Energy Forecast - The Ascension

Hi my beautiful friend,

It's such an honor to reconnect with you once again and catch up on all the energetic shifts happening at this time. Between the M class/ X class solar storms, Mercury in retrograde, influential planetary alignments, powerful new moon and the rapid awakening of global consciousness, things are moving and shaking big time both in our personal lives and on the planet. These experiences may not necessarily look or feel how we imagined them to be, but nevertheless we are most definitely moving forward at warp speed right now. When energies start to pick up momentum, everything in our lives becomes amplified many fold. What we experience depends solely on where we have been placing our focus and attention.

If I were to sum up into one word how the energies have been these past several weeks, the word intense comes to mind, however even that is still putting it mildly. We are getting the opportunity to see many extremes at this time both in our personal lives and on the global stage. On a personal level, the highs may seem higher than ever one minute, and then all of a sudden we get triggered and spiral into lows we thought we had overcome long ago. The same thing is happening on the global stage as well. The thing about intensity is that it's a precursor for great transformation to happen soon after.

What is being asked of us right now is simply to become observers. When we are able to step out of a reactive space that may be triggered by our surroundings and move more into being an observer, we begin to see every experience as just feedback letting us know what we either do or do not resonate with. Getting into observer mode immediately lessens the charge behind whatever it is that may be causing our angst. From this space, when we do encounter extremes in our surroundings, it becomes much easier to remain centered and unbothered by it all. As observers, we empower ourselves through all situations (even the ones we don't resonate with) to fine tune our knowing of what we do actually want to create more of. So extreme situations no longer become as extreme when we are observers, because we are no longer allowing ourselves to get caught up in them.

A quick little process that really supports us in becoming observers rather than reactors is to simply get present with each of our 5 senses without putting value in what we perceive to be good or bad. We can begin by looking around us and taking in all the colors, shapes, and sizes. Then, we can get present with the sounds we hear around us. Next, we can touch the textures around us with our hands. After that, we can focus on what fragrances may be surrounding us. And finally what are we tasting in that moment? This simple process instantly helps us move out of the analytical mind and into the present moment where we are able to connect with the observer aspect of ourselves.

The Ascension

What is ascension? There are many different perspectives, teachings, and writings out there on this subject, especially in spiritual and conscious communities. Ascension is less about a destination we are headed to, and more about a way of living and being leading to ultimate freedom. At any given time when societies reach a certain level of awareness, the perfect environment is created for an energetic opening also known as a ‘door/portal’ for great shifts in consciousness to occur. This perfect environment has now been created, and has been in the works for many decades through the hard work and dedication of many.

Every person is being given the opportunity to move through this energetic opening known as ascension. This opening is not something we can ever find outside of ourselves. It has nothing to do with being saved by an outside force or society greater or less than ours. For those of us who may still believe that ascension is about being saved, that's absolutely okay. Each of us is exactly where we are meant to be on our journey. The portal/opening will not close or leave anyone behind. Each one of us is simply moving at our own pace and there's no judgment to which pace is the right one. Every pace is perfect and Divine.

The opening/portal that we've created is as close to us as our sacred breath. Many who have stepped into may not even realize they've done so until they reflect back to see how much they have shifted in the past few days, weeks, months, and years. To find out if you have stepped into the portal known as ascension, simply think back to how you were five, two, or even one year ago. Also, think about how the world was then, and how it is now. Is everything the same or has changed a great deal?

Global Ascension

Globally, there are many things we are seeing that are proof that the world is ascending. The concept of 'bullying' is now at the forefront. Bullying (another word for controlling) is no longer being tolerated, whether there are bullies at our local schools or the institutional leaders who have controlled large amounts of people through fear. We are transcending illusions of the differences we created through separating ourselves by race, gender, class, sexual orientation, beliefs, time, space, etc.

Even in the work force, companies that have been founded on principles of integrity, respect, inclusively, sustainability, and true service are thriving. Companies that are not operating from these core principles are really struggling and will soon realize, if they haven't already done so, that they will become extinct making room for even more conscious businesses to flourish.

Personal Ascension

On a personal level, we are all ascending in our own unique way. For some, the shift could show up as simple as not being able to hurt a fly or insect anymore, where before we wouldn't have even thought twice about it. For others it could be this inner desire to feel more connected to themselves, others, and all that is through personal practices that develop inner love, gratitude, service, compassion, forgiveness, self care, intuitive/healing gifts, healthy eating, meditation, overall awareness and the list goes on... These are just a few examples of confirmations that we are in fact experiencing ascension.

Mother Earth's Ascension

Just as each of us has the opportunity to ascend so too does mother earth. It doesn't mean that she's going to separate into two different planets or anything of that nature. She will however go through natural earth movements to better accommodate us in our new ways of being and living in the world. We've already experienced many of these movements. There's absolutely nothing to fear, because we are always exactly where we are meant to be. All is well and preparations are simply being made to match our ever evolving level of awareness.

The Sun

You may have noticed that many in spiritual/conscious communities speak of solar storms/flares as they occur and how they affect us on an energetic level. The sun is the center of our solar system. We all know that and without it nothing in this system would exist. Just like everything else, the sun goes through dormant cycles and active cycles.

Currently, the sun is going through a highly active cycle. Much of this is being manifested through solar storms, which sends out waves of energy that reach every part of the solar system it makes up. When these waves enter the electro magnet energy fields of earth and our bodies, we experience it as well: nothing is left unaffected. We all know that everything is energy: our body, our mind, our thoughts, plants, animals, water, planets, stars, EVERYTHING. So when waves of higher energy enters another energy that is resonating at a bit lower of a frequency, the lower frequency begins shifting and vibrating at a higher frequency. This is what is happening to each one of us, whether it is on levels of the mind, body, emotions, etc...

