Energy Forecast - Divine Intervention in Action

Blessings my friend, 

It’s a privilege for me to share the sacred moment of now with you again. So much has happened since the last time we checked in with each other, and I’m excited to share it all with you.

In last month’s Energy Forecast, it was mentioned that the end of September to mid-October would serve as a time of rest and relaxation. That time period provided us with the opportunity to prepare for the energy shift that began a few days before the October 18th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and is in full bloom now. 

The Significance of the Lunar Eclipse 

The recent Penumbral Lunar Eclipse created a doorway to higher consciousness. A Penumbral Eclipse is when the Moon is within the shadow of the Earth. This Eclipse gave us the opportunity to release deeply rooted resistance and energetic blocks we’ve carried in our shadow self. This release supported us to experience a quantum leap in our personal and collective journey to higher consciousness. 

The Lunar Eclipse supported many of us to illuminate ourselves from within motiving us to share our gifts with the world around us in a more open and authentic way. During the Eclipse emotions always run high so things felt quite intense and amplified, however they eventually settle not too long after. 

On the global stage we saw and are still seeing the organizations like the NSA (which represents a big part of the shadow aspect in the collective) be held accountable by millions of world citizens for its unethical spy tactics and actions used for personal and monetary gain. There’s simply no way this kind of shadow can go back into hiding after it has come into the light for all to see.

This situation with the NSA has served to speed up the awakening process for many. All the media may create a fear-based spin around the whole scenario trying convince people of why it’s important to have these types of structures set up, there’s no need to buy into this fear because we know it needs to happen for the necessary positive world changes to unfold. 

The Sun Awakens

On October 25th, the Sun started to shake, rattle, and rolling again with a series of X class Solar Flares. Strong solar activity is an indication that there’s a great awakening happening in our collective consciousness. During these times, it’s an excellent opportunity for us to face any seeming challenges in our lives head on. This usually results in us experiencing huge breakthroughs especially in an areas of our lives that lead to self-empowerment and a deeper connection to Creator/Source Energy. 

When there’s as much solar activity as we’ve recently had, large amounts of light (energy) enters Earth’s atmosphere. In our personal lives, this can temporarily manifest itself as experiencing a sense of being or feeling ‘off’ in our emotions, thoughts, or physical body. This may show up in our experience as feeling a bit more tired than usual, head/sinus pressure, excess heat/flushing, anxious, more emotional than usual, ringing in the ear, and moodiness to name a few. 

Strong solar activity can also show up in our lives as receiving bursts of inspiration for no apparent reason, tapping into ‘out of the box’ ideas that can better our lives in some way we may not have thought of before, feeling an extra push to speak our truth on behalf of what is fair and just, and more vivid dreams. 

Some of these things may feel uncomfortable, and know that is completely okay. Shifting into higher states consciousness isn’t always a walk in the park, however the results are always worth it after we’ve fully integrated with the energies that are being anchored at the time. 

Several little things we can do to help us through strong solar activity are to 

• Drink plenty of water. 
• Rest. 
• Mindfully speak our truth. 
• Be and sit in nature. 
• Eat nourishing food that contains high amount of life force energy. 
• Connect with supportive and kind people.
• Choose conscious thoughts, words, and actions.
• Meditate.
• Practice gratitude.
• Being gentle with ourselves and others (keeping things light).
• Take comfort in knowing that we are not alone on this journey to higher consciousness.
• Live in the present moment. 

Divine Intervention in Action 

The reason why everything is changing right now so quickly in our personal lives and in the world is because of Divine intervention in action. Deep within each of us lies the Divine seed of the Universe (Creator/Source Energy). When we meditate, pray and focus on our inner healing, and personal development, what we do is feed and nourish this Divine Universal Seed. After enough nourishment, this seed flourishes and manifests itself into our physical experience as higher consciousness in action. 

The manifestation of the Divine Seed within each of us is showing up in our lives also as Divine intervention in action. Most of us have heard the concept “We Are One with All That Is” meaning we are the physical embodiment of the Universe experiencing more of Itself as us. 

So as we reflect on this concept, just suppose this expression that “We Are One” is an actual a reality. What would that look like? What if everything in our lives including the Celestial alignments that seem to be intervening on our behalf really just be us calling it forth? 

Well this is exactly what is happening. The Divine Intervention may appear like it’s happening outside of us, but it’s really us who have summoned the current shift in consciousness happening in our lives, on the planet and beyond. 

The Solar Eclipse Nudges Us Forward

On November 3rd (4th for some parts of the world) we experienced our last eclipse which will be a Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse’s create the perfect climate for big personal and planetary transformations to occur. So combine this eclipse with the recent strong solar activity; it’s definitely time for lots of moment and action. 

This specific Eclipse is supporting us in anchoring more balance in the relationship with ourselves, others, our finances and the world around us. If we are someone who may still be struggling in any of these areas of our lives, this is the time to take a closer look at all the opportunities the Universe is presenting us with to finally transcend the limitations we’ve created that have kept us energies of struggle. 

How do we transcend the struggle? It’s just about being open enough to learn the lesson around it. Once the lesson is learned, the struggle dissolves or simply no longer holds the same power over us as it may have in the past. 

The Solar Eclipse is also inspiring fresh new ideas and concepts that will support even more positive changes in the world. These ideas will begin to spread like wildfire across the world, and will lead to the global movements necessary for global transformation to fully materialize in our collective experience.

The Pendulum Swings Back

The pendulum is swinging back from a world that has operated on egoic power to a world that operates on the foundations of real power based on ethics, compassion and love. I will share more on this over the next few months so stay tuned. 

For now, let’s remain in our hearts and take good care of ourselves from the inside-out. Life is truly an extraordinary ride and is always supporting us. To sum everything up, this is an excellent time to take inspired action towards fulfilling your truest most authentic desires. It’s time to say “YES” to all the opportunities life has to offer you that feel in alignment with your highest and greatest good. There’s no need to hold back anymore. This is our time to shine.

Till next time, 

Miraculous yours, 



Peter fox 5th November 2013 5:36 am

Wonderful,Emmanuel. Thank you!

Emmanuel Dagher 5th November 2013 6:40 pm


keryndawer 6th November 2013 12:47 pm

As always Emmanuel, a message clearly, lovingly and eloquently expressed. I am truly FEELING the Divine in myself at this time as never before...becoming bold and unafraid to do exactly what my heart guides me to do. Thank you for your beautiful message :)


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