A Golden Opportunity – December 2018 Energy Forecast

Hello my friend,

Thank you for connecting with me in this way. Your presence is always felt and cherished.

We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it . . .

A Golden Opportunity

As we enter the final month of 2018, we are being presented with a golden opportunity to heal the deepest wounds and hurts within ourselves and humanity.

2018 has been an immensely spiritual year, and is helping us anchor into our hearts and minds the profound Sacred Feminine. That divine Presence is what creates the core fiber of the divine DNA that ushers every woman, man, and child into existence.

Ancient Chinese philosophy describes this time of quickened change as a turning of the tides. The Yang, which is the old (the Masculine), has given way to the Yin, which is the new (the Feminine). They appear to be opposites, but each is essential to the raising up of the other.

Every aspect of our lives is experiencing a reverberating effect in regards to the shift that is taking place now.

For the past year, almost every Forecast I have written has highlighted the Sacred Feminine, to emphasize the importance of what is happening in our personal lives and for humanity at this time.

The last few months of every year often saturate us with the most potent qualities of that year.

The final month of 2018 brings us a golden opportunity to allow the Sacred Feminine to be fully secured forever at the forefront of our conscious and subconscious awareness, and into our hearts.

In this way, she is able to shower us and the world with ever-expanding blessings of unwavering grace, compassion, gentleness, patience, flexibility, wisdom, beauty, authentic power, creativity, abundance, acceptance, forgiveness, nurturance, fertility, accessibility, kindness, healing, and unconditional Love.

There is something we can do to better support ourselves and the world in creating a reality that allows these qualities to flourish. 

For each remaining day of 2018, find a few minutes to facilitate the following:

  1. Close your eyes. Take several deep breaths to help you center, then place your right hand over your heart, and place your left hand on top of the right hand.
  2. Ask your I AM Presence/Spirit how you can support and love them throughout your day, the way she/he has supported and loved you always.
  3. Listen to the silence in between the thoughts. This is where the answers from your Spirit will begin to reveal themselves. If the mind is unable to understand or receive a direct answer, simply allow your mind to bask in the silence for a moment.
  4. Express gratitude to your mind for being willing to embrace the stillness within you.
  5. Express gratitude to your Spirit for loving you unconditionally.
  6. Open your eyes and express gratitude for each of your senses, your gifts of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.
  7. As you go on throughout the rest of your day, imagine periodically what it would feel like if your heart was smiling.

And that’s it!

Time to Heal

The opportunity to heal is now being fully realized in our personal lives and for all humanity.

Things that once seemed impossible to the rational mind are now becoming a normal part of life.

Healing occurs as a result of allowing ourselves to return to a state of peace.

Wherever there is peace, we can know that flow, ease, Love, wholeness, joy, creativity, and abundance will reside.

If any of the following are attached to our expectations of healing: Fixing something, getting rid of something, controlling/forcing something to happen, blaming something, hiding or denying something, not allowing ourselves to feel something—that makes it far more challenging to experience a healing.

Allowing peace to be our top priority creates an opening for lasting healing to occur.

True peace is the foundation for creating a world of unity, Love, and abundance for all.

We are seeing many countries around the world now breaking away from the old ideologies that have promoted intercultural separation and disconnection. There’s a collective priority now that is laying the foundations for a much brighter future ahead for all, rather than only for a select few.

There may be a healthy skepticism in our minds as to whether all this is really happening, because of all the separations that our minds have been conditioned to see in the world.

This is completely understandable, considering that it used to take decades or centuries before any real change became visible.

However, as things continue to evolve more quickly, it’s becoming easier to notice the changes happening all around us.

In our personal lives, the current energies are creating an opportunity for us to transcend the old stories we once created for ourselves, which prevented us from healing.

Some of these stories include:

  • Believing that we have to believe every thought we have
  • Believing that the mind needs to operate from fear and victim consciousness
  • Believing that we need the approval of someone outside of ourselves
  • Believing that we are broken and need fixing
  • Believing in lack, and not having enough
  • Believing that we are not allowed to feel our feelings
  • Believing that we are misunderstood, and that no one can understand us
  • Believing that we need something outside of ourselves to make us happy (a romantic soul partner, a certain lifestyle, a specific body type, etc.)

All of these stories, which were created by the mind out of self-protection, have the opportunity to be resolved now, so that we can return to the peace that has always been underneath it all.

Peace is who we are at our core.

As our inner stories come to the surface to be healed and resolved, it’s important to give ourselves permission to feel all of our feelings without judging ourselves.

Every thought, emotion, and feeling we have ever experienced deserves to be acknowledged and to receive our unconditional Love.

With this new awareness, imagine the opening that will take place for healing to be fully realized in our lives!

Closing Out the Year With the Violet Flame

I’d like to offer a powerful yet simple healing technique that will help to purify the mind and emotions quickly from anything that has been holding us back from living our greatest lives.

This healing technique makes powerful use of the Violet Flame, which is is one of the greatest spiritual healing tools we have available to us. It is a life-enhancing gift from the Universe—an aspect of Universal Light.

Quantum science has demonstrated that violet holds the highest frequency on the color chart spectrum. It is the point of transition to the next octave of Light vibration.

This wonderful tool lifts our vibration physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, when called upon through mantras and visualization.

This spiritual fire restores the flow of Light and energy to body, mind, and soul.

It has the power to transmute density into Light, creating a sense of Love, peace, joy, healing, flow, and ease for whoever uses it.

Its high vibration penetrates our nervous system, our heart, and our entire physical body and psyche, going straight to the root core of any imbalance we may be experiencing.

It dissolves everything that is not aligned with Divine Love.

The Violet Flame Healing Technique:

  1. For about 1 to 3 minutes, visualize yourself sitting inside of a ball of Violet Light.
  2. While visualizing this Light flowing all around and through you, keep repeating the following statement:

“I am a being of Violet Fire. I am the purity of Divine Love’s Desire.”

  1. Express gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the Violet Flame.

That’s all you have to do!

Try this for the next 21 days, and notice the shifts that begin to enter your life.

It’s a simple yet effective process you can trust to empower and expand your energies and outlook!

May the rest of your year continue to bless you with joy, Love, excellent well-being, and all the abundant gifts the Universe offers all of us daily.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,



IC2ITUC 30th November 2018 1:42 pm

You state : "The Yin, which is the old (the Masculine), has given way to the Yang, which is the new (the Feminine)" Did you get them reversed ? I have always understood that YIN is the FEMININE and YANG is the MASCULINE. Best Regards and NAMASTE.

IC2ITUC 30th November 2018 1:51 pm

I just clicked on : "This message was originally posted here" at the end of your article and I see you have the correct usage there. This happens to all of us at times ! :thumbs:

Spirit Library 30th November 2018 2:18 pm

@IC2ITUC - Thank you for noticing this! we've now updated this with Emmanuel's change to the sentence.

Toni 30th November 2018 5:24 pm

Lol... this happened to me years back with a headline about Cern's Large Hardon Collider...didn't take long before they changed it back to Hadron & I had the egg on my face. Think it was more accurate in the first place mind...being a wank for the deep state of ego.

Cheers :thumbs:


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