A Potent Time of Rebalancing – March 2019

Hi my friend,

We are currently experiencing an extensive renovation of our inner thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.

This extensive renovation is spotlighting everything we are still being held back by—the inner obstacles to our being the most loving, free, and authentic version of ourselves.

When something is spotlighted, it can no longer hide, run, or be swept to the side.

Whatever we shine a light on, eventually returns to the light.

Yet when the mind’s patterns are spotlighted, it often reverts to old coping patterns. These patterns are learned, primal-based survival behaviors we’ve been given through ancestral, generational, historical, and societal conditioning.

The primal aspect of the mind chooses these coping patterns because when its barriers to growth are spotlighted, the mind realizes it will now have to change or give something up.

So it does everything it can to convince itself and you that it needs to use survival-based tactics to ensure that you and it are kept safe.

From a neutral perspective, it can be easy to have compassion for the mind, because we understand that it’s just doing what it thinks is best and safest.

But when we are reacting to the beliefs the mind is creating out of a primal need to protect itself, we tend to believe all the stories it comes up with.

This often leads to people to spiral into fear, lack, separation, and struggle.

We are now at the point where we are no longer able to find comfort in the old limiting patterns as we once did.

This may feel like a crisis, but it is the kind of crisis that births a whole new outlook.

This kind of shift can be one of the most spiritual experiences we can have, because in that crisis moment, we have a chance to reassess our lives and create a new and higher reality for ourselves.

If we’re ready to learn from the breakdown, the next chapter of our lives can look much brighter, as we experience more of the power of our spirit and our own higher selves.

If you are finding yourself experiencing anything similar to this, know that you are not alone, and that it’s absolutely normal.

When an influx of light enters Earth’s atmosphere as we are experiencing now, it organically brings to the surface the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors we have not yet fully addressed, acknowledged, and healed.

Give your mind full permission to allow itself to think or feel anything it desires to, without trying to get rid of or change anything. This allows the mind to feel acknowledged and supported.

When the mind feels that you are allowing it to be exactly as it desires to be, it will soften its approach and become less rigid and primal. It then has room to be more flexible, and more open to receiving your support, love, and compassion.

When the mind is open, it is more inclined to embrace and recognize that the light is its friend, and that it will never lose anything when it allows itself to unite with the light.

Though the mind has convinced itself it is separate from the light, we know that everything comes from the light, including the mind.

Isn’t that just so expansive to think about?

When the mind feels your support, love, and compassion, eventually it can embrace the light in ways that it couldn’t while operating in survival mode.

This allows times like this, when a great influx of light is entering our world, to be a time of great fun, magic, excitement, joy, and peacefulness for the mind.

The mind (just like a little child) desires to simply be loved, seen, heard, and appreciated.

Let’s use this time we’re in now to move in this direction, so that as the consciousness of the planet and humanity continues to evolve, it will become a much more enjoyable experience for the mind.

A Powerful Equinox: Finding Our Balance

Many thousands of years ago, Earth was a perfectly interconnected and integrated global society. Humans, animals, plants, the Earth—they all coexisted in peace.

Daily life was upheld by the powerful foundations of love, kindness, oneness, mutual respect, authenticity, and service to all life.

Cultures around the planet honored both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine equally, understanding the importance of living out both aspects, without holding one in a place of dominion over the other.

Yet over time, this sacred balance was forgotten. Releasing their true identity, human beings disconnected from the Earth, and as they released unity consciousness, they disconnected from one another.

This led to human consciousness falling from a higher dimensional orientation to the very lowest vibration that can support human life—the third dimension.

During the thousands of years following this fall into a very heavy energetic density, human beings created the era I call “the Great Forgetting.”

In this time, people began forgetting that they and all life are sacred—that they are Divinity itself in human form.

In that low, third dimensional environment, low vibrational emotions and ideas such as fear, defensiveness, and separateness became the norm.

Life became a matter of daily survival, rather than a matter of joyful, conscious creating.

Ideas about Feminine and Masculine energies followed suit, as we increasingly viewed these as naturally separate and even opposed to one another.

Within that perspective, Masculinity began to be expressed in terms of control, domination, manipulation, greed, and competition. This created a global “Us vs. Them” mentality that took over governments, religions, and cultures.

As a result, societies came to overvalue outer accomplishment. Physical aggression was valued over thought and ideas. Invention, creativity, and honoring and nurturing oneself and others were lost or devalued, while winning battles and competitions became paramount.

Human beings came to value blood sport, ownership, aggression, clan loyalty, and physical strength over cooperation and communication.

Naturally, as the Masculine was being promoted as the only acceptable mode of being, Feminine energy came to be viewed as inferior to shows of action, physical power, and control.

People came to equate Femininity with weakness. From there it was a natural step to believe that nearly all females had been intentionally created for subordination and subservience.

Earth life became lost on many levels, as the once beautiful integration of Masculine and Feminine values and attributes was lost. The lower, denser aspects of Masculine energy came forward to control all levels and all areas of life, including economic systems, governments, education, and religions.

It even controlled our thought processes and our actions as individuals.

Yet all of this was simply part of the path we had created for ourselves, for whatever we would eventually learn from playing out this game of forgetting our true selves.

And no matter how deep we seemed to fall into separation and duality, a part of us—our Spirit—never fully forgot who we are.

Our beautiful Spirit knew that eventually, over different lifetimes and experiences, we would one day fully acquire all the learning and higher wisdom we had chosen to learn, and remember our Divinity once again.

And over the past few decades, an astounding healing has been taking place.

With each celestial alignment, such as a solstice, equinox, or eclipse, we have been steadily releasing the old outdated belief in the separateness and inequality of Feminine and Masculine energies.

Now we are seeing an even bigger upgrade—a massive shift in the collective consciousness. Billions around the world are now remembering and anchoring the highest aspects of both Feminine and Masculine energies into every area of life.

This year, we will experience the spring equinox of March 19 – 21 as a time of rebalancing.

The energies and higher light that will be pouring onto the Earth over those few days will offer a “reset” in our understanding of the Masculine and the Feminine, one that has been building for a number of years.

The resulting shift in perspective and consciousness will help tremendously as we experience greater balance between our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies—the yin and the yang.

From there, we can begin to build a far more balanced Earth life.

Heal & Prosper

The Greatest Gift We Can Give

The greatest gift we can give to the world right now is to choose to operate from our true authentic self as often as possible.

When we consciously step into our authentic self, we empower and inspire others to step into their authentic selves.

This creates a domino effect, stretching across the world in ways that raise global consciousness.

This is exactly what we have been seeing for the past several decades.

One by one, people are awakening from the long slumbers that have kept them attached to outdated ideas, and the structures and systems that have kept them looking outside themselves for ways to express their inner power.

For so long we’ve felt helpless, standing on the sidelines and feeling we could not do anything about that kind of dis-empowerment.

But now, by stepping into the most authentic and honest part of ourselves, we have become empowered.

We can see right through the illusions and distractions.

One by one, we are becoming free.

What an exciting time to be alive on this planet!

Watch this space for more on this in the coming months!

Miraculously Yours,




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