Abundance and Past-Lives

Each week on my live, call-in radio show on hayhouseradio.com, I give readings to callers. Since so many people are asking about issues related to abundance, finances, and career, I thought you might find helpful the information that came through a reading that I did on last week’s radio show:

The female caller said that she was doing everything to manifest abundance, but seemed to be blocked. My reading showed this was a past-life issue, where she was a Buddhist healer / monk at a monastery, where all of her room and board were provided, with no individual salary or payment.

The caller confirmed that in this life she was a healer, who always made enough money for her room & board expenses, but never enough left over for personal savings. She also confirmed that she believed that Buddhism / Hinduism most closely mirrored her beliefs in this lifetime.

The reading confirmed that she was replicating the financial situation of her monk existence. When I meditated upon this reading afterward, I heard that MANY lightworkers had similar past lives of service (in various cultures and countries), with room & board expenses covered . . .

 . . . and in this lifetime, you are good at manifesting sufficiency, i.e., you always "have enough," and you always "get by," but that's it financially. There's also a past-life originating suspicion in the Western ideals of charging for healing work, or making personal profits or savings from spiritual work.

The message was also that many of us had communal existences and the whole concept of "personal property" or "personal savings" is a foreign and new concept to our souls. In those past lifetimes, we shared everything with everyone. There was no "separate" property.

AND for those of us who tend to isolate ourselves, this is a continuation of the past-life pattern. (Although we had communal existences, we all kept to ourselves and quietly did our service work).

So it's a personal decision of whether it's fine to allow your room & board expenses to be covered, or if your intention is to have personal property & savings as well. And if you desire more friends, to heal the tendency to isolate.

So how to overcome this, I asked the angels?

1. Recognize the situation. You will know if this past-life information applies to you, through your body's reactions to the information (shivers, tingles, shakes, etc.) as the body discharges celluar memories.

2. Create new clear intentions. If you truly desire personal savings, profits, etc., then create those as clear intentions, and they are done.

As I talked with God and the angels about the concept of a personal savings account, and how do you hold that intention when, deep down, you believe in communal and shared wealth? Their answer was:

Hold the intention that it's FUN to have a personal savings account.

Allow yourself to imagine having a savings account and infuse that vision with the feeling of FUN. They said that FUN is a super-powerful energy for manifesting. Visualize that you will share part of it with others, as you are guided. Think of a percentage of what you will share, a percentage that feels right to YOU.

I am sending us all lots of love as we incorporate this information. Blessings of love to all healers and teachers everywhere!

P.S. So many healers and teachers are learning huge lessons right now, all of them opportunities to get our karma balanced as we go through this shift. The angels say that it's like wiping the mud off your feet before you can step through a door. Don’t get upset at the doormat or the mud, just simply hold the intention of wiping it off as quickly and peacefully as possible and then step through the door.

Love, Doreen

* Doreen’s live call-in radio show is each Wednesday from 1 until 2 pm on the internet radio site, hayhouseradio.com


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