Course Correction – October 2020

My friend,

It’s an honor for me to connect with your radiant Spirit in this way. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it …

October 2020 is a month that will change the trajectory of our personal and collective experience forever. A Divine renovation is in the works, which will serve as the catalyst for the next wave of awakening in our world.

In March of 2020, the world was awakened through a collective pause. This pause offered each of us the opportunity to go within, to reflect on our path, and to make the essential refinements that would help us evolve.

In October, the world will awaken through collective outer action, balancing the inner awakening that occurred back in March.

Course Correction

There is a rapid shift happening.

We are all moving through and resolving eons of karmic patterns on behalf of ourselves, our ancestors, and humanity as a whole, and it’s occurring at heightened rates of speed such as we have never before witnessed in the history of human experience.

Most of the karmic resolution we are experiencing right now is happening during our sleep and meditative states (which some have noticed in the dreams they are experiencing).

Yet so much inner activity can take a toll on our emotional, physical, and mental bodies, if we are not intentionally replenishing ourselves.  

This resolution of karmic patterns that no longer serve our greatest good often occurs in stages. This makes it easier for our body and mind to adjust to the number of shifts flowing through our energy field.  

However, because we are experiencing these rapid changes so quickly, the phases are often being bundled together, so these waves of transformation can feel uncomfortable at times.  

It’s also clear that the Earth is healing and purifying herself. She too is readjusting, to be able to operate in higher states of existence.

When change occurs as quickly as it is now, there’s one thing we can do to help ourselves ride the waves with greater ease: practice Divine Serenity.

Divine Serenity offers us the ability to become the peaceful observer and the still space within all of life. Serenity replenishes the core of our being, and helps us to not get caught up in the fear bubble that’s about to pop.

When we practice serenity, it becomes much easier to transcend the mental constructs the mind can revert to. We can go beyond the survival patterns that have it reacting and getting caught up in the resistance that can come with so much change happening.

Practicing serenity makes it easier and more enjoyable to move through the shifts occurring within and around us now.

Because the mind is often used to being the Do-er, serenity can feel a bit strange and even boring, because it asks the mind to move from Do-ing to Be-ing.

However, with a little practice, we can show the mind the value and benefit of serenity and becoming still, reminding it that stillness allows us to replenish and nourish our mind, body, and energy in a way that allows us to be ready for all the change to come, thriving as we do so.

Serenity is the prerequisite to transcending the survival-based matrix humanity has co-created.

It helps us create a new path—one that connects us with a reality of greater freedom, peace, Love, unity, joy, pristine well-being, prosperity, fulfillment, and life’s most precious blessings.

The October Surprise: She is Here

October will bring with it quite a few surprises. These surprises are matriarchal in nature, here to bring balance to a world that has been mostly controlled by the lower aspect of the patriarchal construct.

As the Divine Matriarchal energies awaken and rise within the heart and mind of all humanity now, things that had been hidden will come to the surface, allowing old systems, patterns, behaviors, and ideologies not aligned with humanity’s greatest good to be transformed.

This will make way for new ways of being and living to emerge that promote an inclusivity that has not yet been experienced fully in our world.

We’ve been seeing glimpses of this, yet things will be expanding now at a much more accelerated pace.

Hierarchy no longer has a place in the world.

Just as we are each individually evolving, so is the world.

We are now increasingly understanding that the more we honor the Divine Matriarch within and around us—by choosing love, kindness, respect, caring, and compassion for ourselves and others—then the more the mindless aspect of the patriarchy will transform to its authentic and Divine nature, allowing for healing to occur for all life on this planet.

Here are a few things we can do during this time:

  • Express kindness, compassion, and love for ourselves
  • Express kindness, compassion, and love for others
  • Be present with our five senses
  • Surround ourselves with (natural) fragrances, such as flowers, plants, and essential oils
  • Surround ourselves with colors that evoke feelings of peace, joy, Love, passion, and freedom
  • Surround ourselves with the beautiful sounds of nature, music, and the inner stillness of our I AM presence
  • Meditate
  • Eat and drink foods that nourish us in ways that feel life-enhancing and life-giving
  • Feel the healing textures of nature between our toes, with our hands, and on our body
  • Check in and ask ourselves how we’re doing throughout the day
  • Get a couple of minutes of sun daily

Those who are doing their inner work will notice that by mid-to-late October, some wonderful blessings will be entering their lives, especially in areas of personal, spiritual, and financial growth.

Peace of Mind

As we move through an active cycle that brings with it lots of change, the mind might be a little more reactive and sensitive, because it just wants to feel safe.

The mind resists change, because it sees change as something that’s requiring it to give up what it’s always had.

Change is something the mind can greatly benefit from, and it will be onboard with change once we let it know that it doesn’t have to give up anything it doesn’t want to give up.

What we are experiencing right now depends solely on where we choose to place our focus and attention.

If we are focusing on the outside world, we’ll probably find ourselves feeling fearful and stuck.

If we are focusing on kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others, that’s when deep healing begins to take place.

When we are able to step out of a reactive space—one where we’ve been triggered by our surroundings—and move into being an observer, we begin to see every experience as simply feedback, letting us know what we do and do not resonate with.

Getting into observer mode immediately lessens the charge of whatever is causing our angst. From this space, when we do encounter extremes in our surroundings, it becomes much easier to remain centered and unbothered by it all.

As observers, we empower ourselves to remain centered through all situations (even challenging ones). From there, we can fine-tune our knowing of what we do want to create more of.

Extreme situations no longer become as extreme when we watch as observers, because we are no longer allowing ourselves to get caught up in them.

Whenever you find that the mind is getting caught up in the details and stories of life that feel challenging, here’s a simple technique that can help:

  1. Pause for a moment, and take three deep, full breaths.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Imagine yourself (your awareness) stepping out of your body, and see yourself sitting there with your eyes closed.
  4. Just observe yourself for 1–3 minutes.
  5. Bring your awareness back into your body. Start by focusing on the bottoms of your feet, then move up the body to the palms of your hands, then your heart, then the top of your head.
  6. Gently open your eyes.
  7. Express gratitude to your Spirit self for reminding you to objectively “see” yourself.

This simple process helps move us out of survival mode and into a state of peacefulness.

You’ll probably even feel a release in the body and mind from any tension you were holding.

Doing this process at least once a day for the month of October will help us create space for deep healing, peace, and awakening.

We are in exciting times, and we have so much to look forward to!

And we are all in this together.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


kitegirlcoach 2nd October 2020 2:04 am

Lovely message, thank you Emmanuel. I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful surprises this month reveals.


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