Energy Forecast - Graduation Day

Hi my Beautiful Friend,

It’s such an honor to share in this way with you again.

During this time of year, children and adults all across the world receive the opportunity to celebrate their academic achievements with a graduation ceremony.

A graduation usually brings up a multitude of feelings. For some, these feelings may include a sense of accomplishment for what they have achieved. For others, it may bring up a little sadness over the fact that the student life they are so accustomed to is no longer there for them.

It can also bring up great joy, excitement, nervousness, hesitation or anticipations about what the future holds.

Graduation Time

In terms of energy, many people (especially the way-showers) are experiencing the exact same thing right now. It’s Graduation Time.

Those who’ve chosen a path of spiritual awareness will have noticed that from about February 2014 (earlier than that for some) to mid-May, things seemed more challenging than usual.

The lesson plans and “homework” the Universe was assigning us to learn felt much tougher than before, and even unfair at times. Of course when these challenges showed up, those who have been doing their inner work immediately began using some of the many spiritual tools they’ve acquired over the years during their spiritual journey.

But just as everything would start to settle down a bit and appear to be remedied, another challenging “assignment” would pop up in its place.

Asking for Help

During these times, many who are sensitive and empathic to energy will try to convince themselves and others that they’re holding everything together, despite how out of balance they feel.

It’s OK at these times to just let go of the façade and ask for help.

After a certain amount of time of trying to hold everything in balance on their own, anyone can reach a breaking point, creating an intense energy field within and around themselves. At that point, even the smallest things can set them off completely.

Although great healing and transformation can follow such an experience, asking for help – not just putting on a brave face and saying that everything is perfect – can take some of the pressure off. A major eruption does not need to occur in order for great expansion to follow.

If you’ve been experiencing anything similar to this, then just know you are not alone.

I’d like to invite you to think back to a time when you were just about to graduate school.

Do you remember how chaotic things got, those last few months before you graduated? Whether it was taking exams, finishing up projects, attending events, or tending to anything else that needed to be completed before you could graduate, it all probably felt quite overwhelming, right?

Then, on the actual day of your graduation, when you were about to walk up and receive your diploma, knowing deep down that you were about to embark on a brand new chapter in your life, all the hardship you’d endured up to that point instantly dissolved.

In that moment, you even thought to yourself, “I would do it all over again.”

Well my friend, that is exactly where we are, right now.

Starting a New Timeline

The lessons we’ve been learning may have seemed more challenging than before, because we needed to fit in as many as possible to make it in time for our upcoming graduation day.

Graduation days are like energy portals, because they serve as the end point of one timeline and the beginning of another.

This particular graduation is leading us into higher states of consciousness. We are aligning with the greater potentials of our truest selves and our highest purpose.

It’s taken a lot of refining to get here, but we are here.

Although it may not feel like it yet for some, we have already achieved so much in terms of raising our consciousness. Yes, we will continue to achieve more.

However, it’s important to take the time to celebrate how far we’ve already come.

Craving Silence

Around graduation day, there is usually a period of time when we desire to be more introspective. Listening and being still in the silence balms the soul, by replenishing and nourishing us at the very deepest core level.

If you are craving silence, give yourself permission to be at One with it. There’s no need to rush. This is your time to breathe.

Soon after a graduation occurs, new experiences begin to blossom. You may have already been planting the seeds for these experiences to start manifesting in your life.

This can show up as doing something you’ve never done before, starting a new project, job, relationship or healing protocol, getting out of your comfort zone, committing to following your bliss, or anything else that expands you.

I am celebrating you and your continued commitment to creating heaven on Earth, for yourself and for all of humanity.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



Anni 3rd June 2014 8:47 am

Emmanuel... I often read and so enjoy your posts,here and on Facebook. I have never commented before but this time I have to. You have helped me to see that every thing I have been going through has been for a purpose. You describe everything as I am experiencing it...thinking/believing that there can be no more..and then boom!! Another lesson comes flying at me out of the blue!!! And the lessons have been SO VERY tough.
My grad. day has not come around yet. But I know it is approaching. I do not know yet if I have passed the exams...I feel nervous and impatient and edgy.. but Emmanuel, I thank you for your words of encouragement. They have given me some hope!! Many best wishes... Anni

queens4freedom 3rd June 2014 9:26 am

WOW!!! an awesome writing that spoke directly to my soul! THANK YOU & NAMASTE!!!

Sheena 3rd June 2014 10:08 am

Yes, my Friend, I needed every tool I had in my bag...
I am enjoying this space, a slight pause and then our post graduate work begins. How exciting!

But right now Congratulations are in order...


Emmanuel Dagher 3rd June 2014 12:32 pm

I am so grateful for each of you, we are all in this together.

Sandra Smyre 3rd June 2014 2:09 pm

WOW and double WoW!!! I haven't responded to a post in quite some time, but read this and felt like I had arrived home, or was well on my way. Anni said it all for me, so ditto to that. Blessings to all and see you in grad school. :smitten:

peggysharon 8th June 2014 5:40 pm

Ohh, yes!!! That is exactly what I have experienced and since yesterday,
I have been feeling so much better!!!
I felt lighter and free of all the intensity that has been there since the end of February!
Thank-you for this confirmation!! God bless ! xoxoxo


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