Working With The Elements

Kumeka my guide says that one of the most important things we can do to move smoothly through the Transition to the new Golden Age starting in 2032 is to learn to work with the elements.  This understanding would have helped those on the Costa Concordia and it will help people caught in earthquakes, gales, storms, floods or fires.

Humans have the power to influence the elementals who work with air, earth, water and air.  In the recent storms to hit the UK all my neighbours lost fences or trees but my garden was untouched.  All I did was remain calm, bless the trees in my garden and ask the elementals of air and water to cleanse my garden calmly and gently.

This is how it works


The Unicorns oversee the element of Air.  Under their command is the Elemental Master of Air, Dom.  You can sometimes see his face in the clouds.  He is in charge of the air elementals, the sylphs.  If a strong wind is forecast, calmly invoke the unicorns and ask them to command Dom to direct the sylphs to be gentle.


The mighty Archangel Gabriel himself is in charge of the element of Fire.  Under his command is the Elemental Master of Fire, Thor, who commands the fire elementals, the  salamanders.  You can ask them to help light a fire or to calm down and damp one down.  The fire dragons are also fourth dimensional elementals and they can burn away negativity round people as well as in places.


Lady Gaia, the mighty angel in charge of our planet is sometimes known as Mother Earth.  She is in charge of the element of earth.  Her Elemental Master is Taia, who commands the earth elementals, pixies, goblins etc.  You can call on them to help in the case of earth movement or earth quake of any kind.


Poseidon is the great Master in charge of water.  The element of water carries the love and wisdom of the universe.  Water is everywhere - in the atmosphere and in the body -and so links everything.  This is why love is the glue of the universe.  Neptune is the Elemental Master of Water and the elementals who work under him are called undines. To calm a flood or to divert waters rather than letting them go over land, call on them for help. 

As long as you remain calm, centred and commanding the elements will respond to you.  It is important to practice doing this and to form a relationship with the elements so that you are able to make a difference in a time of crisis.

This message is so important, please pass it on to anyone who is ready to listen to it and put it into practice.



Peg D. 15th March 2012 2:43 pm

Thank you for this. I have not done much work with elementals but I know they are there. As a fully activated light worker since 1986/87, we are already ascending. You might want to make sure you are working with someone higher than fourth dimension. Many highly spiritual people are getting stuck there. The lower dark energies can still reach there and trick them.

KT 16th March 2012 5:13 am

I love your posts but I take exception to your comment : " this understanding would have helped those on the Concordia" this is a very judgemental remark, how do you know that those souls that left on the Concordia were not fulfilling their souls mission? Our souls journey is not always about saving or being saved sometimes our souls contract is to depart and the lesson comes to those that are left behind, so the soul has made that sacrifice for the souls of those loved ones that are left behind so they can grow spiritually from it.
In my view NOTHING that happens is ever random it is all lessons,challenges for the souls growth and that may not mean your own. The greatest soul gift that you can give to another is the gift of opening the heart and that can mean through pain, loss and abandonment.


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