Connecting to the New Earth Grid - April 2016

Dear Friend,

It's always a gift for me to be able to connect with you in this way.

In the last Forecast, I mentioned that we would leave March completely different from how we entered it.

If you are someone who pays close attention to the inner and outer world, you've probably noticed that, whether they feel to be subtle or not so subtle, big changes are occurring in your life, and in the world.

These changes were greatly supported by the celestial alignments that took place last month, which you can review in the Energy Forecast archives.

Where Are We Now?

Although there was a great deal of movement and action that occurred in March, there was also a lot of uncertainty, instability, and what seemed to be doors closing all over the place.
If you are someone who experienced more of the latter, by the end of March you saw glimpses of greater clarity, stability, and opportunities to progress forward.

The New Earth Grid

Right now, we are in a special window of time where we get to anchor and materialize the New Earth Grid in quantum leaps. This was already set into motion decades ago by many Way-Showers, Healers, Empaths, and Lightworkers.

We are so grateful to those who have paved the way for all of us to be here now.
Although the New Earth Grid has been decades in the making, there is a very concentrated timeline over the next few months that, when utilized, will help to materialize a huge leap forward in the consciousness of humanity.

This will also show up in ways that will bring us together with our Soul Tribes. This Soul Tribe will reflect back to us a sense of "home" and "safety."

It's important to be mindful of the people entering our lives in the next few months, as many of them will be part of the Soul Tribe that will help us to connect more with the New Earth Grid.

The New Earth Grid is the golden thread of love and Divine logic that is building the resilient and unwavering foundation of the New Earth Matrix, now rising from every corner of the planet.

How to Connect with the New Earth Grid

There are many ways to connect to the New Earth Grid. The simplest, quickest, and most effective way will be highlighted in this Forecast.

Authenticity and Transparency

One of the most effective things we can do to instantly connect with the New Earth Grid is to be completely honest—first and foremost, with ourselves, and then with the world around us.

The first step is to take a quick inventory of where in our lives we are already being completely authentic, honest, and transparent, and what other areas might benefit from having more of these qualities.

Being honest and authentic is not to be mistaken with being intentionally unkind, rude, or hurtful, especially in the way we deliver our truth. The latter behaviors have no room in the New Earth Grid.
Some simple questions we can ask ourselves to help evoke greater authenticity are, "What are the things that matter the most to me in life?" And "Who am I when I express myself freely and fully from the heart?"

A Willingness to Truly Heal

Often when we heal from a seeming imbalance in our lives, a large burden that had occupied our attention is lifted out of our energy.

Although the Spirit loves to travel light, the mind sometimes takes a bit longer to be convinced, simply because it has grown accustomed to the burdens it has carried.

There are different levels of willingness, especially when it comes to healing. For many people, it's not until their thoughts feel increasingly uncomfortable that they are ready and willing to heal and let go of the stories they have identified with for so long.

These are the stories that the mind uses to reinforce the idea that one is broken or lacking in some way. Essentially, these are the stories that create victim/survival consciousness, which is actually the lowest aspect of humanity's consciousness.

However, we are in a unique time now, where we no longer need to identify with or operate from victim consciousness. We have the opportunity to shift our personal and collective timelines, so that we can truly begin to operate from the most empowered and sovereign part of ourselves.

This is also known as the Spirit/Goddess/God/Higher Self aspect of ourselves. So the question then becomes, are we truly willing and ready to heal?

Meaning, are we willing to let go of the dramatic patterns, the insecurities, the stories, the fear, worry, lack, addictions, guilt, shame, self-sabotage, blame, or any other behaviors that affirm victim consciousness?

Once we get an inner "Yes," we can then begin asking questions like, "Who am I outside of the limiting stories my mind has identified with?" and "What steps am I willing to take to find that out?"

If you are finding that you are not healing as quickly as you would like–"healing" being just another word for remembering the wholeness, perfection, and abundance that has been within and around you all along—then invite your mind to contemplate on how it may still be identifying with the old victim consciousness.

The mind might immediately resist, and think something like, "I don't want the old patterns! I really want to heal." However, question it. Ask, "Do you really want to heal? Because clearly, you are still finding comfort in the old discomfort."

Once you begin questioning your mind in this way, it begins to light up parts of the brain that have been dormant.

