Energy Forecast - A Glimpse at the Gifts 2014 Will Bring

Happy New Year my Beautiful Friend,

It’s such a deep honor for me to connect with you again as we embark upon a fresh new year. I have quite a few exciting things to share with you in this forecast! But before we dive into some of the gifts the year 2014 will usher in, let’s take a moment to reflect back on the blessings that the past year brought us.

December 2012: What Really Happened?

When the December 21st 2012 Winter Solstice came and went and nothing in our immediate reality ‘seemed’ to have shifted much, many people were left feeling disheartened, disconnected and defeated.

There was no doubt as to the palpable quickening of time and the heightened physical and emotional symptoms that led up to and followed the December Solstice of 2012. But many simply didn’t feel fulfilled enough after the amount of hard work and dedication they had contributed to the potential awakening of the collective consciousness.

Early 2013 then became a testing period for us to see how resilient we were, and whether we would allow ourselves to sink or to swim. The December 21st 2012 phenomenon taught many of us a profound lesson: to let go of the specific expectations the human part of us too often likes to carry around and get caught up in.

Around early Spring of 2013, many of us started to develop our ‘letting go’ muscles and truly began to go deeper into our ability to surrender to the natural flow of life. As we did this, things in our collective reality began to shift more quickly than ever.

The seeds that had been planted decades before and during the December 21st 2012 Solstice began to sprout. The new beginnings for a bright new world, planted by millions of people through gathered intention and meditation, began to emerge and actually started to reveal themselves.

Confirmations of a Bright New World

As time speeds up and the world changes at the speed of light, our mind has a tendency to forget things quickly and move on to whatever is next.

At the end of each quarter year (beautifully marked by the Equinoxes and Solstices), it may serve us to note some of the personal and global shifts that have occurred, so that we can revisit them at the end of the year to keep track of how much things really have changed.

We can instantly confirm just how much we have expanded and grown, by briefly reflecting back on how we were showing up in the world just before we entered 2013, and how we are showing up now. Think about all of the wisdom, lessons and gifts you have received in this short amount of time. It’s kind of jaw-dropping, isn’t it?

2013: How We’ve Grown

Here are just a few confirmations as to how much we have expanded and grown collectively in 2013:

  • People are awakening to the truth of who they really are, and are connecting more on a heart-to-heart level.
  • Industries and corporations operating from a lack of integrity are losing steam and influence.
  • People are becoming more conscious of where their food sources are coming from and what their food is really made of.
  • People are becoming more conscious of how they can take better care of their environment. Alternative natural resources are becoming more popular for a cleaner way of living.
  • Huge steps forward are being created in the LGBTQ rights movement.
  • The power pendulum is shifting, from a select few back to the collective masses.
  • Conscious businesses and media are becoming more popular and more in demand.
  • Alternative healing therapies and practices are becoming increasingly accepted into mainstream thought.
  • Good morals and values in both personal and business ventures are making a major comeback.
  • The world came together and said ‘NO!’—and overturned the possibility of another war in the Middle East.

The year 2013 was truly a year of learning. It allowed millions of people to anchor a greater wisdom that is now leading us to higher states of consciousness. 2014 and beyond will call us to apply and witness this higher consciousness in action.

A Glimpse at the Gifts 2014 Will Bring

So what’s in store for us in 2014 and beyond?

One of the most exciting things I’d like to highlight, which has already started to show up for many and will continue to make its way into the lives of many more, is the experience of complete healing and ultimate resolution of our deepest challenges.

Many of us have been holding on to lingering physical, emotional, mental and financial patterns that have blocked us from truly living our greatest potential. Although these patterns are unique to each individual, many have not experienced complete healing and dissolution of these patterns simply because there’s a part of them that did not believe it was even possible.

Because these patterns can stem back through many lifetimes, it’s not always necessary to dissect why or how we acquired each one. What we can do though, is accept them as they are and be grateful for the lessons they taught us. We can then align ourselves with the energies becoming available to us, so that ultimate healing can occur.

What I’ve been seeing and feeling for 2014 is that many of the things we’ve had challenges in overcoming will heal almost instantaneously. Some people may even have a hard time believing that these issues really are resolved, because when the answers come they may seem to be just too easy.

Many of these answers will have been ‘under our nose’ the whole time. They’re able to come to us now, because it’s only now that we are open enough to receive them. Of course, those of us who have diligently been committed to our inner healing know that these healings have been lifetimes in the making!

Keeping an Open Mind and Heart

So I invite you to keep an open mind and an open heart to all the opportunities the Universe provides for you this year that contribute to the ultimate healing and resolving of many old issues in your life.

This coming year will continue to expand upon many of the blessings we received in 2013, while the awakening to higher consciousness that is now manifesting in the collective will reach soaring heights. This expanded consciousness will powerfully enable real and positive change in the world, in a way that can no longer be held back or denied.

Those who have served as way-showers for what feels like an eternity will find themselves with a much lighter load this coming year. I know that for many, this day felt like it would never arrive. The lighter load will be a result of us allowing ourselves to receive the support of the newcomers who have recently awakened and are eager to dedicate their lives to a more mindful way of being.

Imagine the infinite possibilities that can show up for us when we allow ourselves to breathe and experience a lighter existence. I know I’m ready—how about you?

Here’s to a year filled with an avalanche of bliss, laughter, prosperity, miracles, well-being, creative fulfillment, peace, love and ease in every area of our lives.

This or something greater, and so it is!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



MiraStar 13th January 2014 5:28 am

Wow Emmanuel, that was a great read, and something I needed to help me through a difficult time. Thank you :)

Peter fox 13th January 2014 5:37 am

Wonderful message Emmanuel and a very happy New Year to you too.
Yes,I'm definitely ready to receive those wonderful nine gifts and blessings
you highlight at the end of your posting. Here's to us all allowing ourselves
to receive all this and,as you say,more!!

bluedragoness 13th January 2014 11:51 am

I personally did experience the shift a few days after 21-12-12 and also days before I had dreams about the Sun changing.

But sadly most people did not feel it and they expected ETs to come and save them and masters to guide them when it was them the ones who had to start shifting but fortunately these changes are manifesting faster now that we have ascended physically. We only have to ascend further in consciousness to create a better future and to understand what ascension truly means and how it manifests physically.

Thank you for this message


Emmanuel Dagher 14th January 2014 10:29 pm

Much love to each of you!


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