in Archangel Gabriel’s energy

I love to do this exercise to receive Archangel Gabriel’s energy and notice how it affects me and other people.

1. Quietly look at the Orb of Archangel Gabriel.

2. Note that the dot in the centre is Source light.

3. Breathe in Archangel Gabriel’s beautiful, pure energy.

4. Sense it filling your aura with shimmering diamond white.

5. Imagine you are radiating his wondrous energy around you.

6. Do this whenever you can during the day.

7. Notice how other people are responding to you.


Peter Fox 6th February 2023 3:58 am

Thanks Diana/ AG- i adore this exercise!


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