One very obvious manifestation of this is that linear time is moving much faster than before. Some we can actually feel this shift in frequency a bit more than others, but it shows up in some way for everyone whether they realize it or not. As these waves of energy from the sun continue to pour in, our physical, emotional and mental bodies will continue to shift into higher frequencies, where they may take on more expanded waves of being.

Ascension Symptoms

Of course with higher waves of energy entering our planet almost on a daily basis, there is most definitely an integration that needs to happen. Many of us have come to know these integrations as 'Ascension Symptoms.' For those who are familiar with these physical and emotional systems, you already know most of what I am about to share. However, for those who may not necessarily be aware of what these symptoms are, hopefully you will receive some clarity as to what may be going on. If you are experiencing a physical or emotional symptom that you are not sure about, always check with your holistic or health practitioner to make sure everything is a-okay.

If we do experience any of the following symptoms, it's important to give ourselves permission to feel through them without judgment. By doing so, we will allow the integration process to move much more quickly so that we can feel back to our optimum selves again. Specifically, when it comes to the emotional symptoms, finding healthy outlets to move through them is ‘key’ so that we don't project them on to ourselves and those around us.

Physical manifestations of ascension symptoms may show up as:

• anxiety

• big change in eating pattern

• weight Gain/Loss

• memory Loss

• ringing Ear

• vertigo

• disoriented

• pressure in 3rd eye or temples (almost like a headache)

• cramps

• heightened senses

• sleep patterns change

• stomach ache

• hot Flashes

• tired

• hungry all the time

Emotional manifestations of ascension symptoms may show up as:

• emotional ups & downs

• crying

• anger

• moodiness

• irritation

• burst of laughter

• worrying

• depression

• over analyzing

• lots of energy, not knowing what to do with it

The Unity Grid Strengthens

As promised, in June I mentioned that I would write about the importance of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. The Olympics originally began with the purpose of promoting competition and excellence in a certain area of sport. Now, it has become more about bringing the world together in a peaceful way to show that with team work, dedication, and good camaraderie that anything is possible. For several weeks, countries around the world are putting aside their differences and walking together as ‘One people’. As I was watching the opening ceremonies, I got chills seeing countries like Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, North Korea, and South Korea among many others walk side by side in peace with joy in their heart. Each time the crowd would cheer for each country, I could feel another wave of love being sent out to the rest of the world.

The Olympic games have activated the heart chakra of the collective. It's by no accident that they are happening in London, which is where Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) serves as the center point for what we perceive as time across the world. You could say that symbolically this is where the 'heartbeat' or ‘center point of the world is’. Billions of people around the world have come together to see sport being played peacefully. In doing so, a unity grid has been strengthened which is opening up the collective heart of humanity to allow the new era of peace to begin.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



pennypenny 8th August 2012 7:34 am

That explains the sudden bursts of laughter Ive been having for months now... interesting stuff...
I enjoyed reading your enlightened, beautiful post.
Miraculous indeed!

Emmanuel Dagher 8th August 2012 11:26 am

You are so welcome!!

Wind of Grace 9th August 2012 9:19 am

Thank you from my whole heart for another wonderful message Emmanuel :)

I have been following your posts for quite some time now, and I so look forward to every update you share. Each posting is graciously uplifting, encouraging and very informative for us all. This ascension journey that we're experiencing together includes so many twists and turns. It's very refreshing and comforting to gain the clarity that you eloquently offer with each of your messages.

Sending you many gentle hugs for the illuminating lightwork that emanates forth from the shining soul of you Emmanuel.

Wind of Grace

tuttifruttee 9th August 2012 10:01 am

So glad to read this post, as i didn't quite well understand the urge i had to go to London for two days, (7th and 8th)and especially visit Greenwich, where i felt a soooo good place.
This is true, there you can feel all this, love, community spirit, happiness and the sharing spirit too

Thank you! :roll:

zorro 9th August 2012 9:36 pm

"So when waves of higher energy enters another energy that is resonating at a bit lower of a frequency, the lower frequency begins shifting and vibrating at a higher frequency. This is what is happening to each one of us, whether it is on levels of the mind, body, emotions, etc..."

The letters in A U G U S T scream it out:

AUGUST = Gust Tugs Us

Bob 10th August 2012 2:18 pm

I've had more people seeking me out for Reiki healing. Another symptom, perhaps?

eaprin 18th August 2012 8:49 pm

Hello Emmanuel,

Your posts resonate so well with my energy, I feel it in my heart. You are a kind and gentle soul. I thank you always for what you do for others.

Love always and forever,


peggysharon 19th August 2012 9:52 pm

Thank-you Emmanuel! I have been feeling the quickening of time, switching to observing mode, the ringing in my ear, and also , I have been having "electric-like" sensations at different places in my body. I have been saying, "By the grace of God , I allow well being to flow through me and to regenerate my cells". God bless ,

indigomother 16th November 2012 7:09 pm

Thank you Emmanuel
I relly wish I had read this at an earlier date as I have had several of these symptoms for months - anxiety, crying, hot flashes, cramps and weight loss - and thought I had hyperthyroidism or something but blood tests came back negative. At times I thought I was going mad. Now I realise its the ascension process it makes things easier to cope with and I look forward to feeling better.


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