Surrender to Miracles and Abundance

Ecstasy and bliss are your birthright. The only thing that keeps you from these is fear. There comes a time when you can set aside this fear and simply rejoice is everything. Love is all there is, truly.

Wonder and gratitude will tune you into the secrets of abundance that comes from love and the heart. When you know this, really know this, bliss will permeate your moments here.

This is an affirmation / prayer based up The Ecstasy of Surrender to awaken the wonder in your heart and keep it alive. In hard times and good times, repeat it to keep you aligned with abundance, success, and miracles.

I surrender to the miracle of all things.

I surrender to abundance in every form.

I surrender my fear and surrender to love every moment, every breath.

I look up at the sky and see the wonder of the universe, so much larger than myself, my loved ones, the human species or even this lush, gorgeous Earth.

I surrender to the wonder of children, and the sun, and the flowers and all the large and tiny blessings that happen each day.

I surrender to the miracle of my life.

I will not believe anyone who tells me miracles are not possible.

Miracles are as much a part of our lives as our breath or our heartbeat.

I surrender to the miracle of my spiritual path and trust my journey more deeply every day.

I do not question my intuition.

I do not question my heart.

I am devoted to the wonder of the moment and the integrity of my path.

Praise our world of miracles and wonder.

Praise our world of darkness and light.

I surrender my judgments and fear and small minded thinking.

I embrace radical kindness towards myself and every being.

I surrender to the miracle of the moment.

I do not rush through my life, but bow to the sacred with every step and every breath.

My life is a prayer to abundance.

I do not believe in scarcity.

I believe there is enough for all in every situation.

I surrender to my success and to your success and the success of all my brothers and sisters.

I surrender to goodness.

I surrender to all the goddesses and the gods.

I am humble and happy and grateful for my life.

I vow not to miss the miracles in small things.

I vow to touch the earth each day.

I vow to honor my body.

I vow to care for this planet as if it was my precious mother or precious child.

There is no miracle too small to praise.

I will not forget to praise myself and others.

I will not forget to honor my journey.

I know life is short.

I know that love is the answer.

I will keep these priorities in place

As I travel through my days

My path is one of joy.

My path is not the path of fear.

I let go to my heart.

I let go to my soul.

I raise my arms to the sky and say “thank-you”

Accept me.

Love me.

Care for me.

I am in love with myself, with you, and the world.

I surrender to the wonder of all things.

Click on the Link to download a PDF version of the Surrender to Miracles & Abundance Affirmations / Prayer

Adapted from The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life Harmony Books, 2014 by Judith Orloff MD


keryndawer 1st February 2015 1:30 pm

This is beautiful Dr. Orloff. Thank you. I'm struggling with trying to forgive myself for something the individual involved will not forgive me for. Hard to be unforgiven.

Blessings xoxo


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