Let Happiness Guide Your Way

Is there something in your life that you're putting up with? Are you settling for less, because you feel you have no choice? Are you unhappy with something, but you think that this is the best you can do?

Fortunately, this is the ideal time to make healthful life changes and to trust your happiness and intuition to guide the way, with the help of the angels. If you're unhappy with any area of your life, this signals that something's off-balance. Just as your body instinctively reaches for homeostasis balance, so do your emotions and mind.

"Putting up with something" that's undesirable throws your energy out of homeostasis, and makes you feel unhappy. This, in turn, reduces the universal flow of abundance coming into your life.

The angels are with you right now to balance your life and lift you back up to happiness. Take a moment to breathe and silently ask your guardian angels: "What changes would you like to see me make in my life?" Breathe and listen to their reply through your feelings and thoughts.

Be honest with yourself about your feelings, and share them with God frequently. Tell God about your upsets, your worries, your cares . . . and then ask for help. God's intervention frequently involves sending additional angels to help you.

The bottom line is that God intends for you to be happy. If you're unhappy, something's wrong which needs to be addressed. There is NO area of your life that requires you to be unhappy! If you're unhappy, ask the angels for help in correcting the situation. They can only help if you'll ask, because they respect your free will. Just remember, though, that divine help usually comes in unexpected ways, so do be open-minded. Let God and the angels orchestrate HOW your prayer will be answered.

When you're happy, everyone wins. Your happiness lifts the hearts of everyone around you. And if you're a parent, your happiness and self-care is a healthy model for your children.

The Archangel Michael will give you the courage to make necessary life changes, including those that feel intimidating. He will guide and protect you while you adjust your life so that you're happier. Archangel Michael will watch over you and your loved ones to enact God's ingenious plan of peace for your life. 

Here is a helpful prayer for you:  

"Dear God, here is how I feel: (tell God everything). Thank you for sending your angels to help me, and for showing me the best path to take for peace, health, and happiness. Please help me to live at my highest potential, and to shine your divine light brightly through my life."

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angelk 27th July 2009 10:13 am

Thank you for the beautiful message and prayer Doreen. I was using your Signs from Above book to decipher the rainbow message the angels sent me yesterday. I am so grateful for your clear messages about how the angels contact us and how we can understand the meaning of the messages they are sending. I always use the angel numbers book too. I thank the angels for you.

drimmeld 13th November 2009 1:48 pm

Thank you. Great message. I have a question though. Could one also assume they are being guided or communicated with when they feel bursts of feelings that make you feel like everything's going to be okay, and it's mixed with happiness and love and warmth and almost makes you cry? I have seen repetitive numbers, 4127, in many ways, and feel as if my life is being directed. Some days when i ask for guidance I get those feelings. Any reply is appreciated! Thank you


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