Preparing For The Cosmic Moment on 21st December, 2012

The cosmic moment this year is the most important moment that any one of us will ever experience.  If we are ready there are incredible opportunities for higher ascension and true happiness as well as the return of our gifts.  We must get our twelve chakras clear and fully open in order to access the full potential of this moment.  Each chakra contains a number of chambers, each of which holds a lesson.  We must work through them and master these energies to be fully open to the possibilities. 

I have been going through my chakras again and find there are still lessons I have to learn, especially in my solar plexus and have made affirmations to shift the energies in my consciousness.  Kumeka my guide has also reminded me of the importance of eating healthy food and doing appropriate 

exercise for the base chakra to be fully operational.  (I have cut out sugar again).

Remember to ask the angel in charge of the chakra you are working on to help and support you as you do this work. 

Also here are a few affirmations that might resonate with you.  If they do not you have already mastered the lesson.  If they do, use them.  Some appropriate affirmations work very quickly if your chambers are almost clear.  Or you may need completely different ones.  

I trust the universe to provide for my safety and security.

I deserve to be happy, successful, loved, nourished, have a beautiful home, surrounded by good friends, have a satisfying job or whatever you need.

I commit to being fifth dimensional.

I listen to my intuition and trust it totally.  

I accept and honour who I truly am.

My heart is open and radiates warmth and love.

I communicate honestly.

I see the divine in people and situations.

I am one with all.



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