Divine Emergence – June 2020

Hi my beautiful friend,

I’m so grateful to be able to connect with you today. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

The energy of June is picking up speed and changing directions, as we get closer to some of the most powerful celestial alignments of the year.

These will commence with the summer solstice on June 20th, followed by the solar eclipse on June 21st, then the lunar eclipse on July 5th.

This trifecta of celestial alignments will support us by moving our personal and collective awakening up an octave, and will continue to create immense change in the world in the months ahead.

Emergence of a Planetary Civilization

If we view things from a zoomed-out perspective, we can see that the current awakening we are moving through is bringing us closer to becoming a planetary civilization.

The creation of a planetary civilization will allow us all to unite as one global family, and to create a reality that supports the greatest good of all people, rather than just a select few.

This shift is moving us out of the old archaic “Us vs. Them” mentality, into a “We” mentality, where we respect, honor, and value one another and our Earth.

The culmination of all the upheavals we are moving through as a collective is actually paving the way to forming what physicists call a “Type I civilization.”

This transition is perhaps the greatest transition in Earth’s history, marking a sharp departure from all of our civilizations of the past.

Every headline that dominates the psyche of the collective right now reflects, in some way, a stretching effect that is expanding human life into a whole higher form of civilization.

The old forms of commerce, trade, culture, language, entertainment, leisure activities, and more are all being turned upside down by the emergence of this planetary shift.

What this means, is that although we’re seeing a great deal of chaos in the world, it’s all happening as part of a shift in consciousness that’s paving the way for something much greater to emerge.

If we just reflect on the advancements that have taken place in recent years, we can see many confirmations of the shift that’s taking place. Higher vibrational ideas and actions that may not have been accepted before are now becoming mainstream and considered “normal.”

The next few months will serve as a pivotal time, as we personally and globally take a quantum leap in the direction of creating a planetary civilization.

Quantum Leaps

When we move through a quantum leap of consciousness like the one we are in now, the fabric of the world around us changes completely.

We are already seeing glimpses of the new fabric of our lives taking form, as the previous fabric starts to gently soften and fade into the background.

Anytime a quantum leap in consciousness occurs, it usually unfolds in ways that affect our personal lives, such as:

  • A desire to be more active and productive
  • A desire to begin something new (project, business, career, hobby, relationship)
  • A desire to clean and simplify our home
  • An awakened inner fire and passion for life
  • A desire to learn a new language or instrument, and to travel
  • A desire to take a course, workshop, or lessons in a new area
  • A desire to think bigger, and outside of the box
  • A desire to release people, places, and experiences that are no longer supporting our greatest good
  • A desire to feel even more connected to our Spirit and the Universe
  • A desire to look at and resolve old patterns that have held us back from being our most authentic and honest self
  • A desire for community
  • A desire to make a difference
  • A desire to be more loving, compassionate, and kind with ourselves and the world
  • A desire to make our inner peace and well-being a top priority in our lives
  • A desire to take better care of our body and inner being (eating healthfully, exercising, meditating)
  • A desire to recognize the divinity within ourselves and others

As a collective, we will notice outer changes as well:

  • Things that were once hidden or unknown to humanity will come to the surface to be revealed and addressed
  • Science and Spirituality will merge to become one and the same, as new discoveries occur that bring their concepts together
  • The old-paradigm institutions promoting a fear– and separation–based agenda will struggle, and no longer have the same hold on humanity they once had
  • Anything or anyone promoting or constantly buying into separation and fear will begin to feel the heaviness of that weighing on them physically, emotionally, and mentally, making it challenging for them to continue to promote these types of energies
  • New concepts, inventions, and resolutions will be introduced with the intention of helping to create greater healing and unity for our world
  • Different industries (food, medicine, supplements, etc.) will take another big step forward in bringing healthy, transparent, sustainable products to the masses
  • People from all walks of life will find they have way more in common with one another than they had ever thought, allowing people to unite and create more and greater positive changes in the world
  • Many people with platforms to make a difference will step up and do even greater things than in the past
  • The music and art that comes out during and after these next few months will also reflect the powerful changes occurring now
  • And much more!
Doing Our Inner Work

When we move through great transitional cycles such as the one we are currently in, it can bring up many old thoughts and emotions we have not yet fully resolved and healed.

Thoughts and emotions are very real, and hold palpable energies. If they don’t have a healthy outlet through which to be fully expressed, they will store themselves in the body and mind where they will continue to ask for our attention.

During the month of June and beyond, rather than try to bury, hide, or look away from any undesired thoughts and feelings that come up, let’s give ourselves permission to embrace and honor these thoughts and feelings, as if they were our children.

Every thought and feeling that activates something within us that doesn’t feel good, is actually a request from our mind for even more love, acceptance, and compassion from us.

Whatever stories the mind creates, it always comes back to the desire to receive love and compassion from us.

When we give ourselves the kind of love and compassion we desire to receive from the greatest love of our lives, the mind will have less of a desire to use unkind or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to get our attention, because it already feels the love and attention we’re sending.

For every unkind reaction we’ve had towards a loved one, friend, colleague, people in our environment, and ourselves, let’s give ourselves full permission now to honor the fact that our mind was just doing that as a way of asking for more love and attention.

From this space, we can have more compassion for the mind, thanking it for simply doing the best it knew how, and for calling our attention to something within us that needs healing.

And now that the mind has our attention, we can thank it for protecting us and keeping us safe in the best way it knew at the time.

The month of June will be an excellent time to put into practice a more loving relationship with our mind.

This will help to ensure that any of the ups and downs in our emotions, activated by all of the energetic changes taking place, will be more stabilized. This will help us feel greater peace and ease as we travel through this time of powerful transition.

This will also help us not get caught up in the stories the mind sometimes likes to create, which can often leave us feeling helpless or stuck.

Embracing our mind doesn’t have to look like rainbows and butterflies every day. But it does help us have a better understanding of why the mind acts the way does.

And it allows us to develop more compassion for the parts of us that we were unable to fully love and accept before now.

As intense thoughts and feelings surface, we may feel tired some days, confused or unhappy other days.

Right now, our inner self is asking for love and support in this time of great change, and we can give it that by releasing inner judgment, and releasing the need to understand everything that is coming up for us.

Rather than trying to track the meaning or origin of every thought or feeling that comes up, we can simply observe those thoughts and feelings, thank them for whatever message they have brought us, and let them go.

With so much excitement going on, this is a great time for extra self-care and nurturing.

Be open to taking more time for yourself—more rest, more time in Nature, more fun time, and time spent expressing yourself creatively.

This will ensure that these next few crucial months move forward much more smoothly and enjoyably for you.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


VAARRR 2nd June 2020 10:22 am

all these thoughts to keep our consciousness stuck in material reality, and do not give magically solution
because most people are not ready yet.........
they still need to be cleaned for the magic......
for when we unite, will be very dirty and different levels, hey must first be cleaned
well and thee , so entertain, spend time..........
so faster.....


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