Christmas Message From The Angels

You have all come through a difficult, yes challenging year and your energies have changed more than you can imagine. We celebrate with you each time a great burst of light is sent through from Source to bathe Gaia and all of you in divine energy, for your lights glow incredibly brightly. A great experiment is taking place to assist the rapidly accelerated ascension of all of you and Earth, so these bursts of light are increasing in frequency and intensity. Your lights shine more and more clearly for many of you are absorbing it well. But you are so caught up in the challenges that are being created by this that you are unaware of your luminous Being. We want you to look at how far you have come already.

A wide and general flow of fifth dimensional light with the keys and codes of your wondrous future is being constantly downloaded into the energy field of Earth. This is acting like a tornado in the fields of those who have stuck patterns in their chakras. This tornado is bringing to the surface all third dimensional lessons, especially in the lower chakras. At the same time it is helping to support those of you whose 12 fifth dimensional chakras are in place, open and fully operational. These things are happening at a country level and world level too and this is affecting businesses, the economy, banking, politics and all areas of life. This will get stronger in 2014 for the old paradigm is collapsing even more swiftly than we envisaged.

Since 2012 golden seventh dimensional energy has been showered over the planet, like light rain. It is also rising from Hollow Earth. It specifically concentrated on those who are ready to connect with the realms of the angels and Ascended Masters. This golden ray is bringing much hope to those who are ready and also opens them to higher aspirations and a desire to change the world for the better. We are so pleased to see that more and more people are aspiring to the angelic ray.

Uniquely for the first time since Golden Atlantis you are accessing 9th dimensional light from Venus, Sirius and several other planets and stars. While this is available to everyone it is only able to flow into those who are prepared and ready and brings much light, knowledge and wisdom to you.

In order to be prepared and ready

1.Focus on your 12 chakras daily and ask the unicorns to balance them in their pure white light.

2.Face all your challenges with equilibrium and positivity. Ask the angels to help you decide on a good outcome and take decisions clearly and with courage. We will support you.

3.Recognise your Mastery and Magnificence.

2014 offers greater challenges and greater hope both personally and on a global scale. This is the paradox of the times we are moving into. The more you have, the more you will receive. The gap widens between those clinging to the third dimension and those already living in the fifth dimension. The glory of this opportunity is that Archangel Metatron is pouring his golden orange light into those who are ready to help others to ascension, to light the way and be a beacon to give others hope. You become a bridge of light to the third dimension and can help the world in so many ways. Remember your words and thoughts touch the hearts of those in need of support, so send out encouragement.

Many secrets and hidden things will be revealed this year, shocking the world into action. Also people power will become more co-ordinated and act as a lever for faster change. And remember too that everyone has chosen at a soul level to be involved in the situation they find themselves in. Your task is to open your heart to those caught in tragic circumstances without jumping emotionally into the pit with them. Help where you can, send love and positivity. Most importantly cling strongly to your faith in a benign universe. You are just going through upheaval as it moves to a higher frequency.

As always high frequency cosmic Christ light is pouring onto you over the Christmas period, so take time to relax and absorb it so that you are ready for the glorious possibilities that lie ahead.

Much is expected of you in 2014 and much will be given to you.

With love from the angelic realms.


keryndawer 25th December 2013 3:32 am

Thank you Diana for your words and positive message :)
You and the angels are providing me with much needed hope to maintain equilibrium and sustain inner peace and outward Love and Light in these challenging times.

I'm counting on the unicorns!!!:)

With Love and Gratitude,

johneblums 30th December 2013 4:19 am

The word OR-AN-GE or the colour is not to be interpreted literally as it is an anagram with a higher occult meaning, with french language connections:
From CHI-OR-ANGES, short for CHI-ORA AN-GE-LS.


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