Energy Forecast - Feeling The Momentum

Hi My Friend, 

There’s a momentum building now that is feeling quite palpable to many people around the world. Momentum builds when change is about to happen. If you’ve been feeling more anxious, scattered or emotionally charged than usual, know that it’s part of this wave of momentum. 

A New State of Balance 

The past 11-year cycle has been quite a roller coaster ride, filled with extremes of both highs and lows. As we enter the next era of our personal and collective journey, we will have the opportunity to experience a more balanced existence. This kind of balanced existence will no longer need to be achieved through extreme measures, but rather through a more gentle, peaceful and refined way. 

Humans have undergone millennia of conditioning, on both conscious and subconscious levels. During that time, we internalized the collective belief that in order to expand, grow, evolve, achieve balance and learn, some kind of extreme feeling or event had to be involved. 

These extremes served as types of initiations for the mind, so that it could feel more accomplished and satisfied after overcoming them. It was simply learned behavior that the need for these extremes were passed down from one generation to the next. 

As we move into higher consciousness however, we no longer have to create difficult initiations for ourselves in order to expand, grow and achieve a balanced state of being. We’ve entered a new age where everything we’ve ever envisioned for ourselves and the world can unfold with ease. 

Helping the Mind to Accept Peace and Ease 

The mind may immediately go into resistance mode when it reads a statement like the above. However, that’s only because the mind has become accustomed to a certain way of experiencing itself in this reality. 

We truly can create a more peaceful and desirable reality for ourselves and the world. The key to helping the mind be on board with that is to simply let it know that it’s not going to lose anything by aligning with a new shift in perspective—that it will gain and have so much more as a result of it. 

The mind loves to use the patterns of doubt, worry and fear as forms of self-protection. So whenever a new perspective is presented to the mind, it has the tendency to go into protection mode. 

Being gentle on the mind, and thanking it for trying to protect us, is a wonderful thing we can do to help it make this transition. This will dissolve the resistance we feel towards its reactions. It can then begin doing the same and releasing resistance towards us. 

Once this kind of ‘friendship’ is achieved with the mind, the mind will slowly begin to get on board with ideas, insights and beliefs that it may have been wary of before. 

The mind can then move into knowing that we truly can experience fulfillment of our greatest desires, without having to create hardship for ourselves first. 

A Fresh Start 

As we enter the next chapter of our lives, we have the opportunity to fine-tune our intentions and choices so that they align more with what we want to create. It’s a time to start fresh, and to release the extra cargo we’ve been carrying around with us all these years. 

There’s a lot of magic and energy in the air right now, so let’s make sure we are saying “YES” to the opportunities being presented to us as a result of this magic. 

These opportunities can reveal themselves in areas of relationships, creative and business ventures, wellness, spiritual expansion and support. The way to know if an opportunity is in alignment with our vision is to simply check in with ourselves to see if it feels expansive and exciting. 

Because 2014 is an action year, it will give us the opportunity to make great strides in our personal, professional and collective lives. Also, because it is a high energy year, it’s important to pace and ground ourselves often. 

As mentioned earlier in the forecast, because there’s a momentum or movement happening this year, many people may internalize these new energies as anxiety. Grounding and living our lives one day at time will really support us. 

Tapping into Higher Truth 

Another aspect of the fresh start we get to experience is that there’s a great deal of ‘truth’ coming out in the open. We may learn many new things about people, places and things in our experience that we may not have been aware of before now. 

Some of these truths may be eye-openers, while others may be wonderful confirmations. Whatever truths reveal themselves, they will provide us with the feedback necessary to connect us with the people, places and experiences that align more with where the next part of our journey is heading.

An Epic Love Activation 

Although the Olympics originally began with the purpose of promoting competition and excellence in certain areas of sport, they now give us the opportunity to put our differences aside and stand next to each other as One family. 

The Olympic Games are unique in that even when there’s a great deal of political rhetoric surrounding them, they can still activate and awaken the heart of the world. The greatest time for this occur is usually during the opening ceremony, when billions of people around the world watch with joy as those representing their country walk in the parade of nations. 

A powerful process we can do during the opening ceremony is to send unconditional love, compassion and gratitude to every person attending the Olympics, and to every human being around the world who is also watching at that exact same time. 

In doing this process, we instantly create a unity grid that connects us all and gives us the opportunity to co-create a new era of peace. Yes, we are THAT powerful, and we can use this opportunity to create a quantum leap in consciousness.

I look forward to connecting with you then! The doors to a new era are opening up for us, so enjoy the ride. 

Miraculously yours, 


kay 3rd February 2014 11:38 am

Wonderful message, Emmanuel. Thank you for this emphasis on ease and grace, personal and collective growth, and olympic advances in unity consciousness within and without.

jambo 3rd February 2014 3:07 pm

Nice! Emmanuel....
Also, yes, that mind territory can be tricky. We just have to use the duality mind's power as a tool, rather than letting it be in the driver's seat.Often, the dualistic thinking continues: The mind must be ditched. But critical thinking,discernment and logic are valuable alchemical forces on the journey; they are essential parts of the human's sovereignty and ascension/enlightenment. Fear and worry are simply manifestations of this thinking mind, not the essence of it. I think people oftethrow the baby out with the bath water, or use this 'move beyond worry and fear' as a form of distraction or denial.Being comfortable with critical thinking and honing the mind are integral components; too often people confuse these functions with 'conflict, argument or ego', often b/c society equates them and people feel uncomfortable emotionally [and spiritually!] with these states, seeing them as somehow not peaceful or as negatives, getting in the way of positive manifestation. Yet, we cannot avoid the truth or the subconscious, which is what will ultimately trump. Use the min

Emmanuel Dagher 3rd February 2014 9:06 pm

Thank you both for your beautiful insights!

tkaehne 5th February 2014 9:35 pm

But what about the Retro grade movement??? Doesn't this also play a roll in when we can expect this beautiful ending?

Jazzyj320 9th February 2014 9:29 pm

Thank you so much. You explained how to approach my mind that has told me for many lifetimes that I must suffer in order to grow spiritually. I have been told this before but never really got not seeing my mind as something I have to overcome. Then you explained it something clicked, thank you, thank you!


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