These are the parts that allow for the highest wisdom and insight to come through, loud and clear.

Love Unconditionally

The idea of love has gone through many misinterpretations in most societies.
We've been taught through religions, doctrines, media, and traditions that in order to experience love, we have to worry about it, search outside ourselves for it, sacrifice for it, experience pain and heartbreak over it, suffer for it, give up things we want to have it, believe it's conditional/we have to earn it, and so on.

Real love is always easy, unconditional, expansive, joyful, eternal, steadfast, and nonjudgmental. It's simply the way people have misinterpreted love that has created the illusion that it's anything less than those qualities.

During the next few months, one of the most important things we can do to connect with the New Earth Grid, is to rediscover what love really is, and then begin to rise in love. First and foremost, with ourselves, then with the world around us.

For so many generations, most of humanity has been taught that it is wrong for us to love and honor ourselves in the same way we are supposed to love and honor others.

This tradition is actually one of the main reasons why humanity once moved away from knowing the Divinity of who we really are.

We were taught to look outside of ourselves for the answer, when it was within every fiber of our being all along.

Thank goodness those days are winding down quickly, and that people are understanding more and more that in order to be the most expanded, open, happy, and loving version of ourselves in the world, we must first start by truly loving ourselves. To the mind, this may not come easily, simply because we have not been taught how to love ourselves.

So we can ask ourselves some questions, such as, "How would unconditional love treat me, if it was embodied in a person? And how can I open up to being this person?"

I would invite you to make a list of all the ways an unconditionally loving person would treat you.
Are they generous, kind, nonjudgmental, fun, playful, respectful? Do they make you feel seen, heard, appreciated? Do they make you gifts, sing to you, take you on special nature walks? And of course, the list goes on.

It's always wonderful to connect with a Soul Mate from our Soul Tribe—someone who can mirror these qualities back to us. Yet in order for that to happen the way we truly desire deep down, we need to begin showing up as our own Soul Mate first.

Seeing the Signs

From now until September, some of the biggest changes in our lives and in the world also have the opportunity to be some of the most breathtakingly beautiful ones.

If we are someone who has allowed our mind to remain focused on all the things that are not working in our lives, we may (for the moment) miss these experiences that are happening right under our nose.

But if we are someone who makes a conscious decision to be authentic and loving as often as we can, while being proactive and committed to our inner healing journey ... then get ready for the party of many lifetimes to begin!

A Clarion Call

On April 15th, at 1:11 pm Eastern / 10:11 am Pacific / 6:11 pm UK Time, I will be at the United Nations in New York, facilitating a global healing for every living being on our planet, at the heart of where world diplomacy occurs.

We all know that things must continue to change and evolve, in order for a new day to emerge for all of humanity to come together as One family.

Together, we are already making many strides in raising the consciousness of humanity, and key events like this one at the United Nations will magnify everything we've achieved, and anchor profound healing for the hearts of every living being on the planet.

If you would like to receive and take part in the profound healing that will be taking place on this special day, simply mark the day and time of the event on your calendar: April 15th at 1:11 pm Eastern Time (New York).

During that time, please pause for a few minutes and send a clear intention to the Universe that your presence be included in the global healing and activation of unconditional love and light that will be taking place at that time, for all of humanity.

This is going to be one of the BIGGEST things you and I have ever done together.

Please share this far and wide with your friends and family, so we can make sure everyone who wants to experience and contribute to greater peace, joy, love, healing, and abundance for all, has the opportunity to do so now.

If you happen to be in the New York area, please click here to find out how you can join me in person.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,




kitegirlcoach 5th April 2016 11:48 pm

Hey Emmanuel,
This is wonderful recognition for the work you do. Fantastic! What an achievement.
I will be there in spirit though most likely physically asleep here in Australia.

LordJesusChrist 6th April 2016 1:57 am

The Good Force be with you...excellent posts, Emmanuel, thanks for sharing & Godspeed, continue what you're doing & conform to God's plan which is Paradise forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen!

:smitten: :) :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs: :police: :D

Heartfelt courage 6th April 2016 2:01 am


earthchild 6th April 2016 5:30 am


Emmanuel Dagher 6th April 2016 10:03 am

Love you all!

KP88 10th April 2016 12:56 am



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