Happy 2008 from Doreen Virtue

2008's energy is gentle, loving, and compassionate. 2008 embraces us with love, even as it teaches us how to use the power of our mind and emotions.

Adding together all of the digits in 2+0+0+8, we receive the sum of 10. Add these two digits together 1+0, and you have a 1. The number 1 means: “Your thoughts are instantly manifesting into form.”

As a 1 year, 2008 promises adventures in getting immediate reactions to your thoughts and emotions. Everything you think about will instantly appear in your life. So the key to enjoying a blissful 2008 is to keep your thoughts dialed on Love.

One of my most important and valuable life lessons was learning how to keep my mind focused on Love, instead of upon fear.

When I began practicing daily meditation many years ago, I noticed how my thoughts bounced all over the place. No wonder my life was bouncing all over the place, vacillating between highs and lows! My life was a mirror for my vacillating thoughts! I knew that having steady thoughts was essential for conscious manifestation, so I decided to take action.

My intuition told me that my daily habit of drinking coffee to wake myself up in the morning, and then wine at night to calm my caffeinated nerves, was the cause behind my vacillating thoughts. I was caught in an addictive energy cycle of artificially controlling myself with chemicals!

Fortunately, the angels heal and support us rapidly when we ask for their help.

In meditation, I heard the angels say that my dependency upon coffee and wine was based upon my belief that these beverages were my source of energy.

“God is your Source of energy!” the angels reminded me. “And since God is infinite and omni-present, this energy is always within you and eternally available to you.”

With the help of the angels, I was able to let go of coffee and wine completely, without cravings. Immediately, I noticed an improvement in my meditations. I was able to focus upon love, without wavering into other thoughts or feelings.

Detoxing my mind and body was one of the most important keys in healing my life. All of my positive conscious manifestations began happening when I made the decision to be free of those addictions. With a clean and sober mind, I easily focus upon positive visualizations and affirmations. As a result, those positive manifestations occur very easily and rapidly.

Many people drink coffee because they need energy to deal with unhealthful situations. The angels can help us to heal those situations, so that we don’t need to artificially push ourselves anymore. But the angels need our help, and that means approaching all healing intentions with faith and hope. And the best way to boost your mind to optimism is to detoxify your mind.

If you’ve been getting the guidance to detox, this is a wonderfully supportive time to do so. Here is a prayer that is powerfully helpful in eliminating unhealthful cravings so that you can comfortably move into 2008 with a clear and focused mind:

“Dear God and the angels of healing: I call upon you now to help me to completely tap into your Divine and Infinite Source of Loving Energy. Help me to release any and all cravings for false sources of energy regulation, in exchange for my true Source. I am now willing to completely release and let go of any and all cravings for chemicals. I ask that you cut any cords of attachment to (name the chemicals you wish to detox from, while you take deep breaths as the angels perform healing work on you).

“I ask that you open my heart to Divine Love, and help me to feel safe, protected, and energized. Please help me to adjust my life so that it is in alignment with my truth and integrity. Help me to release any emotional energy drains, now and completely. Help me to release any old anger, unforgiveness, resentment, or other emotional toxins, now and forever. Help me to have the courage to be my true self in all ways. Thank you, Amen.”



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