Energy Forecast - And ... Action!

Hi my beautiful friend,

The celestial energies right now are highly active, making it the perfect time for us to take action towards creating the reality of our choice. Just like the seasons, the energy all around us and in the ethers also goes through a dormant and/or highly active cycle. As we start our journey of looking inwards, we begin to feel into these cycles of energy. With alignment, comes the natural intuitive ability to know when it's time for us to pause, and when it's time for us to take action. Right now, we are entering a time of action.

Taking Action

What does taking action look like both personally and globally? On a personal level, taking action shows up differently for each of us. Here are just a few examples of how we may be called to take action right now:

*starting new projects or ventures;

*tying up loose ends from the past (personal/financial/etc.);

*moving to a new location;

*starting a new job;

*changing our diet and wellness protocol;

*starting new relationships or transitioning out of old ones;

*pursuing goals and dreams;


*feeling guided to exercise and be more physically active;

*taking a new class or course;

*revisiting talents and gifts we haven't used in a while; and

*cleaning our house, donating and getting rid of what we no longer use.

If we are feeling guided to take action towards any of these areas of our lives, now is the time.

With the rise of global consciousness, we are becoming even more sensitive to everything around us. We may notice that there are certain foods we used to eat that we just can't eat anymore. We may notice some connections we used to have with friends and family members that are changing as well. All that is asked of us is to put our trust in the Universe without always having to over analyze what's going on.

During highly active cycles on a global scale, here are just a few examples of what may be showing up right now:

*continued Earth shifts and movements;

*changes in weather patterns;

*new technologies, breakthroughs and achievements that have a collective impact;

*heightened awareness towards causes that impact humanity;

*revolutions and other social changes;

*distractions and resistance (usually stemming from old structures that are unable to embrace great change); and

*paradigm shifting events.

Although some of these things can seem a bit overwhelming, they are confirmations that the world is readjusting to a higher frequency. Because change isn't something the world is always comfortable with, a little bit of resistance is a good indicator that big breakthroughs are on the near horizon.

Two Methods of Taking Action

There are two methods to taking action. We can either try to make action happen, or we can allow action to happen.

When we try to make action happen, we usually come up against a great deal of resistance. Making something happen requires that we spend lots of time and energy on something that may or may not manifest itself into our lives. As a society, many of us grew up learning that making and forcing something to happen in our lives is what will bring it closer to us. We were taught that by being aggressive towards making our dreams a reality, we would experience optimum rewards and fulfillment. We were taught that the harder we work, the more things we could acquire to make us happy. Even though this method may have worked for few temporarily, most of the time it came with some kind of price.

When we operate from a space of always trying to make or force something to happen in our lives, we usually put a great deal of pressure or stress on our emotional and mental bodies. In turn, this can eventually manifest itself as an imbalance in our physical body.

The preferred method when it comes to taking action is to practice the art of allowing. When we allow action to happen, we usually start from a solid foundation of putting our full trust in the Universe. With this trust, we no longer need to oversee or control every specific detail in our lives. There's a sense of ease and grace that comes with allowing, because we know that the Universe is taking care of all the details.

The method of allowing action to happen doesn't mean we sit around and do nothing when it comes to manifesting our goals. It does however mean that we constantly choose to align ourselves with the present moment where we are at our most powerful. It's in this present moment that we become ‘master manifestors'. Also, in the present is when we are paying the most attention to all of the opportunities around us. And when the time comes for these opportunities to present themselves, that's when we take the inspired action necessary towards them in a way that feels easy and graceful to us.

The Magnified Effect

During times of high active energies, it's imperative to make sure we are focusing on what we want to create in our lives as opposed to what we don't want to create. The reason being, what we spend most of our time focusing on now will have a good chance of manifesting itself into our experience quickly. Let's use this time to constantly take inventory of all the blessings in our lives and really express our gratitude for it all so that we can continue to attract even more blessings to be grateful for.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



Traveler 3rd April 2012 7:40 am

As always, your message presented itself at a perfect time and provided much needed reflection as it relates to the "now" of my life. I am always grateful for the wisdom you share. Much love to you my friend!

COBALT 3rd April 2012 10:16 am

:smitten: I had a feeling you had posted! The magic is here.

Love and light.

Emmanuel Dagher 3rd April 2012 11:23 am

Sending lots of love to you both!!

mycavaliers 3rd April 2012 12:35 pm

Thank you, Emmanuel....I sent a prayer out just last night, asking to understand how allowing and action work together. This morning, miraculously, I received the answer through you. Words are inadequate for the feelings that I experienced from your message. Something has opened up in me and I feel inspired and enlivened with what the Universe has in store for me.

Spirit guided me to you and I am deeply grateful for the gift of your spiritual wisdom and energetic presence in my life.

Always...with much gratitude,
Nancy :)

in 3rd April 2012 2:41 pm

Thank you Emmanuel, this message was spot on for me. For days now I am traying to decide in a certain situation of mine shoud I push it or should I wait for the opportunity that I seek gracefully unfolds infront of me. Thank you very much. :smitten:
Much love,

sandrarojo 3rd April 2012 4:23 pm

I really needed to hear a message like this one during this time. I'm glad I happened to view spirit Library today. It actually had been approx. 2 months I hadn't checked in. I really want to relocate from where my husband and I are living, and well...we don't know how that is going to happen so reading this post was great!! Thanks again for all the work you do! The art of allowing,YES!

Much Love,

Emmanuel Dagher 3rd April 2012 7:47 pm


spiritlightbody 4th April 2012 7:35 pm

Emmanuel, your timing is perfect.

I've been struggling with a dilemma. The people involved, well there's a lot of emotional content. The Push It people are loud and insistent. They have plans. The Allow people are calm and present.

Thank you so much for the reminder about these.


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